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Need To Sell Sony Handycam High Def Camcorder

I need to sell a Sony Handycam High Def camcorder HDR-FX1


Pro Compact Shotgun Mic Kit

- (2-3) Pro Compact Shotgun Mic Kit - (1) Litepanels 1x1 Four-Light LED Tungsten Flood Kit - (2)Extension cords - (1) Power surge protector How much are mic kits? We may just purchase these and rent the other equipment.

San Diego

Valentines 4-Ever

Valentine‚Äôs Day will be a special one for Patty Mooney and Mark Schulze, owners of San Diego based award-winning video production company, Crystal Pyramid Productions (since 1981; 619-644-3000). What many of their clients do not know is that Mooney and Schulze are husband and wife (Mooney, an…


Casting for an industrial video in Toronto

I'm looking to cast 1 male actor (can be union) to portray a James Bond-type character (take your pick of which Bond) and 1 female to portray "m" (tall, attractive, business-like)should be able to do convincing British dialect for an industrial video for an internal audience. Shoots in Toronto on…


Producer/Investor to Produce/finance "THE GREY MARE"

Seeking a Studio/Producer/Investor to produce/finance "THE GREY MARE." from DUNGEON to RESPECTABILITY "THE GREY MARE" (screenplay adaptation) by Jack Young, Young Films 402-731-7037 "RAMON #17988" (book/film treatment) by Ray Tapia PLEASE NOTE: "RAMON #17988" has been…


Looking For Fire Retardant Curtains/ Drapes Approx 4'x8' And 8x8'

8x8' flame retardant curtain burgandy color 4x8' stage curtain forest green flame retardant

Los Angeles

Pulley's Needed For Stage Curtain

I have a small project and am looking for triple sheave pulleys for an actor's stage curtain. I would love to be able to purchase that today; or find out where I can purchase it. Thank you. Merry Christmas! (323) 620 0812

New York
New York

restaurant location for film location cheap!!!!

shooting a short 20 minute film in a restaurant location and need a restaurant for the primary shooting for the film SOUL is a very low budget short film project about a love story between to former waiters at the restaurant....the shoot is a one day event....will have my own equipment…


Videographer and Designer

Freelance Louisiana photographer/videographer/designer. HDV camera operator. Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans and surrounding areas. Local commercials, weddings, logo design, Flash, motion FX graphics, digital signage, corporate and training HD videos.

New York
New York

a 12 year old kid's room

We are looking for a 12 year old boy's bedroom. It need not necessarily be filled with action figures/posters as the kid is more mature than your average 12 year old, but at the same time it should look like a kid's room and not an adult's room. Date is flexible (+/- 3 days) depending on…