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GruveZone MusicProductionsStudio

Creating, shaping, and molding pieces of Music together is what we do here at GruveZoneMusicProductionStudio. whether you want to lay down Tracks, throw down on vocals or simply start your project from scratch, i can help you bring your musical vision to life. I am currently running all the latest…

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San Francisco

Shoulder High Productions LLC. & Sustainability Media

Greetings, I am freelance Producer, Director of Photography, FCPHD editor, and Crewing Agency. Shoulder High Productions, LLC. and Sustainability Media are headquartered in the San Francisco, Bay Area of in Northern California. We specialize in providing full service media production and…

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South San Francisco

Theresa "Reeza" Esmero

I am an enthusiastic and reliable audio engineer. Between my soon to be Bachelor Degree in Sound Arts and my attention to detail, I possess technical skills and organization skills to make a great asset to your team. My education at Ex’pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA, has…

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Paul Goldowitz

I'm a pro-tools HD music producer/composer who has written songs and music for many TV shows and films including "Go", "The Ghost Whisperer", "Charmed" and many more. I work for a music library in Los Angeles, but I want to branch out.

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Lee Bothwick

Editing, mixing and mastering done on site. Any tracking or overdubbing can be worked out at extremely reasonable rates at another location I use.

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San Francisco

Daniel Armstrong

Daniel Armstrong aka Daniel Boone is a San Francisco-based audio engineer and hip-hop artist. As an audio engineer and artist for the past seven years he has extensive DAW experience with Pro Tools, Logic, GarageBand and many audio plug-ins. He started rapping and recording his own music when he…

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Kush Medias

Kush Medias is a California based Multimedia Boutique Design Firm Specializing in all things multimedia from web to video to social and viral marketing.

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Joerg Stoeffel

Professional Music Producer/Composer and Executive with senior-level expertise in engineering and producing various artists in Southern California and Europe. Sales Production management and Music Licensing experience in entertainment, music production, TV commercials, and Film.

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Ever Studio

Ever Studio is an award-winning boutique music design company that composes, records and produces music for moving images; from 30-second spots to feature film scores. Our multifaceted creative team’s credits include chart-topping pop hits, indie rock classics, world class jazz sessions, and major…

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San Francisco

Sean McFarland

Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Disk Jockey, Live Sound, and Technician with over 3 years experience. I do mostly Music Production, Mixing, Mastering, and DJ. I attend SAE Institute of Technology. I have worked on many consoles such as the SSL, Neve, C24, Mackie 24-8, and few others. My DAW's of…

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Shawn O'Connor

I’m 23yrs old. I started producing and singing my own music around 2003 working with D.A.W's like REASON, AUDITION 3.0. PRO TOOLS and CUBASS. I digitally create, compose, mix, master, from start to finish, I do it all with my small production team which includes: Wali Shakoor (artist, writer,…

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San Francisco

Ian Ritchie

Very experienced music composer who has composed and produced music for numerous television adverts and theme and incidental music for a number of high profile documentary series.

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On The Horizon Entertainment Group

Video Production Company with 13+ years experience. We specialize In training Videos, Instructional Videos, Event, Webmercials, Internet exposure, Website Video..Etc..

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San Francisco

Mike Iacuessa

I'm an experienced music producer, audio engineer and sound designer. I also obtained a MFA in Music composition for visual media in December, 2013. I also own Hazy Hollow Music, a music publishing company.

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Chris Bell

Professional composer and sound designer for TV, Film Commercials and Interactive.

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San Francisco

Jerry Gerber

I am a skilled and experienced composer, orchestrator and music producer. I've scored for animation, computer games, feature film, documentaries and many other projects including eleven compact discs. I am classically-trained and have a unique voice and style. My electronic orchestrations have…

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San Francisco

Justin Lieberman

No description

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Ilya Osovets

IlyaO specializes in working with creative individuals who are looking to develop new, fresh and unique sounds. As a turntablist he works with artist in developing show plans, live shows and artist presentations. Producing in the studio, !lyaO coaches artists on mashing up different sounds and…

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San Jose

Matthew Dresco

Music Production and Engineering Hip Hop, Reggae, Rock

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Los Gatos

Scott Chessin

• Knowledgeable in the functions and setup of basic audio equipment: 8 and 12-channel soundboards, amplifiers, microphones, loudspeakers, cables, and affiliated technology. • Adept with Internet usage, experienced with Pro Tools and Reason, has understanding of recording studio operations,…

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jim reitzel

JIm is a recording, mixing and mastering engineer. He is the head engineer at Narada Michael Walden's Tarpan studios.He is also a recording and mix engineer for Santana. He mixs Both stereo and 5.1. JIm is also an acomplished Musician and producer as well. recent work; Engineer and co producer…

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Franklin Miller

Audio Professional

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Javance Butler

Musician and Music Producer for Hire

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