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New York

Tim Cronin

I am a freelance camera operator and gaffer that has been in the business for the past 10 years. I own and operate a C-300 with canon lenses. I shoot mainly on the east coast. I'm prepared to give 110% for any project no matter what. I am highly trained in multiple aspects of shooting. I've…

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Robert Bowman

SEASONED GRIP AND ELECTRIC - Over 5 years of set experience - Skilled Rigging, Construction, Shooting Grip. and Production Assistant - Experienced Gaffer and Dolly grip. - Certified with Pride Equipment Corporations Aerial Work Platform Safety Course and the Osha Safety and Health course. -…

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New York
New York

Rakan Shaker

A story-centric DP/Cam-Op/AC focused on creating engaging visuals that affect an audience according to their intended purpose. Also a capable Producer, Director and Editor when necessary. Believes in preparation, but has experience in guerrilla filmmaking, and fast-paced event coverage.

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New York

Alfonso Ponton

My name is Alfonso Ponton, NYC bred Gaffer/Grip with many years professional experience. I am a hard working asset to any set and bring a high level of professionalism where ever I work. Fast thinking, inovative lighting techniques and problem solving on the fly are just a few things you can…

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New York

Jacob Ackerson

My Education, Volunteering, and Occupation Experience can be highly relevant to your productions. I can offer: • Experience in media production and aesthetics for a manufacturing company. • Public engagement skills obtained by interning at a renowned art museum. • Camera operating and…

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New York

Daniel Bass II

I am a loyal, diligent and hardworking young man who excels under pressure. My mission is to awaken the consciousness of those around me while inspiring the masses. I aspire to be an accomplished Screenwriter/Director and I am willing to earn my stripes to reach my goals.

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Rockville Centre
New York

Michael Bush

I'm a recent college graduate looking for professional experience in film production. I'm open to any work opportunities; I want to learn more about the industry, build connections, and develop expertise. Last summer, I interned with Inbrook, an international performing arts promotion company…

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New York

Christopher Washington

Been in the business since August 2010. Started out as a PA but I now work as a Grip/Electric. I have some experience in shooting and editing video. I shoot with a Canon 60d and edit with Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Frank Traggianese

Student cinematographer at Point Park University looking to gain experience in camera, grip, and electric department on as many sets as possible. Hard working, good technical knowledge. Abelcine certified Arri Alexa technician, August 2013. Production Assitant Training Seminar graduate, November…

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New Jersey

Nick Binder

I work as a Grip, 1st and 2nd AC, and Editor (FCP, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects). I am working my way up to eventually become a gaffer and DP.

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New York

Jose Del C Martinez

I am an experienced Gaffer, Grip/Electric, Camera Crew, Lighting tech. I have worked in the field for quite some time with some talented Dp's in the New York area like Sergei Franklyn,Igor Sunara, Brian Leisring and many more. I always trying to learn more about what I love to do.

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New York

Joey Azoulai

Clean Driver's License. 15 pass/cargo. Hard worker. Great Attitude.

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Atomic Dolly & Crane Rentals

Atomic Dolly & Crane Rentals specializes in supplying motion picture camera dollies and cranes in the New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey area. We offer Chapman Camera Dollies, Jimmy Jib Camera Cranes, custom camera mounts, experienced Key and Dolly Grips, as well as Jimmy Jib…

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New York

Mattheau O'Brien

I am a freelance filmmaker/videographer based out of Brooklyn. I choose to work in a variety of departments in order to better understand the technical side of filmmaking and improve my ability to communicate with each crew member. My passion lies in Producing/Directing/Assistant Directing, but…

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New York

Deacon O'Connor

Bridge and Tunnel Renegade ... With previous Feature, TV, Documentary, Theater & Reality experience, I'm prepared to travel and work as a local in several major cities. Some of the projects I worked on include "The Missing Person", "Ghost Town" and "Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist". I also worked…

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New York

Colt Morton

I’m a Savannah College of Art and Design graduate with a Film and television Bachelor’s degree. I'm seeking valuable job opportunities that will challenge and strengthen my production skills. I have knowledge in Crew work such as grip, gaffer,AC, operating, editing and being a Production Assistant.…

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New York
New York

Alexander Lane

Grip and Electric, Producer. Co-Founder/Managing Partner at Dog-Eared Media Alex works G&E on film productions in New York City and pretty much anywhere else in the continental United States.

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New York
New York

Christopher Burke

I have been working in media production since 2008 and have extensive professional and academic experience. Currently I am freelancing and working part time as a Production Coordinator/Videographer at a film studio in New York City and am searching for other opportunities. I have worked on…

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New Jersey

Christopher Racioppi

Through logic and communication with the production team, motivated light setups are assembled to properly convey the emotion of a project. With the understanding of light as an energy, it becomes a tangible medium in which to enhance life in front of the lens.

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Atlantic Highlands
New Jersey

Alek Kornwebel

I am 20 years old, recent film school graduate living in New Jersey with a passion for making movies. I love to shoot photography and cinematography.

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New Jersey

James Brown

Recent graduate from Full Sail University. I like camera, grip/electric, production. Have experience with set building/construction

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New York

Andrew Stymacks

Extensive knowledge with proven demonstrated skills as Manager; excellent communication skills, verbal and written, enabling effective dissemination of information to coworkers and guests, responding to inquires and concerns in a professional and satisfactory manner. Attention to detail with…

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New Jersey

John Pope

My name is John Pope and I work as an assistant cameraman, a grip, and all forms in production. I've worked on four features, a few commercials, and more shorts than I can even think of at this point. My experience, however, come second to how hard I work towards getting a movie made. I push…

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East Meadow
New York

Joe Fugallo

A young but proficient and eager to learn filmmaker trying to break into the industry in the camera department for narrative films,episodic television, documentaries, music videos, commercials, broadcast television and event videography.

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New York

Johnny Flores

Currently a student studying Cinematography in NYC. I live in Brooklyn NY I love being in the film industry wheather you need a Cinematographer, Gaffer or a camera PA I love all the roles working on a crew. I want to establish myself in the film indusrty and leave a legacy for son.

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