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Wolfe Air Aviation, Ltd.

Wolfe Air Aviation offers a full range of aerial camera systems. Since the 1980′s Wolfe Air has offered a wide variety of aircraft equipped with state of the art aerial camera systems. Every major motion picture studio and commercial production company turns to Wolfe Air for help with their…

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HDaerial Inc.

HDaerial provides aerial cinematography and a wide variety of equipment for aerial filming throughout North America, the Caribbean, Mexico and the world. As part of our full service HDaerial specializes in aerial coordination, aerial cinematographers, highly trained technicians, helicopters,…

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City of Angels Productions / Halcyon Cinema

Over 12 years experience aerial work. 12 years with stock footage agent - We provide award winning high definition aerials for motion picture and television. First inspired by the character "Animal" on Lou Grant, and later on Fine Art Photographer, Peter Lik, professional…

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Perfect Perspectives Aerial Services

Perfect Perspectives Aerial Imaging offers Close Range Aerial Video and Aerial Photography by specializing in remotely piloted RC helicopters or Helicams - a unique approach to capture your Ultra High Definition Aerial Video, Aerial Photography, Panoramic Photography and Digital Aerial…

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New York
New York

Tornheim Helicopter Group LLC.

THG Aerial Film Unit THG Helicopters Unit has provided aerial filming and coordination for some of the biggest and best films and TV show in New york. We have provided helicopter services for the Film Industry since 1999. Operating with an approved Motion Picture Manual, the Aerial Film…

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Santa Monica

Cinecopter Productions

Cinecopter Productions is one of the leading remote aerial companies in the industry today. We specialize in filming for TV, film, commercials, sporting events, and documentaries. We fly stabilized remote controlled helicopters to capture stunning aerial video at very competitive rates. We are…

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Cinema Air Support of Texas, LLC

Remote Control UAV Filming in HD. Full scale aircraft for productions of all types. Cinema Air Support of Texas, also known as CAST, provides full aviation support for the Motion Picture and Television Industries throughout the United States and its territories with a wide and impressive…

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Aerial Imaging Productions

We are a visual media production company specializing in low altitude aerial videography and interactive spherical panoramic photography. Our custom videography services features a first-person perspective through the maneuverability of remote controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Equipped with the…

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South Carolina

Poseidon Initiative

POSEIDON is a company that specializes emergency response care in remote, austere environments. With in this industry, you face a defining choice, how far will you go for that perfect shot? As far as it takes is usually the answer. Then the question is how far do you go when one of your personnels…

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New York
New York

Global Positioning Jets Inc

Global Positioning Jets provides premium services for discerning private travelers who command the utmost in luxury, choice, comfort and convenience whenever and wherever they fly, anywhere in the world. Unique among private aviation charter companies, Global Positioning Jets was founded by a…

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New Air Helicopters

Durango, La Plata County, and the Four Corners Area, are one of the few communities that can boast that they have available to them a helicopter. They have had a helicopter available since 1964, for over thirty-seven years. The personnel of New Air Helicopters, LLC. have been involved in…

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Arc Media

We are Arc Media. We make videos. Arc Media is a production company based out of Waterloo, Ontario that specializes in making web videos. Our team of creative professionals focus on the quality of pre-production aspects like scripting, story-boarding, casting, location scouting, and set…

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New Haven

Ring Light Productions

Ring Light Productions offers high quality advertising for your business, at a realistic cost. We believe that videos can encapsulate the credit of your business and invoke that message to your prospective clients. We specialize in video advertising such as commercials and promotional videos for…

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Fort Lauderdale

Elite Jet Flights

We provide the best helicopter service in the area. We can help you with all your pictures and video productions. We have experience doing aerial pictures and videos during day or night. We operate 24 hours 365 days a year. Please visit our web site or call our company for more information.

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Salt Lake City

Pixair Productions

Pixair Productions specializes in low-altitude aerial HD video solutions with a variety of remote controlled platforms and a team of professionals. Our aerial platforms are environmentally friendly and unobtrusive, powered by advanced Lithium Polymer battery technology. Each aerial system is also…

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Boca Raton

SkyNet Aviation Group

SkyNet Aviation Group (SAG) is a new business model in the exclusive high touch world of private aviation. SAG has developed a unique model by strategically formed relationships, with a cohesive network of private jet owners throughout the entire globe. -Global Private On-Demand…

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North Carolina

Helivision LLC

Specialize in Aerial Film, Video and Microwave Repeating Productions,cameraships,storyships and location scouting. Have gyro stabilized wescam systems and Tyler camera mounts.

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Maxem Aviation

Just arrive at the Maxem Jet Centre 15 minutes prior to your arranged domestic departure time, park privately and walk through our lounge to your waiting aircraft. No airline schedules, queues, check in, security intrusion or delayed flight.

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Pine Bottom Aviation Services LLC

Pine Bottom Aviation Services LLC provides Helicopter Services throughout the Central PA region. Based at 54PA Pine Bottom Heliport.

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Van Nuys

Indie Aerials, LLC

Based in Van Nuys, California, Indie Aerials is the one stop solution for high quality stabilized aerial production at a game changing price. We offer the industry leading Cineflex V14 HD stabilized camera system on various helicopters including the Robinson R44. Together with experienced and…

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Bachman Aero Helicopters

Helicopter Flight Services. Aerial Photography, Aerial Videography, Location Scouting, Aerial Survey, Pipeline Survey & Monitoring. Other services include Wildlife Census, Charities, Air Shows and Flight Training. Contact us on our rates 877-435-6382

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Aviator Services

Our firm provides a full range of services to owners of private jets and customers who charter private jets. We are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration as an Air Carrier. The world''s transportation systems are changing. As costs are reduced and productivity becomes paramount,…

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Van Nuys

Group 3 Aviation, Inc

Based at Van Nuys Airport, California since 1993 offering various helicopter aerial services including on demand air charter, aerial production and location scouting, aerial photography, sight seeing tours and flight training.

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Bombardier Skyjet

In the world of private aviation Bombardier stands alone. We offer the security and satisfaction of choosing a company that has set the standard of excellence in the aviation industry. Bombardier has a proud heritage of delivering service and performance that is second to none. Quite simply,…

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Salt Lake City

Flying Sensors Productions

Flying Sensors Productions specializes in HD video production using aerial and ground footage to capture the attention of your audience and help them to look beyond the first line of your marketing message. We offers our customers full service capabilities ranging from scripting, pre and post…

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