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Upasana Kapadia

With a degree of Bachelor’s in Mass Media Communications with Specialization in Advertising, Upasana Kapadia possess more than 7 years of progressive experience in Content Development. She has managed numerous TV shows from innovative initial concepts through development to final production.…

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Karim Elsharnoby

I am seeking creative or managerial post in the field of mass media, or development specially that which is related to social and cultural areas. Working in a wide range of tasks for the last 19 years in television, advertising, graphics and film industries gave me a unique technical and…

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Leif Elsmo

On air talent/Producer/writer with hundreds of sports programs announced and produced. TV programming and live events/games production in continental US, Hawaii, Canada, England, Venezuela. One feature film and documentary work. Contract work is preferred.

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Chris Peifer

Multimedia editor/producer for the City of Rockville. I create news segments, long form packages, and motion graphics for a verity of media including broadcast television, social media, and the web. I am proficient with Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Studio, among other programs.

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Silver Spring

Tien Pasco

Producer/Writer/Director based in the Washington DC area that has extensive experience producing promos and shows for TV broadcast outlets such as PBS, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel and History Channel. I write, produce and direct videos for the web for various non-broadcast…

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District of Columbia

Ashley Hill

With seven years of broadcasting experience under my belt, I have a passion for telling good stories through strong writing and producing. Specializing in feature and long form programming, I’m a three-time Emmy Award nominee, as well as a Telly Award winner. I began my career working in the…

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Rod Baharloo

You will not find another who loves production as much as I do. My father is perhaps the most accomplished Iranian-American Journalist in America and I have known production as a major part of my entire life. In the past, I have been commended and gained a reputation for creative strategies. I…

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District of Columbia

Steve Dresner

20+ year broadcasting industry professional. Production Executive: veteran network field producer with extensive background in domestic/international projects; HD/SD remote and in-studio productions. Top-rated field producer; assignments include White House events, The Weather Channel, "Modern…

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Owings Mills

Wayne Lewis

I am an award winning Producer/Motion Designer looking for either permanent or freelance opportunities. A seasoned creative with excellent conceptualizing skills and the ability to carry said concepts from storyboard to finished piece unaided or while leading a production team. A Design…

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Rexford Annor

Rexford O. Annor Home: (703) 490-5090 Cell: (703) 663-0670 E-mail: OBJECTIVE Willing to join a well-established media organization to grow in the field of audiovisual, television production and broadcasting as an Associate Producer, a Line Producer, Editor, or related…

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District of Columbia

Wayne Barbin

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER – PROJECT MANAGER – SHOW RUNNER Dynamic, resourceful, creative Executive Producer with proven track record managing development, production, post-production and delivery of short & long form multi-media projects and television programs. Accountable for editorial accuracy,…

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Keith Salkowski

Creative film and television maker with strong writing skills, including understanding of narrative, story structure and character development. Experienced Post Producer with deep knowledge of editing techniques; proficient with FCP, Avid and Premiere Pro. Field Producer with nuanced…

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District of Columbia

Aliza Krichevsky

JOURNALISM Omnitec Solutions, Inc. April 2012 – February 2013 *Department of Housing and Urban Development Contract; Washington, DC Social Media and Broadcast Technician: Developed idea for promotional advertisement for monthly speaker series. Created master keyword list, standard operating…

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Matthew Borten

A seasoned production professional, two-time Emmy Award winner (currently nominated for two more Emmys), two-time NY Festivals Award winner, and other major awards as well ... more than 25 years experience as a writer, producer, director and editor of television series, specials, marketing and…

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District of Columbia

Meghan ATB Reese

Young and fresh PRODUCER/ WRITER with field, post, writing, casting, and researching experience. Self-starter and out-of-the-box thinker who is always ready for next challenge. Content creator with broad experience in media. Organized team player and efficient leader in field and post…

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Reuel Pendleton

5+ years experience. Worked my way up from intern/production assistant to production manager/producer. Great with Talent! Resourceful and hard working. Enjoys traveling gigs and all aspects of work: locations, casting, field producing, development, post

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District of Columbia

Mike Shinozaki

I am a producer at GW-TV, the television network at the George Washington University. Interests in producing, directing and acting for films and television shows.

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District of Columbia

Juliet Maggio

Freelance broadcast media professional available in the DC/MD/VA area. Specializes in field producing and production management

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Lisa Gentile

I am very passionate about embarking on a career in film and television! I have an extensive background in a high-pressured, extremely fast-paced career where my impressive organizational skills were greatly utilized. I thrive in quick-changing environment and excel at resolving projects and…

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Backfin Media

We are an award-winning, full-service video production company - from development through delivery - with a specialized focus on documentary-style storytelling for broadcast television and non-profit organizations. Backfin Media continually sets the bar for quality, clarity and creativity. Our…

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John Mann

A retired Army broadcaster and Emmy winner, John Mann has been more than around the block; he's been around the world. Working as both a television professional and independent filmmaker, Mr. Mann has acquired an extensive skill set in all aspects of production and always strives to increase the…

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Megan Schartner

Being in the media industry, I am completely focused on exceeding clients' expectations. I have consistently demonstrated strengths in building positive relationships, providing excellent customer service and guiding clients in their successful negotiations with my company. What follows are just…

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Fairfax Station

M 'Jake' Yacoubi

Q-Style Productions announces the development of a sketch comedy television series, COMEDY FEVER, based in Washington, DC. COMEDY FEVER is a cutting edge sketch comedy television show produced by M “Jake” Yacoubi. The project involves the District’s top actors, comedians, and writers filmed…

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Pepper Productions

Washington, DC and the world. Our award winning productions have entertained and informed audiences around the globe since 1986. Broadcast quality video production from script to screen. News, training, corporate image, public relations, meetings and marketing for Networks, Fortune 500, Association…

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Melissa Shusterman

Television/Video and Web 2.0 Producer: Video Director/ Writer / Production Manager/ Project Manager / Manager / Supervisor Creative Television and Video Producer with…

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