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Crews Control Inc

Crews Control Inc is the leading agency representing over 2000 award-winning camera crew professionals worldwide. We make booking a camera crew anywhere in the world simple. All of our crews are local and extensively screened so we save you on time to select the right crew, travel costs and per…

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Daniel Stilling, D.F.F.

20 years of experience in TV, feature Films, music videos, documentaries, reality, commercials, industrials, corporate. 35mm, 16mm, Digital UHD and HD. Relocated from Los Angeles. Credits/Clients: , Universal, Paramount, MGM, Criminal Minds, Scrubs, Beerfest, Burn Notice, Next Day Air, Amazing…

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Fort Lauderdale

Tom Brunstetter

Director of Photography | Camera Operator, Tom Brunstetter, excels in creative lighting, composition and handheld. Owner/operator of the Sony F5 & F55, Canon C300, Sony XDCAM and Canon DSLR cameras, he also offers production support...production van, grip & lighting, Steadicam rig, dolly,…

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Bryan Fowler

DP, Steadicam, and Canon C300 owner in the East TN and North GA area, and willing and able to travel. Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, Huntsville, Birmingham are all in my region. My Steadicam is for full-size cameras like the Alexa, RED, Panasonic 2700. It can also fly lightweight cameras like C300,…

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New York

Jonathan Miller

Award Winning cinematographer known for elegant camera work in features, TV Docs, and commercials. Recent honors include 2 Independent Spirit Award Nominations, the Grand Jury Prize at SXSW 2012, Un Certain Regard at Cannes 2012 and screenings at Sundance, Toronto, Seattle, and Rotterdam…

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Carol Stream

Joseph Farris

I am a midwest based DP and have been working as a cameraman for more than 14 years. My cinematography work includes commercials, broadcast television, documentaries, concerts, and corporate video as well as six feature films and over a dozen short films. My career has taken me across the United…

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BigShot Productions

Servicing the entire Eastern seaboard, BigShot Productions specializes in renting/operating professional-grade production equipment, including : 80ft Akela Crane, 24ft Enlouva Crane, 24ft Jimmy Jib, as well as Shotmaker Camera Cars, Process Trailers and Tow Dollies. Big Shot Productions has a…

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New York

Daniel Lehrecke

ENG/EFP DP for more than 20 years. Extensive work in Broadcast Television, Feature Films, Documentaries, Commercials and Corporate and Industrial Videos. Recipient of 5 Primetime Emmy Awards. Owner of Sony PMW 400 & Sony PMW f-3 Cameras with Cine Zoom and Prime Lens. An array of lighting equipment,…

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Los Angeles

John Orphan

Director of Photography - Commercials - Music Videos - Feature Films - Television - Documentary - Corporate - Fashion - Beauty.

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Studio City

Matt Wise

Matt Wise is an award-winning cinematographer whose passion for innovative storytelling began at an early age with his obsession for creating small movies with his parents’ home VHS camera. Featured in the March 2010 issue of American Cinematographer Magazine for his ‘Best Cinematography’…

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Michael Hartnett

Michael has filmed in over 20 countries around the world and is experienced in a wide range of production including commercial spots, live multi-cam, network TV shows, single camera documentaries and feature films. He has done work for clients such as, The Discovery Channel, Netflix, Advil,…

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Thomas Ciciura

Director of Photography / Camera Operator / Gaffer with 3 ton grip & lighting truck, Red EPIC & Panasonic HD cameras, Zeiss Super Speed PL mount lenses and a whole lot more. Creative, energetic, fun and friendly. Over 10 yrs experience on multi-million dollar features, indie features, music…

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Fraser Brown

With a discerning eye for dramatic cinema and realistic lighting, Toronto based cinematographer Fraser Brown employs a skilled and subtle approach to the fine art and craft of filmmaking. Having shot numerous short films and music videos, his true passion lies in working on long format narrative…

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Daniel Guadalupe

My name is Daniel Guadalupe and I am a freelance Cinematographer in the Central Florida area. I have been working in the state of Florida for a little over three years now. While I have been down here I have also attended Full Sail University where I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in…

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New York
New York

Philippe Leonard

Philippe Leonard lives and works in New York city, his artistic practice focuses on still and moving images, through film, photography, performance and installations. His theoretical and aesthetic reflections focus on the complex temporality of still images, the spectral dimension of physical…

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romona d wilcoxson

OBJECTIVE Seeking a Full-time position in the field of Administration where my experiences and skills can be utilized. EDUCATION Troy University, Dothan AL GPA 3.9 • Bachelors in Major Social Science • Minor in Business Administration • Introduction to Scientific, Statistics,…

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Fort Smith

Tim Yoder

I am a camera/steadicam operator. My training is through some of the top operators out there, and have experience with some of the greatest cinematographers in the commercial and music video world. I could be on any production, with any director, cinematographer, actor or producer and get…

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Nathaniel Elegino

SUMMARY: Passionate cinematographer dedicated to the progression and artistry of Cinematography. Always striving to inspire, entertain and inform. Over 8+ years experience working extensively in independent and commercial productions. Strong understanding in the concepts of lighting, composition,…

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Jakarius Neil

As an aspiring director and a current film student, my passions are to not only indulge in the arts but to bring the arts into the visual capacity of those who partake in the same love and enjoyment. It is my personal belief that creativity is one of the most unique self expressions of ones being.…

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Sean Lawless

Sean Lawless is a graduate from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Class of 2004, he studied both Broadcasting as well as Film. He studied the art of Cinematography and holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts / Film. Sean has been in the industry for 9 years working in media, music videos,…

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Rio Rancho
New Mexico

Patrick Walters

I am a recent college graduate with vast skills in all aspects of production and post-production. I have worked on many short films in the state of New Mexico and I have also worked on the broadcasting side of video production.

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Rhode Island

Milka Tolich

To Whom It May Concern: My name is Milka Tolich, I a currently a senior at Rhode Island College graduating Spring 2014. I am writing in regards to a posting for the position of Field Production Assistant that was posted on My time at Rhode Island College I have developed a great…

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Sebastian Arbelaez

I have worked with various publications and charities in Orlando such as the Valencia Voice and feeding children everywhere.

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San Antonio

Nicolas Wachter

Freelance 1st AC with experience with both Analog and Digital formats ranging from 35mm Panavision to ARRI Alexa, and RED cameras.

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Julia Wilson

I am a videographer and editor. It is my joy to work with people and mesh ideas to create captivating and exciting stories. I am a self-starter and highly driven to create quality work. Video production is exciting and I truly enjoy learning and growing in my skill. Please feel free to e-mail…

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Scotch Plains
New Jersey

Alexander Hahn

A college graduate seeking full-time employment in the video production/film/TV field. I have both paid and volunteer-related experiences in this field. My educational preparations and relevant experiences will be utilized as I pursue my major career goals. I work well with others and…

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Errol Webber

Errol Webber, now an Emmy nominee, and cinematographer of the Academy Award-winning documentary, 'Music by Prudence,' has been the producer, director, or cinematographer on 14 other documentaries in the U.S., Zimbabwe, Zambia, Liberia, and other African countries. 'American Promise,' which Webber…

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San Marcos

Christopher Guinn

Very driven and creative Mass Communication degree student. Very Passiojnaite about making films and editing video and I feel I have a outside the box thinking that separates my ideas from others. I graduated from Texas State in May of 2014 and I'm looking for employment in the film industry. In th…

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New York

Calvin Scibilia

Director and editor that creates creative high end docs, commercials, and trailers. Working in a variety of industries such as automotive, fashion, and sports. Links to my work: Reel: BFGoodrich spot: Fashion:…

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More than 15 years filming around the world, in my website yo can take a look about my work. Documentaries, newx, adverstiment...... Hpx500, 5D MarkIII, zeiss lens, lighting and audio equipment

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Robby Ackerley

Recent Graduate from the University of Georgia with a degree in Mass Media Arts. Passionate about the creative process and video production.

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Santa Fe
New Mexico

Aiken Weiss

I have been a camera operator for almost 25, and steadicam op for 17 years. Working on mainly Features and Television Series but also on commercials, music videos, documentaries, corporate films and much more. I am a Santa Fe, NM and Vancouver, BC (Canada) resident. As a dual US/German Citizen I…

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Tamara Cesarec

I am a Freelance cinematographer. I have a masters in fine arts in cinematography and 15 years of experiece. During the studies, I was collecting experience as the Set photographer at commercial shootings and filming music videos. I`ve been working both in film production and television.I`ve…

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Wilkes Barre

Eric Stull

- From Bernville, PA - B.A. in Integrative Media and a Minor in Art from Wilkes University 14' with a Focus in Video/Audio Editing, Print design and 3-D motion graphics - My influences include music, my surroundings, and my peers. I get inspired by the little things in life, things that most…

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William Mattox

My name is William Mattox, i have three year of production class and three years of self-learn and real world experience. I have my own equipment such as a (DVR VX 2100)Camera, 6/Mic Audio mixing board, boom pole, shotgun mic, and dynamic mics, i also have a pro tripod (Fluid head) and a quick…

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