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San Anselmo

Shark Divers

Due to unprecedented demand by production companies for our shark production services Shark Diver created a full service shark production support company at Shark Divers in 2002. With rave reviews for our services based on safety, shark site management, and budget constraint, we'll get you the…

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Long Beach


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Los Angeles

James Maddux

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San Pedro

AMNAV Maritime Services

AMNAV Maritime is a Ship Assist / Tug Service operating in both Southern California and the Bay Area. Our various tug vessels, crew boats, and barges can be made available to the filming industry. Ernstin (Ernie) Kuo AMNAV Maritime Services Business Development

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Los Angeles

Hollywood Divers

Full service SCUBA. Air/Nitrox/tri mix. Stunts and Crew. Studio Rentals. Wetsuits and props available for rent. Production friendly. Experienced production help

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San Diego

Premiere Yacht

Full service marine production support for film, television, and print. Providing: ships, yachts, boats, production support vessels, camera boats, water safety divers, underwater services, marine coordination, locations scouting/permiting, marine advising, coaching/instruction, script supervision,…

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Stevenson Ranch


Boats - camera, picture and support Marine Technicians & Crews Marine Coordinator Expert Underwater Technicians

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San Francisco

Tim Bailes

Marine Coordinator/Safety Consultant & Dive Safety Control Officer: Scope of responsibility included budgeting, procuring bids on and purchasing of equipment for the marine and other departments; safety/rescue, positioning, rigging and transporting; cast and crew training on the use of scuba,…

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OnSite Safety Services - Tony Cullen

Set Medics, Safety Divers, Lifeguards, Fire Safety, Stunt Support, ALS Ambulance, Medivac Helicopters and Medical Jet transportation services.

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Huntington Beach

J. Cohen & Son

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