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Romina Sergi

I am a Fashion & Styling professional having worked with celebrities, media, business and entertainment industry clients in Europe and the US for the past 15 years. I am fascinated by my milieu ... My family business was fashion. I learned and developped the sense of style / of details,…

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Kit Peterson

Entrepreneurial, creative with diverse backgrounds in the filming, theatrical and fashion industries. Both as a personal business owner and corporate employee within the entertainment industry. Showcases flexibility by combining a unique blend of formal diplomatic training with a side of street…

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Animatics & Storyboards, Inc

The largest storyboard provider in the Southern U.S. We have worked on over 3,000 productions. Owner, Mark Simon, is author of the best-selling Storyboards: Motion In Art. Clients include Disney, Fox, Speilberg, Coke, M&M, BBDO, NBC, ABC, Universal and many, many more. We also offer set…

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Bart Bemus - Illustrations for Advertising and Film

Bart Bemus spent 17 years as an in-house freelance illustrator at DDB/Chicago while still maintaining clients at other agencies. He created over thirty thousand drawings during his time at DDB. Since 2008 his work has gained popularity at many other agencies all over the United States. Some of…

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West Palm Beach

Matt Guerrero

Playing video games and reading comic books has always been my hobby but what interested me the most are their environments. Being transported to War zones in space and cities in the sky is inspiring and an experience on many levels. In 2010 I graduated from Digital Media Arts College and focused…

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Forked River
New Jersey

Frank DiGregorio

A very brief Autobiography… I grew up in southern New Jersey and always knew that being a professional artist was my future. I have always loved to draw… as long as I can remember. I drew constantly all through my early childhood and after honing my drawing skills in the back row of math class,…

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Julia Carusillo

Julia Carusillo is a recent graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, having earned her MFA in Production Design in Fall 2013. She received her BFA in Art Direction at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn in 2011. She is originally from Chicago and is looking to embark upon a career in set…

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Facepunch Albenze

Song writer, 3D animator, Special Effects, Multimedia. Currently our band Facepunch1 has the the number 2 Hard Rock Song in the US. looking to get signed. I also build Professional Websites, SEO specialist. And have years of Network Administration Skills, as well as Computer Repair and Maintenance…

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New York
New York

Kaleigh Welch

I have a Bachelors Degree of Science in Digital Film and Video Production from The New England Institute of Art. I have a broad range of knowledge in video production. In addition to my production experience, I have worked in a variety of industries such as retail, media production, customer…

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Eric Olsen

Artist Statement My artwork leans toward the theatrical because being at the theater you can see and feel human emotion happening in front of you and it grabs your attention. I want my illustrations to capture my audience’s attention. My business is primarily out of Chicago because it is my home…

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Jodi Nichols

I am an Art Department Coordinator based out of NM, and have been working as an Art Department Coordinator since 2008. I have worked on both film and television, including shows like Breaking Bad and Crash and films such as Let Me In and Lemonade Mouth. I also have some experience as a…

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Gregg Rivero

Experienced Production Assistant. Fluent in spanish and english. Professional Experience 12-2013 Yare Films Isabella Castillo Music video production assistant 11-2013 Yare Films “Anamor Music videos” production assistant 08-2013 Yare Films …

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Mark Thompson

Animation is the art of bringing imagination to life. With passion, emotion, and attention to detail the animator has the chance to draw audiences of all ages into a world apart from their everyday lives. My name is Mark Thompson and I am an animator. As a recent graduate of Applied Computer…

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Kim Bailey

Apprenticed in the 70's by the best the entertainment industry had to offer from set construction and prop making to motion control visual effects, miniatures and special effects. Owner and operator of Starlight Effects in the 80's and 90's, my imdb credits are a laundry list of block buster films…

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Toms River
New Jersey

Keryn Thompson

Education: Rhode Island School of Design BFA, Film/Animation/Video 2004 – 2008 -Focus in Animation -Concentration in English -Graduated with Honors -Select Sophomore for Department Show at Woods Gerry Gallery, 2005 -Junior Show FAV, 2007 -Senior FAV Show, 2008 Experience: Associate…

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Pamela Buchunam

Student studying art hoping to intern as a storyboarder with any company but preferably one that creates cartoons of any sort.

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Karlyssa Lussier

I am a recent graduated with a BFA in New Media who specializes in animation (2D and 3D) as well as video production/editing.

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South Carolina

Danielle Aziz

Danielle Aziz is a freelance Production Designer, Set Decorator, and Scenic Artist currently residing in Charleston, SC. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Scenic Design concentration. Danielle also has a bachelor's of arts degree from Emory University in Theatre and…

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Jove Cummings

Passionate Multimedia Artist with over four years of experience in 3D-modeling, animation, motion graphics, video editing, special effects and video production. Proficient in creating, assistant directing, animating and finalizing projects while paying close attention to detail. Experienced in…

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New York
New York

Sam Poliquin

Sam Poliquin is a college sophomore interested in film, video, ceramics, and other forms of visual art. Sam studied filmmaking for three semesters in college and attended three intensive workshops for film and video production outside of school. He was co-head of the Andover Filmmaking Society at…

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Tarae Ramos

I am a traveling makeup artist specializing in 1940s pinup as well as beauty makeup... My passions include film, bridal and boudoir styles. creativity is my drive. I love working with new people and soaking in all i can. All i can say is, I love what I do

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Los Angeles

Colby Woodland

Performance and results-driven Art Director and Designer with extensive experience in leading and executing visionary design activities within TV and Film production, as well as commercial graphic design environments. Drives creative ideation, quickly resolves complex development issues, and…

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Brianna Matthews

I am a rising senior in the film production program at the University of North Carolina: School of the Arts. For the summer, I am living in Denver and looking for work. I am great on set because I'm excited, I love being there, I finish tasks quickly and efficiently, and I only ask questions when…

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Buenos Aires

Martin Scalzotto

First and foremost, I am an enthusiastic person who loves to learn. My passion for animation and independent nature has led to the fact that most of my knowledge of animation technique and software has developed from independent study and curisosity. I learned Autodesk Maya software by my own…

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New York
New York

Mandy Macdonald

beauty makeup, corrective makeup, special effects makeup application and design of prosthetics For film,tv and web. Application, bullet wounds, scars, blood splatter, aging, choreographed fight bruising abrasions, burns, character concepts and design direction.

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New York

Tyanna Lazauskas

I am organized go-getter with a can-do attitude. I cope well with stress, and thrive in a busy work environment. I am equally creative and practical, but also motivated to put in as much work as possible to help make the work environment positive and efficient. I am a great assistant, as well as…

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Los Angeles

Michael Hollis

Over 8 years of professional production experience with over 20 different Networks. Worked as Production Coordinator, Camera Assistant, Challenge Producer, Field Producer, Key Grip, Production Manager, and Prop Master in the Los Angeles, California Area. Currently working as a Product Imaging…

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