Congrats! Snowy Peak is our #BestPlacesToWork First Place Winner!

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Congrats to Snowy Peak for winning our Best Places to Work Contest! They have shown us in just 15 seconds how amazing working for their production company can be! From canine co-workers, to kayaking, mud volleyball and brain storming sessions with a brew in hand, Snowy Peak sure knows how to create a fun company culture from all the way in Colorado. 

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Drone vs. Helicopter for Aerials: Top 5 Scenarios for Each

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So you're a Director or Producer who trolls on Vimeo for creative ideas and inspiration.  After weeding through a gazillion time-lapse and steadicam videos, you've hit on a school of ridiculously beautiful aerial shots.  You keep telling your creative inner self, “We’re gonna find a place for this scene in a project!”  Then the perfect project rolls around, and you put the shot into the storyboards and base another 3-4 shots on this visual hook because the ideas is so awesome.  And you're super stoked.  Then the Buzzkill happens...

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Director Jeremy Pinckert breaks down each choice after filming 4K RED Epic aerial footage

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ProHUB’s Best Places to Work

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Give us a behind-the-scenes look into what makes your company an A-list place to work. Is it the fun-loving boss? The crew that turned into family? Amazing on-set locations or the holiday parties? Let us in on why your company is THE best place for a production professional to work!

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