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Nicholas Knowles

New York, New York

Educated and experienced Video Production Utility looking for work in the industry and opportunities for more experience to become camera operator. Can set up and operate most current HD cameras in single or multi camera schemes. Knowledgeable of lighting equipment and usage. Own and am…
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Gavin Elwes

Scarsdale, New York

I am currently working at home trying to start my own production company. I have just left school to pursue my dream of becoming a world renown film icon. I felt i was being held back by the mainstream schooling system. i am hard working, dedicated, and probably one of the most ambitious people…
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Billy Soistmann

New York, New York

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Geoff Gibson

Astoria, New York

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Stephan Werk

Manhattan, New York

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Laura Murphy

East Rockaway, New York

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Amanda Zodo

Brooklyn, New York

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Rashon E. Forrest

Kingston, New York

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Monnelle Britt

Manhattan, New York

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Chelsea Parrish

New York, New York

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Ta'ni Brown

New York, New York

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Tara Broadway

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Sam Poliquin

New York, New York

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Erik Kristiansen

New Hope, Pennsylvania

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Scott Kosiorek

Brooklyn, New York

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Michael Shupp

Allentown, Pennsylvania

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NJ Agwuna

New York, New York

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Melody Byron

New York, New York

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Lynette Schwanger

Brooklyn, New York

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Karen Hopkins

New York, New York

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Joseph Watson

Queens, New York

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Robert Bowman

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Megan Weaver

Brooklyn, New York

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Ian McKenzie

New York, New York

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Jeff "Jay" Horne

Brooklyn, New York

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Lindsay Meyerowitz

Riverdale, New York

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Regina Iannarella

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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