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West Hollywood

IronKlad Studios

We've helped some of the most successful franchises in film and games tell extraordinary stories by contributing original art, design and animation... and we'll work with you to tell yours. IronKlad Studios is your collaborator in burning the latest iconic imagery into the mind's eye for film, TV,…

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North Carolina

Gil Croy

I am a North Carolina artist and have been involved in set design, production design, visual design and have a business that i create graphic and interior design. I live in Mooresville, NC and want to work freelance, contract, full time or part time on movie and television.

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Animatics & Storyboards, Inc

The largest storyboard provider in the Southern U.S. We have worked on over 3,000 productions. Owner, Mark Simon, is author of the best-selling Storyboards: Motion In Art. Clients include Disney, Fox, Speilberg, Coke, M&M, BBDO, NBC, ABC, Universal and many, many more. We also offer set…

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Romina Sergi

I am a Fashion & Styling professional having worked with celebrities, media, business and entertainment industry clients in Europe and the US for the past 15 years. I am fascinated by my milieu ... My family business was fashion. I learned and developped the sense of style / of details,…

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Kit Peterson

Entrepreneurial, creative with diverse backgrounds in the filming, theatrical and fashion industries. Both as a personal business owner and corporate employee within the entertainment industry. Showcases flexibility by combining a unique blend of formal diplomatic training with a side of street…

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Facepunch Albenze

Song writer, 3D animator, Special Effects, Multimedia. Currently our band Facepunch1 has the the number 2 Hard Rock Song in the US. looking to get signed. I also build Professional Websites, SEO specialist. And have years of Network Administration Skills, as well as Computer Repair and Maintenance…

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New York
New York

Kaleigh Welch

I have a Bachelors Degree of Science in Digital Film and Video Production from The New England Institute of Art. I have a broad range of knowledge in video production. In addition to my production experience, I have worked in a variety of industries such as retail, media production, customer…

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Eric Olsen

Artist Statement My artwork leans toward the theatrical because being at the theater you can see and feel human emotion happening in front of you and it grabs your attention. I want my illustrations to capture my audience’s attention. My business is primarily out of Chicago because it is my home…

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Mark Thompson

Animation is the art of bringing imagination to life. With passion, emotion, and attention to detail the animator has the chance to draw audiences of all ages into a world apart from their everyday lives. My name is Mark Thompson and I am an animator. As a recent graduate of Applied Computer…

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Jodi Nichols

I am an Art Department Coordinator based out of NM, and have been working as an Art Department Coordinator since 2008. I have worked on both film and television, including shows like Breaking Bad and Crash and films such as Let Me In and Lemonade Mouth. I also have some experience as a…

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Forked River
New Jersey

Frank DiGregorio

A very brief Autobiography… I grew up in southern New Jersey and always knew that being a professional artist was my future. I have always loved to draw… as long as I can remember. I drew constantly all through my early childhood and after honing my drawing skills in the back row of math class,…

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New York
New York

Joyce Dade

I am a fine artist, special effects photographer interested in a position as a transcriber/transcriptionist. I have done diverse transcription, medical, TV/Radio, Broadcast, financial, etc. including, Film Production transcripts, for Production Services, located in California. I am a very fast and…

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Regina McLeron

I am a recent college graduate, with a BA in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Tucson. I am also a disabled Veteran.

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Los Angeles

Andrew Spohn

I'm professional, reliable, and organized. I carry a good head on my shoulders to do correctly what needs to get done on time. BFA in Motion Picture Production from Wright State University. 513.675.7539 (reel and full body of work)

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Yana Fox

My name is Yana Fox, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am a high end retoucher, with an artistic vision, a keen eye for colour and detail, and a passion for the art of retouching. My traditional artistic background has been an immeasurable asset to my retouching…

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North Carolina

Rhoda E. Neal

AKA Rhoda N. Luck BA Film Studies, Master of Media Arts Worked in television, feature film, commercial photography Rhoda's photography has a distinctive style; her images are emotionally evocative yet often stark in their simplicity of composition. Years of photo editing and on-set styling…

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Los Angeles

Shara Gatrelle

Hello, My name is Shara Gatrelle. I am currently looking to make a career change and pursue a career in the entertainment industry. After obtaining my degree in Business Administration, I went into a project management position in the Audiovisual and computer rental industry for large events in…

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Los Angeles

Alexandra Kornblum

Production Assistant/Art Department PA Education: 2011 BFA, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA Exhibitions: 2012 Denim Solutions/Ambien Sex, Los Feliz, CA 2011 Art Rental and Sales Gallery at LACMA, Los Angeles, CA 2011 Unknown Unknowns, Otis College of Art and Design, Los…

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Panorama City

Taylor Howard

I am a 22 year old female that did the old cliche of packing up my car to head West to work in film. I have no desire of being in front of the camera but love all parts of production. I am an awesome worker, great assistant, and pretty funny. I want to travel as much as possible while I am young…

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Sarah Militello

Production Designer / Art Department. Features, Shorts, Commercials, Music Videos Graduated in May of 2012 with a Bachelors Degree in Film and Video, focusing in Production Design/Art Department.

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St. Cloud

Wendy Escobar

Highly motivated and creative designer with extensive Print and Web experience skills seeking a Design Position with a company where creativity and technical experience are needed to improved company’s productivity.

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San Francisco

Jean-Michel Fages

Joined the film industry as a camera, crane and Steadicam® operator in 1990, advancing through more than one hundred films to Movie Director for the first french TV channel TF1, directing twelve TV movies last three years. Proven ability to manage major projects within tight deadlines, working…

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Shane Croke

I am a hard working enthusiastic, Animator, illustrator and graphic artist who works great as part of a team. I have just received my HND in Animation from BCFE in Dublin, and I am looking for an opportunity to start working as soon as possible. I have experience with programs such as Maya,…

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Amanda Bush

I am a Jill of all trades artist with over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry creating print and digital graphics, illustrations, concept art, prop fabrication and sculptures. If it falls under the category of art, chances are I can create it.

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St. Louis

Destiny Graham

Scenic Designer, Casting Assistant, Production Assistant, you name it, I can help you! Let's make cool things happen! Interested in all types of production including Internet Media, Commercials, Corporate/Industrial, Live Events, Television, Theatre and Film.

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Los Angeles

Brittany Henrickson

Dedicated and passionate twenty-two year old woman, recently graduated as an Interdisciplinary major at Columbia College Chicago concentrating in both Art & Design and Theatre Design, in order to pursue a career in Production Design. Visually oriented, extremely organized, and insightful…

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North Carolina

Zach Smithson

I am an illustrator, specializing in conceptual digital painting. I have always had a passion for conceptual art and illustration, especially with the movie and video game industry. I enjoy creating characters and environments, whether they are from my own ideas, or commission. I try to create…

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Gabriel Carroll-Dolci

In 2007 I graduated with honors with a BA in animation from Columbia College Chicago and have worked steadily in the arts since. I've done illustration and all aspects of animation for various companies, which include Immersyve Inc., IBM, and Amazon. My most recent gig was with Fox as a Flash…

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Ethan Webb

I am an artist dedicated to the lifelong study of 3D Digital art, primarily focusing on modelling and animation. I am a driven worker in a variety of environments, benefiting from the pressure of solo work and the exhilaration of collaboration. Among my other interests are education, business…

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