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Max Wilson

Mixwell Studios is owned and operated by Max Wilson a Recording engineer with 6+ years of experience in the Recording Industry. The studio is privately located in a gated property with great views. The interior is a mixture of french, english and rustic that is all clean and new. Our aim is to make…

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Caitlyn Person

I am currently an Audio Production student at the Art Institute of Philadelphia with an expected graduation of June 2014. During my time at school, I have developed a strong interest in audio for video and hope to enter into the post-production field after completion of my degree. I am proficient…

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Pyramid Digital Productions, Inc.

Olympic Figure Skater, Michael Weiss, Long and Short Programs, 1994-1999; DVB-The Next Wave, Edgeworx, 1999; Ignite The Imagination, Estes Model Rockets, 1997; Video Hound, Visible Ink, 1997; Making It Happen, Future Farmers of America, 1996; Taking The First Steps, Georgetown Institute For…

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North Potomac

Anna Sennikova

I am a music producer, audio engineer and sound designer. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Audio Engineering from The Art Institute of Washington. Samples of my work can be found at majai dot com

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Christopher Sean Clark

Sean is Multi-Media producer. Through over 10 years of honing his craft, Sean’s wealth of experience spans from composing music, editing video, graphic design, to creating interactive animation for a variety of mediums. Sean earned a bachelors degree in Music Production from Full Sail University…

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New Cumberland

Trevor Gast

Composer, sound designer, sound recording on location, post-production...

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Jake Smith

I am an audio sound guy. I graduated from Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts. I have worked with PRG. I am looking for audio assistant jobs.

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Opuzz Inc.

Royalty-free production music from only $2.99! Loops,10,15,30,60,120-sec. Bebop to Hiphop, Dance to Trance, Rock to Classical. Preview every track in entirety before purchasing. A-la-carte. Purchase only what you need. FREE tracks to get you started.

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Lux Mundi Records

Lux Mundi Records is a music production company as well as a music publishing company, BMI . Luther B is founder and producer. For your next TV. or film project, give us a call. We''ed be more than glad to assit you by producing music for that very special project. Independant film makers, TV…

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Eric Waters

Music Composition, Sound Design, Audio Engineering, & more.

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Traksquad Music Group

Recording Facility, Music Production, Audio Engineering, Composing & Scoring

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DBXXL Music & Entertainment Company

Indie music producer, remixer, artist, life coach, writer, and all around entrepreneur.

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William Boulware

A composition major looking to make music for any occasion for a good price. Even the rights are up for negotiations.I pride my self off of dedication and fifteen years of working with companies who want the job done.Please contact me if you need any music before you pay to much.

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Peabody Productions

No description

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Jose Arias

Aspiring Audio Engineer with a passion for recording,mixing, and writing music. Also has desire to sharpen skills in Audio Post.

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Music is our life an we are not looking for the fame, we just want to show kids out there to never give oon something that you believe in. We just want to reach that dream we believe in so much.

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Nathan Broaddus

I am a recent graduate of the University of Virginia with skills in audio production, new/digital media technology & Broadcast journalism. I'm seeking an entry-level position.

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Goose Creek Music & Entertainment

Goose Creek Music is a multimedia music production company. We capture great performances by artists from the Washington DC and Baltimore music scene, and produce live audio recordings, television shows, and video shorts. Goose Creek also works with local artists to record studio projects, create…

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Derrick McCord

I'm very out going and love to participate. I'm into learning new things. I have a high passion for sports and movies. It's not hard to put a smile on my face. I'm very family oriented. I'm supportive and work well under pressure. I would love to travel and film new discoveries. My hobbies are…

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Von Vargas

Von Vargas is the front man for Von Vargas Music...a music production team that offers quality music production and songwriting as well as arrangements, background vocals, choruses, etc. Von started out as a musician playing drums, then went on to writing lyrics. After years of writing he went on…

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Final Symphony

As a production studio we specialize in making music and art. For recording we have everything from vintage to modern gear, a 6000 sq ft. space, and specialists in several areas. For art we have a traditional studio and a digital one.

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District of Columbia

James McRae

I'm a record producer/songwriter. I'm also a novelist and screenwriter. Staring in January 2012, I will be producing a feature length animation movie using LightWave v.9 and producing the soundtrack CD using Cubase v.5.

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Xerolux Productions

Cinematography, Multimedia, Audio for video/film, editing, production, talent, Recording engineering, stunt driver.

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