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Gavin Elwes

Scarsdale, New York

I am currently working at home trying to start my own production company. I have just left school to pursue my dream of becoming a world renown film icon. I felt i was being held back by the mainstream schooling system. i am hard working, dedicated, and probably one of the most ambitious people…
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Dorian Filbert

Monkton, Maryland

A Voice Actor that will deliver! Educated,natural. warm. and conversational available for audio or on screen. I am a team player who knows "it's not all about me!" I live in the country with my husband,horses,dogs,cats, oh, and a few kids.
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whachalookinat productions LLC

Apollo Beach, Florida

I'm Hugh McChord, I'm a freelance videographer with nearly 30 years of experience ranging from eng/news style shooting to production work in LA, multiple EMMY winner, have a full production truck of gear including the Panasonic HPX2000 P2 camera and I approve of this message. WORK ETHIC - these…
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Ciara Caneega

Los Angeles, California

Ciara is a lovely, gentle actress that has quite a bit of commercial success including principle spots for Target, Lenscrafters, and a 2014 Hyundai Super Bowl ad where she appears opposite Johnny Galecki and Richard Lewis. She has a lot of interest in doing TV and Film as well. Alongside acting,…
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Debbie Grattan

Niles, Michigan

Debbie Grattan is a classically trained actress and international voice over artist with more than 20 years of experience in recording studios, on camera, and on stage. A Southern California native, Debbie is extraordinarily adept at delivering believable, conversational reads as well as…
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Melanie Haynes

Los Angeles, California

Views: 1604

Gerard Cordero

Astoria, New York

Views: 74

Hollie Sokol

Los Angeles, California

Views: 120

Donna Callaway

West Hollywood, California

Views: 993

Hollywood TV Cops

Los Angeles, California

Views: 664

Marton Nagyszokolyai

Győr, Hungary

Views: 133

Chad Wood

Douglasville, Georgia

Views: 353

Tom Wahl

Pensacola, Florida

Views: 241

Frankie Gonzalez

San Diego, California

Views: 13

Calabrisella Films

Brooklyn, New York

Views: 215

Kennedy Brice

Waycross, Georgia

Views: 216

Positive Dog Training & Animal Actors, LLC

Silver Spring, Maryland

Views: 77

David McDivitt

Malden, Massachusetts

Views: 222

Covan Magee

Tampa, Florida

Views: 74

Queen Armstead

Baltimore, Maryland

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Caleb Brumley

St. Paul, Minnesota

Views: 66

Shantelle Canzanese

Toronto, Ontario

Views: 88

Ajaye' Brewington

Hackensack, New Jersey

Views: 178

Senay Jackson

Atlanta, Georgia

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Kevin Harrington

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Views: 172

Kathy Zoubareff (aka Nina Byrne)

Clinton Township, Michigan

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Iyan Leol

Chicago, Illinois

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Jay Johnson

Charleston, South Carolina

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Rashon Massey

Chicago, Illinois

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Kelli Miller

Gaithersburg, Maryland

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