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Bay Harbor Islands

Ruxly Creative

We make awesome art for eyes and ears. - Video Production - Animation & Motion Graphics - Graphic Design - Storyboarding/ Concept Creation - Custom Songwriting/ Music Production - Audio Production & Sound Design - Branding & Development - Web / Mobile Development & Marketing -…

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eo Media Services, Inc.

eo Media Services, Inc. (eoMS) provides multimedia services in the Washington Metropolitan area. eoMS services include Technology Services - A/V technology, VTC technology, Network design and infrastructure installs, and installation/maintenance support. Creative Media Services - websites…

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Lucy Sheils

Professional Sound Designer Film and Television Commercial Productions Game Audio Multi-Media Installations Music Editing and Scoring MFA in Sound Design from Savannah College of Art and Design MMA in Music from Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.

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Sam Allison

I am a musician/composer, producer, sound designer, and audio engineer located in Austin, TX. I have been playing music for 15 years and have a decade of experience in the music and entertainment industry. My specialty is in sound for picture/video games, music production, and soundtrack/jingle…

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New York
New York

Quid Pro Studio

Quid Pro Studio is a sound postproduction suite located in the heart of New York. We offer sound editing and mixing services for movies, video games, TV shows and music productions.

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ESCAPE THE ORDINARY - CUSTOM MUSIC PRODUCTION®, is a Music Production company, which provides a various range of music services to recording artists, songwriters, musicians, producers and film makers. WR works in conjunction with ESCAPE THE ORDINARY - CUSTOM MUSIC PRODUCTION®, and employs a hand…

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Oblivioni is an award winning team of talented composers, experienced producers and sound designers, who specialize in producing the highest quality music for advertising, television and film industries. Oblivioni is an extraordinary music production company with its headquarters in Vienna,…

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Drop D Films

Drop D Films is a Film and Video Production company located in Murray Ky. We have experience in Movie Production, TV Commercial Production, Web series videos, Music Videos, Band Videos, Live Video, Live TV video, Website commercials, Actor Reels, Video editing, and all types of Promotional…

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Mega Star Entertainment Inc.

MSE Inc. is a very unique full service music Production Company that manage,and promote our own artist. We provide artist developement for the inexperienced artist and sorround you with a group of professionals, business and creative, to work with you on every aspect of your music career.

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Colorado Springs

Hollywood Film Sound

Hollywood Film Sound provides a flexible audio post and scoring solution for the film, TV, advertising and game industries, with offices in LA and Colorado. Specific services include project supervision, staffing, editing, foley, ADR, re-recording mixing and scoring. We work with experienced,…

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Santa Barbara

Detar Music Studios

Classically trained music composition and production for film, Detar Music Productions was established in 2007 and is located in the heart of Santa Barbara, California. We are a small studio specializing in film scoring and music education. Our production studio has created many professional…

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Q'd Up Audio Services

QD-UP Audio Services is dedicated to creativity and technical excellence because your sound is your expression. We have a keen ear for sound, a strong attention to detail, and a reputation for excellence in sound recording. All of us are active in the music community, therefore, we can provide a…

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New Delhi

WaveGate Studios

We at WaveGate are constantly thinking of new ways to convert, express and convey the visions of our clients to their prospective listeners. Communication is key, and to that, we give most importance. So that our clients achieve desired and perfect results. ​ Keeping a consistently evolving…

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StoryTell Productions

StoryTell productions is a online digital based post production company where we specialize in mix engineering, musical scoring & notation and music production. Our goal is to create and build musical stories for any project. We understand how to impact an audience through the emotional power of…

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Bay Drive Sound Studios

We create original Film,TV, Commercial, and Video Games scores. We also offer full audio Mixing and Mastering services for recording artists all over the world.

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Allegro Media Design - Audio & Sound

Allegro Media Design is a boutique Audio Post Production and Sound Design Company working out of Columbus, OH & Brooklyn, NY. Our music and sound design has been featured on NBC's The Voice, Showtime, Bravo, MTV, TLC, Starbucks, Facebook, and more! Our specialties include: Sound Design for…

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Toluca Lake

Transition Music Corporation

More than 23 TV series & 9 networks rely exclusively on Transition Music Corporation (TMC) for comprehensive music solutions for “ALL” things music, including; our digital online production music library, composers, clearance & licensing, connecting to new & indie artists, music supervision, IP…

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Los Angeles

Above Average All-Stars, Holdings Inc.

BOLD.!-?'s AMBITOUS, beyond understanding. Julien J. Noel is Henry Ford John D. Rockefeller all wrapped in one. This is a humble example of what Julien J. Noel is, and represents.

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Andy Anderson Voive Studios and Productions

Voive Productions and Studios is an award winning production company and Music Producer Located in Orlando, Florida. Andy Anderson has 12+ years experience successfully producing Radio Charting music for Warner , EMI, Among others. Music Production and Development in MODERN Styles. POP, R&B,…

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Spring Hill

Chapel Hill Media

Chapel Hill Media produces broadcast-ready audio and video promotions to get you noticed. Chapel Hill Media will script, storyboard, produce, edit, score and deliver your promotional video for far less than you might expect. Chapel Hill Media will script and record you audio promotion with…

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DigitalSymphonix is a music production and arrangement company offering music and sound services to the Twin Cities area and beyond. At DigitalSymphonix, we are all inspired musicians, techie engineers, and dedicated artists that would love to work with you. We write soundtracks for your movie or…

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Heiga Audiovisual

Meeting today’s industry standards for audio is often no less than a miracle. Yet, our quest for perfection ensures we achieve miracles on a regular basis. Whether you are an advertising agency, TV or film company, artist or small business, give your music and audio the cutting-edge over your…

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North Carolina

Acoustic Audio Recording Studio & Transfer

ACOUSTIC AUDIO MUSIC RECORDING RECORDING-SOUNDTRACKS-CD ART-JINGLES-TRANSFER TAPE & VINYL TO CD-RECORDING ARTIST-SONGWRITER-ARRANGER--- Are you a songwriter or with a band who's been less than pleased with your recordings? If you're looking for a recording studio that can actually make great…

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J.S. Yeary Music

J.S. Yeary Music is an audio production boutique in Nashville, TN that creates exquisite music for purposes of film/TV/radio/web broadcasting. Yeary's music can be heard in TV commercials, indie films, radio & web advertisements, and more. Yeary's primary objective in the industry is to display…

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New York
New York

Beat Orchard

High End Production Music Library. Custom scoring available and pricing structure to suit all budgets. Quality Royalty Free Music.

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Music You Can Swim To

We can provide the following services for you: Audio production, custom composition, music licensing and vocal performance, as well as professional aid in songwriting. COMPOSITION: We have 14+ years of experience in musical composition and songwriting, ranging from jingles for radio and TV…

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Coupe Studios

Think of it as a buffet. Just need help with one or two services listed over there on the left? Eat as much as you like. And if you want us to handle the whole thing? Bon apetit. Hand off your script, or even just your concept and we'll run with it. Every aspect of your production from top to tail…

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New York

AllaMusica LLC

AllaMusica LLC is a boutique music composition and visual design company based in New York. We create custom music for multimedia and design stunning logos that are eye-catching and effective.

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ClearHouse Productions

ClearHouse Is A Multi-Faceted Audio Production Company Specializing In Helping Businesses, Individuals, And Artists Produce Their Projects Through A Vast Network Of Qualified Service Providers . Based Out Of Tallahassee, Florida And Atlanta, Georgia, We Serve A Diverse Group Of Clientele That…

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