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Stephanie Novacek

White Plains, New York

Seasoned film/reality/corp assistant/coordinator. Field & Office experience: budgeting, handling crafty, meal runs, hiring crews, booking travel, gear rental, clearing locations, releases, talent wrangling, etc. Valid US passport & drivers license - available to travel. 440-796-2240
Views: 52
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Mario Aguja

Los Angeles, California

Views: 2710

Christy Lamb

Brooklyn, New York

Views: 3251

Danielle Smith

Decatur, Georgia

Views: 52

Angela Lee

Austin, Texas

Views: 1561

Kaneesha Heath

Tampa, Florida

Views: 138

Anna Pinchuk

Framingham, Massachusetts

Views: 12

Marianna Harrison

Chicago, Illinois

Views: 275

Anastasia Basche

Chicago, Illinois

Views: 129

Kevin Jamison

Peoria, Illinois

Views: 528

Heidi Galke

Salt Lake City, Utah

Views: 90

Alexis Haney

Wake Forest, North Carolina

Views: 1666

Jackie Maw Tolliver

Los Angeles, California

Views: 189

Josh Gildrie

Knoxville, Tennessee

Views: 71

Brigid Presecky

Lemont, Illinois

Views: 20

Bernice Martin

Atlanta, Georgia

Views: 19

Olivia Kahlo

Boulder, Colorado

Views: 116

Sang Kromah

New York, New York

Views: 299

Veronica Mulero

New York, New York

Views: 2611

Nicol Miller

Granada Hills, California

Views: 1246

Yvonne LaBarge

Medfield, Massachusetts

Views: 35

Kelsey O'Brien

Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Views: 23

Cameron Holly Dexter

Brooklyn, New York

Views: 21

Sam Francisco

Tampa, Florida

Views: 131

Kelly Marsh

Poughkeepsie, New York

Views: 470

Joanclair Richter

New York, New York

Views: 20