Top 5 ProHUB Videos of the Week


In our industry, there's really no better way to display your work than with video. (So we've decided to pick the top five videos of the week that caught our eye.) Make sure to share your ProHUB videos because when you share, we show us what you've got. Happy shooting!

5 Tips on Creating a Great Demo Reel


by Beau Benson, Designer and Animator, Digital Brew

Creating a demo reel isn't easy. You have to capture the clients attention quickly, while still showcasing your talents enough to get a phone call back. Here are designer and animator, Beau Benson's quick tips to 'reel' in clients this summer. 

Atomos Ninja Blade vs Atomos Ninja 2


by Barry Andersson

I got my hands on the Atomos Ninja Blade.  I am a proud owner of the previous Atomos Ninja 2 and I wanted to see what the major differences between the two and if there were any major changes from a usability standpoint. 

Sony’s Unorthodox, Barnyard Filming of the Tour de France


by Matt Thames

For the very early stage of the race, Sony outfitted five sheep with its latest AS100VR Action Cams, complete with waterproof features and image stabilization capacity.  Sony then handed over the keys to local shepherd, Ian Hammond, to remotely control the cameras atop his flock.  Attached using a modified dog harness, Sony hopes to catch a very unorthodox perspective of the Yorkshire leg of the Tour de France.

ProAm Cranes: Sustainability In Extreme Locations


It is not uncommon for Jim Oltersdorf to be hanging out of an airplane 10,000 feet above the wilderness to capture a front cover shot or feature story for a national magazine. Specializing in high-risk and extreme imagery, Oltersdorf is known internationally for his portfolio of award-winning footage and still photography, an accumulation of over 44 years of dangerous work.