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New Hampshire

Stefanie Rahaim

An upbeat and creative individual with an interest in the concepts and aesthetics of media, video, and cinema, grounded in a strong work ethic and education in the practical aspects of video production. Emphasis on video editing, color correction, sound design, compositing, and motion graphics.

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New Hampshire

Joseph Pill

I am a graduate of the University of Texas Radio-Television-Film program and am actively seeking employment as a video editor.

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New Hampshire

Joan Noble Pinkham

Writer: Crime, Short Stories. Formerly (10 years ago) Pinkham Literary Agency. Moved to New Hampshire to write and publish books.

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New Hampshire

Tyler Furtado

Seeking opportunities to create new media and video or film circulation oriented for addressing social justice issues. Specialties: Video editing, videography, fundraising, public speaking, non-profits, directing, screenwriting, and next generation social change.

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New Hampshire

Nathaniel Campbell

Although I concentrate my skills on Final Cut Pro, and Avid, I bring a knowledge of Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and many other applications. I have also played many different roles on a production set from videographer, producer to lighting technician.

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New Hampshire

Stephanie Partington

I'm someone looking to gain experience in video and film production. I would like to work in editing but I would also like to learn a little bit of everything dealing with production. I'm willing to work as an assistant editor or production assistant if the right job comes along.

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