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Moniqua Woods

Moniqua Woods started out creating small media productions for the community. This soon grew into a passion. She further refined her skills by attending The Art Institute of California - Sacramento, where she received her Bachelor of Sciences. She has worked with artist both local and international…

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Timothy Leeds

Well versed soup-to-nuts creative video professional, adept in all aspects of video production, from conception through delivery. High level creative thinker, writing with a strategic ear, directing with an editor's eye, and mastering with an intense attention to detail. I endeavor to artfully…

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San Francisco

Catriona McLaughlin

I am a freelanc Video Producer and Script Writer and sometimes have projects where I quickly need a production company.

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San Leandro

Terence Jensen

Detail oriented with experience throughout the film and television industry.

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Alex Pulisci

Full time student studying writing and directing. Currently interning with established producer from LA. Graduating in Spring 2014.

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Nick Fenske

Nick's introduction into the entertainment industry was providing celebrity and character voices for numerous radio stations in the San Francico Bay Area. Where he worked with Shock Jock Perry Stone and sidekick, Trish Bell at KSJO, where he showcased his talents performing such "celebrity…

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San Francisco

Timothy Plain

Producing, Directing and Editing. The first thing I ever dreamed of becoming was a magician. I spent my childhood in the Auburn Public Library looking through magic books and practicing sleight-of-hand tricks. Truth was, I wasn’t very good at it. Luckily the film section was close and I became…

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Jeffery Cassity

Jeffery Cassity writes weekly for the Being Latino! website and has started writing regularly for the Sacramento Press website and for the El Conquistador(Milwaukee, WI) newspaper. His articles have also appeared previously in the El Conquistador newspaper(Milwaukee, Wisconsin), the Kenosha(WI)…

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Santa Clara
California offers Props, and Special Effects Makeup for stage and screen production. We also provde costumes for parties and other special events.

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Brandon Leonard

I'm a screenwriter with experience in beta-reading and script editing. Currently, I'm a student at HSU and I'll be graduating within the year. I've also done crewing on various short films, mostly general labor.

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Fola Goke-Pariola

Recent college graduate with experience in writing, directing, editing. Also, have experience with business side with two Hollywood internships.

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Elk Grove

W. Mark Dendy

Award-winning author W. Mark Dendy inherited his father's love and ability for telling a good story. Dendy was born and raised in the Mississippi delta where storytelling abounds like fish frys and coon hunts. His narratives bring both tears and laughter to the reader, and his descriptive telling…

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San Anselmo

Heart At Work Productions

Heart At Work Productions is a full service creative, conceptual film, video and interactive production company. Our two principals have over 35 years combined experience and have won numerous awards. One of our specialties is high-end corporate communications; sales, marketing, promotional…

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San Francisco

Wombat Hat Productions

Ten Years of Professional TV and Video Production Experience. Producer, Shooter (DV), Writer, Editor (FCP). Online Demo Reel: Affordable, Creative, Efficient!

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San Francisco

Molly Fosco

I am highly experienced in producing original content that captures and engages mass and niche audiences. I am extremely knowledgeable in preparing budgets and cost reports, hiring crew, booking video equipment and shooting locations, coordinating license and rights usage of music and content, and…

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Blaise Media

Blaise Media is a video marketing project studio located in Sacramento, California. We partner with our clients to discover content, design a meaningful approach, visualize a message, and craft a video experience that will impact a target audience. Every organization has a story to tell. As…

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San Francisco

Janet Vrcic

Screenplay Reader/Consultant Work Experience Script Reader – Intrinsic Value Films, New York, NY - February 2012 to Present  Write coverage and prepare story notes. Creative Development Intern – Abbot Entertainment, South Pasadena, CA – January 2011- Present  Evaluate new writer…

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San Francisco

Amy Klingler

I'm a copy writer, or, as we cleverly always refer to ourselves, a storyteller. While the idea of being a storyteller isn't unique, I understand what it means. Writing is about more than witty phrases and inspirational sayings. The audience wants to feel like they've become absorbed in a whole…

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Crimson & Clover Indie Film Project

Crimson & Clover is an Indie Film about a whirlwind interracial romance that never stood a chance; riddled with modern racial tension, mental illness, hot sex scenes, betrayal, grunge n glamor. Connectively featured are period piece call-back scenes set in 1810 New Orleans, Louisiana. Crystal…

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San Francisco

John Christopher Serrano

I am an aspiring filmmaker with amateur film production and video production experience. I am currently working as a copywriter for several content marketing websites. I am mostly interested in working in film production as a production assistant or entry-level position but am also interested in…

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Pleasant Hill

Jon Carlson

Director/Producer seeking Feature length screenplays to be produced for '06 Sundance Film Festival.

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John Wright

I should make you laugh. I am a comedy screenwriter registered with WGA/w. I have an associate's degree in Film and Television from Solano Community College. When you read John Lewis Wright just begin to chuckle and soon enough I'll walk by seemingly aloof. I donno what it is. People seem to…

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Rahnesha Keith

I am currently in film school with a focus on writing and directing. I have not boxed myself into writing one specific genre. I enjoy writing whatever comes to mind, and I have a very odd way of thinking.

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Tony Vidal

Independent screenwriter, feature film director and producer.

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San Francisco

Cesar Abella

Independent writer/director. Have written and directed several award-winning short films. Also have production assistant and technical theater experience.

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