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DPA Microphones Help Capture the Sound on Mad Max: Fury Road

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DPA Microphones is delighted to have played a key part in capturing the sound for this high octane movie. Award-winning Production Sound Mixer Ben Osmo chose the company's d:screet™ 4063 Miniature Microphones with low sensitivity and low voltage to record dialogue during the shooting of action scenes that involved fast, furious and bumpy chases across the Namibian desert. He also used DPA d:screet 4062 Miniature Microphones with extra low sensitivity for cabled recordings of various vehicles, and these were held firm inside each vehicle by DPA magnet mounts. 

10 Tools All Video Pros Should Have On Hand

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These 10 tools are for those who want to enhance their awesomeness in their video production and/or want to uphold a professional video service for clientele. These aren’t just 10 things that maybe you should check out sometime, think of them as part of your “Video Kit”. If you want to be the video pro who’s confident and ready to go when asked to do a job, then you need to have some things in place. Before going “out there,” you should set up the resources you need in a way that they’re accessible at all times.

Mid-Year Stats Report: Video Trends that May Surprise You

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“If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?”

This question was posed by Scott MacFarland, a digital marketer and brand strategist, who wrote an article on the topic of online videos for the Huffington Post.  

There is no denying that online video continues to gain relevance. This rich form of media is more prevalent than ever on users’ newsfeed on Facebook. Major brands continue to invest more money in digital video. Most importantly, the consumption of online video continues to spike. 

Tips on Finding Your Composition in Wedding Cinematography

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By Ray Roman

I never really planned on leaving my fulltime job to become a wedding cinematographer. I was working at a police department on the SWAT team when I entered the business, and I thought it was just going to be a hobby. Over time, however, I started booking more clients than I could handle, and I had to make the leap. I was obsessed with video production. My first lesson of advice to anyone pursuing a newfound passion while still working fulltime would be to take it slow. I never considered the backlog that was going to come with these jobs until it was too late, and although I loved every second of it, it was hard work for a novice. I had to work doubly hard to develop my craft.

The 'Wolfpack' has Festival Juries Drooling

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If you haven't already heard, 'The Wolfpack,' won the Grand Jury Prize in its category at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, and has been steadily gaining buzz ever since. Documentarian Crystal Moselle profiles a group of brothers who were raised almost entirely isolated from society in an apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  Their only link to the outside world was through the movies they watched, then eventually started to recreate.  The film is the story of them breaking out of their rigid confinements. We got a quick interview with one of the brothers, Govinda on his thoughts on the captivating doc. 


InfoComm 2015 - The Cure for Redundant Device Syndrome

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By: Ian Cohen

With all the technology available, and what I refer to as “Redundant Device Syndrome” or RDS for short, it is a wonder that anyone ever talks to each other. Most eyeballs are almost constantly glued to screens big and small (including my own), and it often feels isolating, distracting, and counterproductive. This phenomenon is apparent everywhere you look, heads down not looking forward, fingers flying and tapping buttons and keys. Our minds are ensnared by this new age of technology and ease of access of information and entertainment. I’m guilty too.

5 Ways to Make Sure You DON’T Get Hired

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As a national video production company, we are always on the lookout to hire experienced cinematographers and editors.  We are sent dozens if not hundreds of reels and applications every day, and we sift through each and every one to find the best of the best.  Over the years, we have noticed five red flags that signal that an applicant would not be a good fit for our company.

VariCam 35 Helps Grab Beautiful Images for Financial Spots

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I've learned quite a few lessons throughout the course of my career in commercial production. And many the hard way. But you live -- you learn, and such is life. Perhaps the most important I've learned is how to surround myself with professionals who work on other high-profile projects all the time.