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DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Canon C300, Sony F5, Bolex | Kino & Arri Lights | Antique & Modern Lenses | "During the Tommy Lee Jones interview , time was limited to prepare a multi-cam shoot in a tiny space. Erik calmly delegated the crew, set up cameras and lit three angles before talent arrived.…

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Stephen Hewitt

Artist Statement: I am a creative non-fiction media producer seeking to unearth the connective threads among our digital extensions of culture and community. Each individual expression provides a story to be told. Be the story odd, beautiful or beautifully odd, I strive to showcase their…

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Rob Trombino

An insightful, intuitive, technology savvy video and graphics professional, blending creativity with intellectual curiosity who: • understands the importance of consistent branding and identity across all collateral • can apply an “out of the box” approach as a resource to find solutions/new…

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Bennett Woolman

Experienced video editor and producer with fifteen years experience in editing and producing commercial and private content in a variety of areas - creative, educational, corporate, and medical. Skilled in training, marketing, and documentary production and editing, along with graphic capabilities…

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Daniel Wright

I am a video editor and animator. I work primarily with Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Adobe Creative Suite CC including Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Audition, InDesign, Illustrator, and more. I work on my own laptop built specifically for high-efficiency editing and use of video and film…

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David Bigelow

David Bigelow is a highly creative, versatile and seasoned shooter, editor and colorist with over 20 years of experience in feature films, television programs, live concert video and commercials. His storytelling skills are matched with a seasoned technical understanding of digital workflows…

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Rachel Foster

I have been editing video and audio in the field of television broadcasting with major Boston TV stations for over 12 years, with a wide range of technical skills and the ability to do just about anything in a studio or in the field. • Video Editing and Production Experience. I have had exposure…

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Ryan Kenney

I recently graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, Ma with a degree in Cinema Studies and media production. After several 6-month co-operative educational experiences with production companies around the world, I am looking for a staff editing position with an up and coming…

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Douglas Bowker

I am a motion graphics, video and animation creative consultant, with a background in industrial design. My specialty is taking complex concepts and making them accessible and persuasive. Whatever the media, my passion is of cinematography, film and the beauty of moving images. I use that…

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Richard Fomo

HD videographer and Final Cut Pro Editor located in Boston. Production package includes Sony super35 NEX-FS100 camera shooting in 2 formats: AVCHD and broadcast-quality XDCam HD 422 via Nanoflash. ProRes by special request. On-site chromakey shooting is available. Also, on-site transfer of media…

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Paul Villanova

I am an award-winning Multimedia Producer who just graduated Boston University with an MFA in Film Production.

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Mercedes Mehling

Recent Umass Amherst grad with a degree in Anthropology and Sociology. Passionate about video work, especially editing. Currently doing freelance video editing and shooting for the Thayer Engineering School at Dartmouth College. Creative and fast-learning, interested in furthering my knowledge of…

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Thomas Miller

Hey there! I’m Thomas "Scott" Miller. I’m a video editor, cinematographer, producer, and creative mind currently living in Boston. I’m very passionate about the power of digital media and video production. Over the past few years, I’ve built up my YouTube channel, TSMillerProductions, which…

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Xavier Van Den Nouwland

Based on my skills in Motion Design/ Editing / Directing, I am confident that I would be a great addition to any company in the Boston MA area. My resume highlights my ability/knowledge/expertise in Motion Design and Video Editing. During my time in my previous company at Brainsonic in France,…

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Daniel Leich

I am a creative individual with skills in multiple mediums and genres for photographic and video presentation. I focus on event coverage for freelance work - including weddings, corporate events, live performance, and documentary. After graduating from Emerson College with a Bachelor’s Degree in…

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David Rodriguez

I am a very professional editor with a background in video production.

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Mikel J. Wisler

Mikel J. Wisler is an independent filmmaker and freelance videographer/producer. He's written, produced, and directed short films with international distribution, festival play, and awards. He as also worked as crew member on feature films. Mikel's work ranges from feature films, video…

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Joshua Valliere

Communications Media graduate seeking a position in video, media, and/or marketing where I may continually learn and develop skills in a team environment that increases the success of the company and everyone associated.

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Rick LeBlanc

I am an independent, highly motivated, versatile and creative Video Editor/Producer. I have been honored by the media industry with multiple Emmy awards and nominations. I also have been honored with The Edward R. Murrow and Gabriel awards. I have over a decade of major market television news…

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David Barrett-Rutter

I am a directo/writer/editor from Lynn Ma with 5+ years experience in all three fields. I have worked on a wide array of projects ranging from film to TV to sporting events and even battle of the bands. When it comes towards editing I use both Adobe Premiere and Final Cut and I have a very fast…

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David Morrison

I am passionate in all forms of media, although my working experience primarily relates to filmmaking. I have worked as an editor, sound recordist, camera operator, and beyond, in environments ranging from studio television to outdoor sets.

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Jamaica Plain

Carla Pataky

For more than 12 years I have been involved in communications, art and media production in Mexico and the US. In 2001 I co-founded Galatea audio/visual and produced, among other projects, ”bulbo” –a documentary format television show that was transmitted nationally throughout Mexico and in the US…

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Fall River

Garrick Gaspar

I am a videographer with over 7 years of experience. I enjoy filming and it is my passion in life.

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Andrew Paskowski

Top-performing media-production professional with 12 years of experience and a strong track record of demonstrable success in video and news production, including live-truck operations. Team player with a history of shooting and editing up to three packages daily, while consistently meeting all…

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Katie Phillips

Achievements: Producer, Editor, and Writer of television and media productions that have been shown at the World Series, the ALCS, the NLCS, on NESN, the Fox Sports Network,, and at special events nationally and internationally Writer and Cinematographer of an official selection of…

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