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Ben Solorzano

I've been in the film & television business for almost ten years. Working in various aspects of the production process along the way. I usually freelance as a Director, Editor and Producer.

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Samo Zaakir

I'm a Director from Flint,MI who seamlessly blends creative vision,drive and passion into the many facets that make up an impressive resume. With over 11 years of experience and 200 or more production credits on a variety of projects from working with Academy Award winner Faye Dunaway on her…

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Shelby Township

Shawn Shaman

In 2007, I was the Grand Prize Winner of a nationwide commercial contest held by Wide Open West (WOW! Cable). The commercial, which was shot and edited by me, went on to air for a full year. After that, I've worked for DreamWorks Pictures, Discovery Network and Universal Pictures. As well as…

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Vimalraj Jayaseelan

My name is Vimalraj Jayaseelan. However, my friends, classmates, colleagues, or whomever I come in contact with call me Vim. I am a filmmaker/editor/actor who is going through various given opportunities ranging from film production to commercials. I also have my own camera, sound equipment,…

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Noriko M Kambara

Producer/Director/Music Composer based in Michigan, USA. Became a director / producer after making videos for corporate products and having experience as Audience Marketing Manager / User Experience Specialist. Also, I started composing music when I was 7 years old. Since then, I've developed a…

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East Lansing

Nicole Zaremba

Over 10 years in reality and doc style television & film production. Willing to work as local field director/producer in television/film production by creating and producing compelling storylines in the field. Extensive experience with producing and directing multi-camera shoots, booking crews,…

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Farmington Hills

Paul Zecharia

I am a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago. I majored in Film and minored in Acting. I am looking for any kind of film work in Los Angeles, ranging from director, actor, writer, producer, editor, and production assistant. I consider film to be my main passion in life. I like working hard,…

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Jack Schmier

Venerable P.A. and editor; aspiring vegas show girl.

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Brandan Keller

DP/Director/Filmmaker. I film, direct, record audio, edit, and act. I currently in the process of an Associate's degree in my field.

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Grand Blanc

John Gerds

To Whom It May Concern, My name is Alyssa and I am contacting you on behalf of John Gerds and his production company, Shooter Entertainment. John has experience in cinematography and lighting. He has worked on Transformers: Dark of the Moon as a production site manager, a Lifetime movie Social…

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Fort Wayne

William Kioultzopoulos

I'm a recent graduate from Purdue University. I have a BLA in Film and Video Production as well as BS degrees in Actuarial Science and Applied Statistics. Unusual? Maybe. I'm compelled to keep challenging myself as I learn and grow as an individual, but most of all I love the amount of vision,…

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Jeremy Hull

As a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, I am a creative and ambitious individual who can offer you the strongest work ethic possible. Using my skills and knowledge as a freelance videographer, editor, and independent filmmaker, I can help you achieve the highest quality possible when regarding…

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Lucie Groene

More then 15 years experience in TV/Film (news reporter, documentary director, production manager, creative director for advertising, film director) in Europe (Czech Republic, Germany). I'm director and/or producer who will newer waste your money. Awards: Finalist Best short 2009 14th Int. Family…

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Fort Wayne

Joe Baughman

I enjoy both music and film greatly. Writing and storytelling are especially intriguing, though anything involving a camera and lenses has my attention.

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Benjamin Solorzano

As an independent Producer I have worked with talented professionals behind and in front of the camera. I have also had the privilege of working in a fast paced Post facility. Giving an overall experience in Production and working closely with others.

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Sterling Heights

Christina Coppola

Film / Video Director, Producer - 18 years of production experience in both corporate and entertainment.

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Matthew Wright

I have been studying movies my whole life. I love to work on shorts, and I have been trying to get my very low to no budget production company off the ground. I write all my own scripts when I have free time off work. I work with an open mind and can work on a shoestring budget.

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Jeb Metzger

2010 Cum Laude Film/Video Production graduate of Columbia College Chicago 5+ Years professional production experience Produced independent feature film "Easton's Article" Completed Columbia College Directing Program Written/Directed/Produced 9 Short Films Proficient with MAC and PC, Final Cut,…

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Justin Callamari

Freelance film producer from north New Jersey. Worked in a communications department in Montana.

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Mumtaz Haque

No description

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Sterling Heights

Kurt Mackey

My name is Kurt Mackey. I am a graduate from The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan. I studied Directing and Cinematography, and was awarded "Best Cinematographer" at the 2011-2012 MPI Film Fest.

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West Bloomfield

David Devries

A graduate from the University of Michigan's Screen Arts and Cultures program with a sub-concentration in screenwriting, I am working as an independent filmmaker. I have worked in all aspects of film and video production, although primarilly as a writer and director, and have won multiple "BEST…

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Nathan Hepp

I am a graduate of Wayne State University with a BA in Film Studies. Eager to move out to Los Angeles and start working in the film industry.

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La Rue

Daniel Woolensnider

I have an extensive portfolio at On it you will find my resume, examples of work, military experience and industry experience with examples.

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Royal Oak

James Covell

I am graduate if of Specs Howard School of Media Arts where I focused on Video/Film. While there I wrote,directed, and edited my own short film. I am a huge film buff and hard worker. I would love the opportunity to work in the industry and work with many great people and gain the knowledge needed.

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