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San Jose


Whether it's video, motion graphics, corporate photography, or animated PowerPoint slides, we help you communicate effectively with images, movement and sound. We evaluate, conceive, write, produce, edit, and publish visual content. We are centered in San Jose, the hub of Silicon Valley, where we…

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Fair Oaks

Candice Nite

Hello! I am a documentarian at heart. I went to film school & realized I am great at: camera work/videography, post-production editing & graphics, dailys, story telling/scriptwriting & directing. I made my first feature length documentary on an iPhone 5! I teach people how to ride motorcycles for…

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San Francisco

Open Source Film Project

Creation can be a terrifying process. It’s the concrete framework of your passing daydreams, the fleeting epiphanies before you sink into sleep. You worry if you have enough time or money or experience. You worry whether anyone will think the final product- the recipient of countless hours,…

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San Francisco

Chelsea Miller

Program knowledge in Final Cut Pro 7 and related programs in Final Cut Studio (Color, Soundtrack, Compressor, LiveType, DVD Studio Pro), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Microsoft Office, iWork, iLife, and other Mac specific programs. Proficient in Mac and Windows platform. Basic IT work in both…

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San Francisco

Julian Ong

I have worked as an editor and a post production supervisor. I am proficient in Avid Media Composer, Symphony and DS as well as FCP and Adobe Premiere & After Effects. I have a passion for post production. As well as being an editor I am also a director and a digital camera operator. Having worked…

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San Francisco

Daewon Kim

I have achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema from San Francisco State University and a Certificate in Film from Dong-Ah Institute of Media. From both of these schools, I concentrated in film directing and film editing. One of the short films I created during my education was selected in Busan…

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San Francisco

Ron Colberg

Creative editing since 1978. Proficient with both Avid and Final cut Pro. Particular strengths: Storytelling, dialogue editing, attention to sound design. Post production supervision from start to finish. Very opinionated, but nice about it.

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San Francisco

Julie Drazen Editor/Director/Collaborator. Commercials, Films, Music Videos, etc. Clients include: Tarsem, Richard Avedon, Errol Morris, David Gordon Green, Gwyneth Paltrow, Carol Leifer, Coldplay, George Harrison's Estate, Miramax Films, Tod's, Nike, Orange Wireless, Coca-Cola,…

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San Francisco

Shanice Johnson

Utilizing my skills within Avid Media Composer, Final Cut and Adobe Suite, I can get the job done efficiently and and fast. I was a post-supervisor at an Emmy-Award winning documentary company for this past year. I also edit regularly on Avid Unity for a state-wide national platform. Along…

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Mariah Gregory

I am a student at Boston University studying Film & Television and Archaeology. My plans post-graduation are to go into documentary production or educational television. I am interested in research or development, production, and editing. I also have interests in screenwriting for films.

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Mike Fischer

Hello, I have attached my resume which lays out a generic story of my work experience; I have worked on hundreds of productions ranging from industrials to private broadcast and feature films. What I bring to the table as a new member of a crew is the ability to adapt to the mode of operation in…

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James Christianson

Video Producer, Editor I have been producing short documentary films, feature documentary films, promotional shorts, event coverage, and have over 8 years of editing experience. I have also learned 3D animation and modeling in Maya as well as some motion graphics and web design platforms. I own…

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San Francisco

Christopher Sorrenti

Award winning, seasoned post production artist and film maker.

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Eric Pomert

Four Words: CREATIVE. PRECISE. THOROUGH. AESTHETICS.  Over 24 years of aesthetic precision, team leadership, and collaboration in film/video.  A discerning visual and critical thinker who completes creative challenges in elegant storytelling.  Specialized in developing creative ideas and…

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Elk Grove

Candace Price

I work in pre and post production and enjoy both equally. I have a strong eye for editing, and my organization and promptness have allowed me to excel as a producer.I would like to work more in pre-production as a script editor.I also am interested in working more in PR and digital media.

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San Francisco

Stephen Tomberlin

I am proficient in Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and Adobe After Effects. I am very work oriented and work well with other. A real team player. I also organized and energetic. I have had a lot of hands on experience and am eager to use my talents to help make your project the best it can be.

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Gerry Beyer

Bay Area Video Editor with over 10 years of experience in broadcast, advertising, and animation.

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Bedrock Pictures

Bedrock Pictures was formed in late 2008 after its founders, Blair Daily and Rich Costello discovered that there was a need to bring a new approach in making feature films for your entertainment. Blair and Rich have many years of experience in the film and post production business and the…

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Arboretum Systems

Creators of video editing software and audio effects processing software plug-ins for multimedia content creation, sound design, mastering, post-production, audio restoration, broadcasting, for both professionals and hobbyists. Released a free version of HyperEngine-AV, multitrack video,audio and…

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Brad Graham

A forward thinker who is always looking for the best angles and perspective. I am a jack of all trades and can execute any video project from start to finish with poise and efficiency. My main strengths are shooting and editing video. I also have a strong background in social media marketing.

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San Francisco

Matt London

I am interested in animation and editing. I specialize in Autodesk Maya, Adobe CS5, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro. I have associate in digital art and animation from Macomb Community College, where I learned graphics, typography, and animation, a BA in Media and…

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San Rafael

Joe Elwood

I've been in the post-production business for many years and I've done everything from advertising to reality TV to children's entertainment/animation. I love editing images, sound effects and music. I'm a musician and a happily married father of one.

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San Francisco

Elizabeth Fitz-Gerald

I am a freelance filmmaker currently based in San Francisco CA. I am originally from VT. I graduated college in Keene NH (Keene State College, 2011) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Production. I received a final GPA of 3.224. I have lived in SF for over two years. I have been steadily…

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Ilana Hack

I am a film editor with a good system. I have Adobe Creative Suite and I am looking for freelance work. I am good at what I do and I have a good sense of rythm and story. I would be especially interested in working on short films but I will work hard on any project I am involved in. Check out…

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Los Gatos

Matthew McClelland

Hello, I am currently looking for work in video/film production work! Check out my website. Check out my YouTube page as well! mcclellandmatt

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