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Kaylee Randall

PR/Communications Intern at ProductionHUB. Among other things like professional dancer, UCF student, and laughing enthusiast.

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New Jersey

Eddie Bennett

Eddie Bennett has established himself as a professional entertainer with over 16 years of working continuously in the theatre industry. His first professional credit landed him in the lap of well known, L.A. based choreographers, Helene Phillips and Barry Lather. He moved on to national tours and…

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Favian Herrera Dance

Favian Herrera Jr. Has been choreographing, teaching and performing extensively throughout the country over the past 9 years. He began his studies at Raul Quintanilla Middle School under the tutelage of Tamara Coalson followed by 4 years of training at Booker. T. Washington HSPVA under the…

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New York
New York

Thais Oliveira

Thais Oliveira started her modeling career by participating in a modeling contest provided by Elite Model Management. After the contest she traveled to Japan where she was the second black model ever to work there, as Japan has a very restricted modeling marked, all went so well that she return…

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The Discovery Performing Arts Institute

THE DISCOVERY INSTITUTE The Discovery Performing Arts Institute’s mission is to remain a school that accepts all people—from around the globe—and afford them the opportunity to go on a journey of discovering their God-given talents in the arts and entertainment industry. Furthermore, we are…

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North Carolina

Konscious Money Entertainment Group

Konscious Money Entertainment Group Is Attracting Attention From Upcoming Performers and Talent From All Over The United States . Konscious Money Entertainment Group is emerging as the center of attraction in many talent circles outside of North Carolina as the source for giving upcoming talent…

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West Palm Beach

B Real Studio

Hip Hop Dance Instructor Burcin Gursel is the head instructor and mastermind behind the creation of B Real Studio. She has been dancing for over ten years. Her passion for dance and Hip Hop was ingrained in her at a young age. It was taking a dance elective in her senior year of high school that…

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New York
New York

Djahari Clark

Djahari studied at Will Geer Theater’s Academy of the Classics, and earned her BA in the School of Theatre, Film and Television at UCLA. Djahari founded Desert Sin Dance in 1999, one of the prominent theatrical dance companies in the US. Djahari has been featured on India TV, The History Channel’s…

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North Carolina

Damian Martorana

Creator & Chief Operations Officer of RhythmFitness.TV & Martorana Productions, embodies the true spirit of art in motion, first as an athlete, a professional dancer, instructor, actor and now producer. Starting at a young age, Damian lived on the court, in front and behind the camera, with twenty…

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New Orleans

Juliette Dupre

Juliette Dupré is from New Orleans, Louisiana. She began training at ten under Bolshoi honors graduate Constantin Apetrei and his wife Kelly. Juliette also trained in ballet under Yvonne Bergeron and Henry Danton and studied Graham and Duncan modern dance under Cheryl Renner. Juliette continued…

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New York

Shandoah Goldman

I am the artistic director/choreographer of an interdisciplinary practice, centered around creating works for specific locations, film, commercials, music videos and stage with the body as the primary medium. BIO She holds a B.A. from Bennington College (2001) and a M.A from London Contemporary…

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New York

Janet Huey

Professional Choreographer and Artistic Director working bicoastal, in New York City and Los Angeles. Choreographed live stage shows to Las Vegas concerts. Music videos, short films, Off Broadway shows, dance reels, talent portion for pageants. Every project she works on is curated…

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Devante Reed

Hello, My name is Devante Reed. I am a 21 year old singer, songwriter, clothing designer, and I am organizer and founder of Dsmoove Unkoumen Soulz, LLC a clothing line and developing charity. I have been living in Dallas, TX for two years and I am relocating back to Atlanta to pursue my music…

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Boca Raton

Kellyanna Alvarez

Vocalist/Songwriter/Choreographer/BackupSinger for hire. Debut Dance Compliation album Monochromatic Melodies is in production. Pompano Beach Florida USA. HI! I studied Dance, Music, Theatre, Musical Theatre in College. (NWSA, FIU, MDCC, BCC) I'm availavle in the South Florida tri-county…

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TrueDreamers Entertainment

well i'm RonellThompson,and i have a group in Shreveport Louisiana,and we are just trying to make a change for once.Some of us also rap,and sing.My group and i have been dancing for some year's now,so we think we have a chance of making our family proud.

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Los Angeles

The Movement Talent Agency (MTA)

The Movement is a full-service talent agency that boasts a strong client list of the worlds most sought after Dancers, Choreographers and Dance Educators. We represent many established dance industry professionals, and pride ourselves in discovering and breaking new dance talent. Formed in 2010,…

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North Carolina

Merri Christi Pemberton

I am a film director and recording artist with over 15 years in the performing arts (music, dance, production, theatre). You can find more information no my Stage 32 profile: . In addition, I have a museum background, which includes…

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New York
New York

Industrial Rhythm

Industrial Rhythm is a New York City-based dance and percussion troupe that delivers the excitement and energy of Off-Broadway hits like "Bring In Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk", "Stomp", Blast and "Blue Man Group". With their original, high-energy music and choreography, they are among the best in…

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New York
New York

Revanth Korukonda

I am actor/director working in south Indian regional movies. right now we are producing couple of movies in USA.

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Candace Axtens

I am interested in modeling and acting. I am very determined to become a model/ actress. It has always been a dream of mine, and now I am ready to accomplish it!

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North Carolina

Charles Stewart

Music producer & dancer. MUSIC and VIDEO production. HIP HOP Artist, Potent Lyrics, Spiritual Concepts, Spread the inspiration round the planet Goosebumps On Pangea, It's cool 2 B a good person, Once And For All

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Super Star Dancers

Dance company director and choreographer for TV shows, music videos, events and films.

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Stephanie Olsen

I am a recent graduate of Elon University's Interactive Media masters program. As a dancer and communications student, I blended my love for both throughout my college career. I created a Dance for the Camera independent study through which I learned the proper techniques for filming and editing…

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United Kingdom

Mark Summers

Casting Director to some of the world’s most famous directors including: David Lachappelle, Joe Pykta, Tony Kaye, Sam Bayer, Paul Hunter, Matthew Rolston, Jesse Dylan, Sophie Muller John Hillcoat, Jake Nava, Little X, Tim Pope, Jonathan Glazier, Wim Wenders, Tim Godsall, Anthony Manghella, Marc…

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Las Vegas

Victoria Vazquez

Former Cirque Du Soleil Performer, Assistant Stage Manager for Bette Midlers's Showgirl Must Go On, PA for SM and Director of Jersey Boys. Been in the entertainment business over 10 yrs. hard worker, fast learner.

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Lyndsay Meyer

I am currently looking for a job in the advertising/marketing field.

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