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South Carolina

Camera Operators of all experience levels Needed for Documentary Film

ILL DOOTS ( and BoatHouse Pictures ( are staffing up for a collaborative documentary and we are looking for camera operators. IMDB credit for participants. WHO IS ILL DOOTS? ILL DOOTS isn't so much a hip hop live band as it is a cosmic collective of creatives --…


Two Production Assistants And Assistant Director For A One Week Short Film

Looking for two production assistants and an assistant director for a one week short film. Must have driver's license. Priority over those who own cars.


Field Producer for Motorsports tv series. Chicago, IL

A high profile, nationally broadcast motor sports series is seeking a Field Producer for its television crew. This racing series will take place over the first 10 weekends of 2015 in premier stadiums around the U.S.. The Field Producer will be expected to commit to all live events, and will be…

Los Angeles

Set Designer With Theatrical Design Experience

I'm looking for a Production Designer who's had experience designing and building sets/flats for large stage play productions. The production is for a music video to be filmed the first week of December.

Fort Lauderdale

Freelance Maya Fluids Dynamics Specialist

Studio in South Florida is looking for a freelance Maya dynamics fluids specialist. In order to be considered, please provide the following information in your response: -Reel of recent work -Hourly rate -Availability -Current location Requirements: ***Must be a US citizen with legal…


Location Scout/Manager. Atlanta, GA

Seeking Location Manager/Scout for a current project, a narrative drama feature film. (SAG ULB) The end product will be submitted to multiple local and international festivals. We are looking for experienced location manager/scout in Atalanta, Georgia area. We have roughly 30 locations for the film…

Terre Haute

1080p60 Shooter for sporting event. Terre Haute, IN

Ole Miss is competing in the NCAA Cross Country National Championship and we are looking for a freelance shooter to cover the event. We are looking for establishers, sound bites, and event coverage shot in a artistic and documentarian style.


A 2D Animator for Digital Short Films

Well-known literary series is looking to produce 2D animated shorts for online distribution and is seeking a 2D animator skilled in traditional hand-drawn animation and Flash. Must have experience in character design, storyboard creation, scene layout (including matte creation), visual effects,…


Camera Operator Needed Boise, ID

We are looking for a Bcam Operator with reality experience for 12/5. Must be able to work local to Boise, ID . We will be providing C300. Real Estate show experience is a plus!


Audio Mixer Needed for Reality Real Estate Series

Local sound mixer with equipment needed in Boise, ID on 12/5. Needed: 3+ channel Mixer 3 wireless mics: (Must be frequency agile and diversity wireless. ie. Lectro 211, Srb, 411) 1 IFB or comtek Wireless hop to B-cam (must provide 18" XLR for a longer reach for C300 and the receiver must be…

Pitt Meadows
British Columbia

Boom Operator needed for 2 days. Pitt Meadows, BC

We need a boom operator for a short film shoot for Nov. 29/30. We have Rhode boom pole and a Rhode NTG2 Shotgun mic with XLR cables.

New York
New York

Live Director / Live Tech Specialist

We are doing producing a live stream for a fun event, the 10th of December, and we are looking for an experienced ATEM live director / technician.

Pitt Meadows
British Columbia

Make-up Artist needed. Pitt Meadows, BC

Will need a make-up artist for light touch up for 7 actors (4 males, 3 females) for a short film shoot on Nov. 29/30.

Santa Monica

Utilities & A-2 for live webcast - Santa Monica, CA

Looking for two utilities and an A-2 for a live webcasts from Santa Monica: January 20, 21 & 22, 2015

Santa Monica

Utilities & A-2 for live webcast - Santa Monica, CA

Looking for two utilities and an A-2 for two live webcasts from Santa Monica: December 16 & 17, 2014

New Jersey

Craft Services For A Five Day Shoot - Howell, NJ

Very, very low budget production looking for Craft Services to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner to a crew of about 40 for a 5 day shoot, Monday - Friday, the last week in January.


A Videographer to shoot Focus Groups. Philadelphia

We are looking for a Videographer to shoot Focus Groups at a research facility in Philly on Dec 4th. Please have an HD Camera, who can shoot to either a hard drive or SD cards. .MOV format would be best, but any digital format is good. You will need a camera, a tripod, and 2 wireless lav…

Las Vegas

VFX Person For My Short Film

Looking for a VFX person for my short film. Would like a quote. This is the VFX work that is going to be needed below: 1) DIGITAL EFX 35 MUZZLE FLARES/SHELL EJECT/LIGHTING EFFECT 4 BLOOD SQUIB EFFECTS 2) HELICOPTER COMP 3) HELICOPTER EXPLOSION 4) RAIN EFFECTS 5) 2 SHAOLIN TEMPLE/SONGSHAN…

Battle Creek

Raccoon that can hiss on command. Battle Creek, MI

Need a raccoon for one part of a scene, it just needs to hiss for a 30 second shot.


Looking for an AMAZING trailer editor. Burbank, CA

We recently finished post production of a major motion picture that is scheduled to be released next year. We also just got a Trailer Budget approved and we are looking for a really competent, stablished trailer editor. This is a free lance job, but the candidate would be working at our new…

New York
New York

3 Experienced Cameraman Needed For Live Event

We are producing the (live) registration for a high quality 'big thought & inspiration' event. We have three open positions, for freelance cameramen with proven track records. The date will be the 10th of December, a full day.


Grip / electric staff for a short. Lexington, KY

Looking for 4 staff with previous experience in Grip and Electric, including dolly grip, crane. Join us on this exciting project!

San Diego

Camera operator for two days in San Diego.

Looking for one person to run camera for a digital broadcast of a sporting event on December 6th and 7th. Two matches each day. We provide equipment and shoot on Sony JVCs. $300 per day.

New York

Adobe Premiere Editor / After Effects Specialist

Looking for a career editor who uses the Adobe Suite, and for logistical purposes resides either in Manhattan, New Jersey or Staten Island. If Walter Murch is your hero, please apply. This is for freelance work at $275/day ($40/hour). Must know how to do proper color correction; sound…


Production Coordinator Needed In Dallas

Nashville-based production seeking experienced live-to-air and/or awards production coordinator in Dallas, TX. Need support with staffing and on-site coordination. Please send resume and synopsis of relevant work experience.