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A professional animal talent and wrangling company located in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Over 22 years experience. Outstanding service and high quality animal talent. The mission of STAR K9, LLC is to train and provide animals and professional wranglers for the entertainment industry while…

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Thompsons Station

Andrea Robinson

I am a professional studio dog trainer new to the Nashville area. I have over 10 years experience in Los Angeles working on projects such as True Blood, Revenge, Hotel for Dogs, Beverly Hills Chihuahua II and III, Subaru, Iams, Apple, etc. I have extensive experience as…

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Nashville Dog Wizard, LLC

We train dogs for any of your production needs. Whether it be television, movies, or music videos.. You name it, we can help!

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San Francisco

Toni Staniewicz

SAG/AFTRA/Non-Union Casting and Producing Services for Feature Film, Television, and Commercials. International/US Casting Principals - Celebrities - Professional Athletes - Background Talent Animal Talent-Trainers, Stunt Professionals, Locations (commercial-residential), Specialty Cars, Real…

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Katie Bozeman

Looking for any opportunity to work with the industry. I am interested in anything except for the animation/graphic design category. My top choices include being involved at concerts, working with animals and traveling. My experience so far includes volunteering at a concert venue and an animal…

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Thompsons Station


With over 30 years of experience of training animals in Hollywood we have decided to bring experienced animals and trainers to Tennessee! If we don't have it here when you need it we will ship it in from our sister company. We provide top quality trainers and trained animals specifically for the…

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Nancy Degan

Nancy was worked on many TV shows and movies as talent, horse trainer, horse wrangler, script supervisor and camera operator. She also video tapes and edits for action events such as car stunts, horse racing and show jumping, weddings and special events. Nancy is a camera operator with a major…

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Equine Extremist Entertainment

Trainer of the # 1super bowl commercial 2013 Budweiser Clydesdale Brotherhood Tommie Turvey, is one of the most versatile stuntman and movie horse trainers of today. Our clients receive the highest level of expertise to get the shots they need. We always hire the best stunman to get the job…

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Lisset Kanak

I'm just promoting my new product You may find it useful for some set decorations. I have a couple of horses that would be excellent props for the business, located in Smithville, TX. I wanted you to know that we are also currently producing our 3rd Annual rodeo in Bastrop,…

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White Plains
New York

All Creatures Great & Small

With 43+ years of experience and an outstanding reputation, All Creatures Great & Small is the only animal agency to boast of an on-staff zoologist, two Emmy awards, advertising agency experience and the exclusive contract to provide all the animals on the Captain Kangaroo show everyday for 30…

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New York

Pawsitive Vybe

Pawsitive Vybe has a unique pack of dogs that specialize in dog sports and clever tricks!

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Texas Snakes & More

Texas Snakes & More provides both Texas snakes and exotic snakes for film/television/commericals. We also have some lizards and turtles. We have anything from small/medium milksnakes and kingsnakes to larger boas and pythons. We have 30+ years experience handling reptiles.

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United Kingdom

Extreme Animal Encounters

Leading animal trainers and wranglers for Film TV & Stills photography Imagine if you could call upon a company of animal trainers, Wranglers, Stunt arrangers and even horsemasters all in one phone call !! Well now you can..... Virtually any animal you want is available for your…

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Agua Dulce

Darwin Mitchell

Mitchell Livestock has been providing animals for the Motion Piture Industry for over 12 years. We can provide any animal, specializing in Horses and all Farm Animals. We carry a wide range of Wagons and Equipment.

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Las Vegas

Reptile Resuce

Talent agency featuring specialty acts. Animal talent.

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Los Angeles

Hollywood Animals

Any animal you want is available for your film production. If we don''t have what you need, we will find it for you. For over 30 years we have dedicated ourselves to polishing and cultivating long standing relationships with trustworthy and professional animal sources worldwideAnimal Health &…

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Lake Forest

Birds & Animals Unlimited

Birds & Animals Unlimited endeavors to provide consistent quality animal talent to the production of films, television and commercial programming. We were at the forefront of establishing safety protocol and standards of care for animals utilized in the motion picture industry and remain…

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New York
New York

Chateau Theatrical Animals

With the Largest Working Collection of Authentic Antique Horse-Drawn Livery Vehicles in the United States, we've kept a time-honored tradition alive for all who desire the look and feel of true elegance. From Buck-Boards, Hay Wagons, Freight Wagons, Surreys, Hansom Cabs, Delivery Wagons, Stage…

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Flenniken Wranglers

Commercial Authentic Horse and Livestock Wranglers. Real Cowboys and Cowgirls. Entertainment, Horses, Movies & Commercials, FLENNIKEN WRANGLERS horse wrangling for film and television, trick ropers, movie horses, movie film wranglers, cattle, longhorns, cowboys, cowgirls, rodeo, stunt horses

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South Africa

Adventures With Elephants

Adventures With Elephants have 6 trained African elephants which have featured in numerous films, commercials, documentaries and other productions.

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Jimmy Dwyer

Well known All Breed AKC and Rare Breed Professional Show Dog Handler and Trainer

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Bear With Me

Supplying trained bears for the film indstry. Specializing in contact bears and bears that can work together. We have the largest selection of working kodiak/grizzlies in the film industry. We can supply simulated attacks and bears that can safely work with children with both the big guys and…

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Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita Animals

Santa Clarita Animals is a full service studio animals provider. We can help you out with all your productions needs big or small. Exotic or Domestic animals. Call now for a free Quote.

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Bob Dunn's Animal Services

Birds, chimps, fish, insects, orangutans & reptiles

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Stone Mountain

Blake Rashad

I am the owner of Tzarr a very well trained Giant Schnauzer dog. He is also a certified service dog and available for hire. Movies/Videos/Photo shoots etc.

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