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North Carolina

Gil Croy

I am a North Carolina artist and have been involved in set design, production design, visual design and have a business that i create graphic and interior design. I live in Mooresville, NC and want to work freelance, contract, full time or part time on movie and television.

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Animatics & Storyboards, Inc

The largest storyboard provider in the Southern U.S. We have worked on over 3,000 productions. Owner, Mark Simon, is author of the best-selling Storyboards: Motion In Art. Clients include Disney, Fox, Speilberg, Coke, M&M, BBDO, NBC, ABC, Universal and many, many more. We also offer set…

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West Hollywood

IronKlad Studios

We've helped some of the most successful franchises in film and games tell extraordinary stories by contributing original art, design and animation... and we'll work with you to tell yours. IronKlad Studios is your collaborator in burning the latest iconic imagery into the mind's eye for film, TV,…

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Mark Thompson

Animation is the art of bringing imagination to life. With passion, emotion, and attention to detail the animator has the chance to draw audiences of all ages into a world apart from their everyday lives. My name is Mark Thompson and I am an animator. As a recent graduate of Applied Computer…

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New York
New York

Ella Moran

My name is Ella Moran and I am a professional makeup artist with wide range of experience. I have worked on music video, commercial video, e commerce, fashion, modeling, print, television, independent film etc. IMDb credit "The Harbor Story" Here are some of my clients: QVC Television –…

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Jodi Nichols

I am an Art Department Coordinator based out of NM, and have been working as an Art Department Coordinator since 2008. I have worked on both film and television, including shows like Breaking Bad and Crash and films such as Let Me In and Lemonade Mouth. I also have some experience as a…

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Romina Sergi

I am a Fashion & Styling professional having worked with celebrities, media, business and entertainment industry clients in Europe and the US for the past 15 years. I am fascinated by my milieu ... My family business was fashion. I learned and developped the sense of style / of details,…

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Raymond Apuada

I am an Illustrator and Traditional Animator. A graduate of the College for Creative Studies, receiving a BFA with honors in Traditional Animation, I have also had the opportunity to train under of some of the film industry’s best artists, illustrators, and animators at the Art Academy of Los…

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Eric Olsen

Artist Statement My artwork leans toward the theatrical because being at the theater you can see and feel human emotion happening in front of you and it grabs your attention. I want my illustrations to capture my audience’s attention. My business is primarily out of Chicago because it is my home…

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Facepunch Albenze

Song writer, 3D animator, Special Effects, Multimedia. Currently our band Facepunch1 has the the number 2 Hard Rock Song in the US. looking to get signed. I also build Professional Websites, SEO specialist. And have years of Network Administration Skills, as well as Computer Repair and Maintenance…

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Adrian Thompson

My names AJ, I just graduated school, graduated with a bachelors in fine arts in video game design. Im 27, prior military, served 4 years in the NAVY, spent the last 5 years in Washington.

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Autumn Frazee

I graduated in Dec. 2009 from the Art Institute of Phoenix and spent 2 years working as a QA tester for THQ, Inc. While there, I worked on such titles as 'de Blob 2' and 'MX vs ATV Alive' and I became adept at working under heavy deadlines and as part of a large team all focused on a single goal:…

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San Francisco

StoryboardArt, LLC

STORYBOARDS for your next project… better looking, faster, and more affordable than you ever thought possible! Don’t waste anymore time or money on mediocre story development. We create your winning story pitches that will get your projects sold and give you the solid foundation to finish on…

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San Francisco

Candice M. Elle Tinsley

Artistically driven creative business professional, with over 6 years experience as an In-demand Freelance Hair/Make-up & Image Consultant for clientele ranging from music and media professionals to models, brides and those requesting my services on a personal or professional basis.

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Matheus Fiuza

In my role as a designer, I must see the world through the eyes of the storyteller. I must understand the psychology and intention of the characters in their situations not just the surface truth. My process starts with research to better understand the nuances of the story being told. In…

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Kim Bailey

Apprenticed in the 70's by the best the entertainment industry had to offer from set construction and prop making to motion control visual effects, miniatures and special effects. Owner and operator of Starlight Effects in the 80's and 90's, my imdb credits are a laundry list of block buster films…

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alicia penoro

I am currently seeking opportunities in graphic design. I am a recent graduate with my associate's degree in graphic design from Briarcliffe College. I also have a bachelor’s degree in sports management from Adelphi University. I would love to find a job that I could encompass both of my…

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United Kingdom

Emma Roulstone

Originally from Derbyshire and born in 1988, Emma has always had a keen interest in Art and Design. While studying at University Emma opened up to volunteering at the local theater's helping with Set Designs. Her willingness to help out earned her some work on a few feature films and is keen to…

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United Kingdom

Delacey James Foster

I'm Delacey an experienced concept artist and illustrator. I have 7 years experience alongside a BA in illustration working as an artist/ illustrator. I have energy, great work ethic, good communication skills and enthusiasm with a high level of initiative, having worked with a variety of…

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Jove Cummings

Passionate Multimedia Artist with over four years of experience in 3D-modeling, animation, motion graphics, video editing, special effects and video production. Proficient in creating, assistant directing, animating and finalizing projects while paying close attention to detail. Experienced in…

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Los Angeles

Liz Masters

Liz was honored to assist Universal Pictures with the dinosaur character style guide for "Jurassic World" during the spring of 2014. She specializes in storyboards and sketch art for entertainment advertising. Her freelance work has been featured on the History Channel series “Mountain Men” and…

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Ashley Stewart

As a recent but experienced graduate the dream has been realized that I can confidently bring my skills and talents acquired over my educational and personal career to the communication industry. As a Graphic Designer I have zeal for art and its translation and communication abilities. I pride my…

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Michelle Fernando

Game Art & Design graduate from the Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago. I currently reside in Illinois but am open to relocation. My skill set include hard surface or organic modeling of environments/assets/characters in low or high polygon, drawing, rendering, designing, texturing, lighting,…

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New York
New York

Shop Studios

Studio Rental and Full service TV, Photo, Video Studio, studios with art department, Prop and set design, building, rentals. Creative shop, Mid Town. Lighting, Lighting design.

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Jill Clark

Freelance Professional Makeup Artist also associated with Ballyhoo Motion Pictures. Starting out as a Fine Artist (Painter) and moving into Makeup Artistry I started out making makeup for a living. I Custom make and blend all makeup for every project, film/TV/Photography/Editorial. Colorist by…

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Oklahoma City

Joshua Gilbreath

I am a multimedia designer with more than 5 years of professional design experience in both the advertising agency industry and the instructional design industry. I utilize industry standard software suites to produce multimedia assets for production needs and for conceptual renderings.

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Sheena Razmi

HD Hair & Airbrush Make-up Artist. I work with NFL Networks, FOX5, and several other TV personalities.

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