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Casting for an industrial video in Toronto

I'm looking to cast 1 male actor (can be union) to portray a James Bond-type character (take your pick of which Bond) and 1 female to portray "m" (tall, attractive, business-like)should be able to do convincing British dialect for an industrial video for an internal audience. Shoots in Toronto on…


Producer/Investor to Produce/finance "THE GREY MARE"

Seeking a Studio/Producer/Investor to produce/finance "THE GREY MARE." from DUNGEON to RESPECTABILITY "THE GREY MARE" (screenplay adaptation) by Jack Young, Young Films 402-731-7037 "RAMON #17988" (book/film treatment) by Ray Tapia PLEASE NOTE: "RAMON #17988" has been…


Looking For Fire Retardant Curtains/ Drapes Approx 4'x8' And 8x8'

8x8' flame retardant curtain burgandy color 4x8' stage curtain forest green flame retardant

Los Angeles

Pulley's Needed For Stage Curtain

I have a small project and am looking for triple sheave pulleys for an actor's stage curtain. I would love to be able to purchase that today; or find out where I can purchase it. Thank you. Merry Christmas! (323) 620 0812

New York
New York

restaurant location for film location cheap!!!!

shooting a short 20 minute film in a restaurant location and need a restaurant for the primary shooting for the film SOUL is a very low budget short film project about a love story between to former waiters at the restaurant....the shoot is a one day event....will have my own equipment…

New York
New York

a 12 year old kid's room

We are looking for a 12 year old boy's bedroom. It need not necessarily be filled with action figures/posters as the kid is more mature than your average 12 year old, but at the same time it should look like a kid's room and not an adult's room. Date is flexible (+/- 3 days) depending on…