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Los Angeles

Kelli Kaye

Producer / Line Producer / UPM Independent Producer focusing on marketable film projects with strong ROI content. With background in line producing/UPM, I bring extensive knowledge as a producer. As line producer/UPM, I've been responsible for managing all costs with the intention of…

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Studio City

Paul Hart-Wilden

Director, Producer, Line Producer, 2nd Unit Director, Assistant Director and UPM - bring to the table 20+ years production experience - primarily in feature films. I've directed for Spike TV's "1,000 Ways to Die" as well as having directed feature films, short films, music videos and directed…

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Terrell Antonio Grice

Expertise is in producing and organizational aspects of film and television. Production Coordinator Production Assistant Assistant Production Coordinator Bachelor's Degree of Film Science

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Sabine Sighicelli

Sabine Sighicelli is a documentary writer, producer, director and associate producer. She has worked in the documentary field, both independent and commercial (National Geographic Television, AMC, Foundation for World Arts, UCLA Intercultural Center, Women Make Movies, Museum of Jewish Heritage,…

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Sun Valley

Felipe Salazar

Production Manager / Line Producer I've spent the many years working on a wide variety of television genres ranging from drama, comedy, documentaries, reality and game shows. During that time, I've logged thousands of hours doing everything related to the production management, line producing,…

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Los Angeles

David Marchetti

Hello, and thank you for checking out my profile. I am confident that my experience and abilities as a producer will be of interest to you and your company. I have played a major roll in the success for fortune 500 companies in the field of broadcast, narrative (both features & shorts) as well…

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San Francisco

Frank Simeone

Frank Simeone – Production Manager Contacts - Mobile: 415.602.4472 Email: Website: Frank Simeone is a San Francisco based Producer and Production Manager of feature length motion pictures, documentaries and commercials. He began his career as a…

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Los Angeles

Maris Lidaka

I've worked as a Producer and Editor on commercials, live events, documentaries, and reality television. I've been responsible for casting, budgeting, setting schedules, securing locations, acquiring permits and overall production management. I'm experienced with Premiere, Avid, Final Cut and am…

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Santa Monica

Jill Maxcy

I am a very experienced assistant director, production manager and producer. I have also directed four low budget feature films that all received distribution.

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Cristina Benavente

Strong academic and professional background including, but not limited to: Film studies, Spanish communication, media relations, and communications. Proven ability to lead, plan, direct, coordinate, and execute events in a variety of settings Hard-working, driven, self-motivated, creative, well…

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Los Angeles

Shari O Donnell

Multi award winning Actor/Producer and Production Manager based in LA. Originally from Ireland with a decade of experience on both sides of the camera including financing for independent film. See

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Los Angeles

Martine Keston

Aspiring Producer; experienced Line Producer, Production Manager, and Production Coordinator.

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Los Angeles

Marina Viscun

Marina Viscun is an award-winning producer living in Los Angeles, CA. She creates, develops, and oversees production of commercials, music videos, branded entertainment, short films, and features. She also writes screenplays and novels, and works as a Producer, Line-Producer, Bidding Producer,…

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Los Angeles

Steve Maviano

Experienced Premiere, Final Cut, and Avid video editor with excellent project management, client service, and team leading skills.

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Miriam Davis

Location manager/location scout Everything from student films to high budget projects. All budgets respected. Highly Connected, Well Respected, Organized, Multi-tasker, As much a Team Player as a Leader Thinks of even the smallest of details to keep your set running smoothly.

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Los Angeles

Jack Dagan

OBJECTIVE: To make it happen for the money available, while keeping morale up and achieving the best quality possible.. Experienced Line Producer/UPM. Features, Industrials, Music Videos, Documentaries, etc. Productions at all budget levels. Will travel anywhere. Have worked in most states and…

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Los Angeles

Michael Toscano

I have a broad range of experience. Currently focusing on Line Producing, 1st AD, and Production Management opportunities. I recently line produced a feature on location in Nantucket, managing a crew of 60+, and name talent. I am currently available and open to all sorts of work.

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Los Angeles

Rich Rotella

Senior Production Manager with more than 10 years of success in creating and implementing film, video & broadcast media which compliment the company’s corporate culture. Highly proficient in both technical and full life cycle production & management responsibilities. Skilled at analyzing and…

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Hermosa Beach

Lobo Productions

Lobo Productions is a full-service video production company specializing in high-quality video for entertainment, business, government and non-profit organizations. With twenty years of experience working with broadcast entities, aerospace companies and government organizations, Lobo Productions…

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Joe Moore

I am an Assistant Director with extensive managerial experience in organizing, scheduling and supervising teams and or groups of people from the beginning of a project through to completion. I have over 15 years of experience in the Motion Picture & Television Industry. In this role, my key…

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San Diego

James Brown

Versatile Producer/Production Manager with 9 years experience managing and executing projects. Skilled manager & collaborator who will add value to any team/project. Solid production skillset (scriptwriting, logistics, hiring crew, managing budgets, producing/directing on location, post…

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Los Angeles

Troy Roe

Resourceful, creative and proven television and audio professional with over 10 years in the entertainment industry. Exceptional work ethic and a trained eye on detail. Proactive manager and team-builder with the ability to visualize the final product and deliver. Self-starter and a quick-learner…

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Toluca Lake

Justin Cronkite

I am completely in my element when being held responsible for overseeing and delegating the daily activities of an office and/or a production set including, but never limited to, hiring personnel, securing locations, managing budgets, contracts and unions, leading presentations and making tough…

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Los Angeles

Kenhalo Bernet-Millán

"It has always been, and will always be, about quality." Producer with broad experience. I am able to oversee all different aspects of production: Scripts development, editing Budget creation, finalizing Submit Cast and obtain LOI Write Business Plan and evaluate possible Sales/Revenues…

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Manuel Centeno

I am a self-motivated,self-starting, and goal oriented person. I have demonstrated an outstanding ability to work comfortably and efficiently within a challenging and high stress environment. I am highly competent in the overall management of a professional office, Having flourished in my work in…

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