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Julian Griffin

I am a recent graduate from Grambling State University with a Bachelors degree in Visual Journalism. During my time in school I was fortunate and got to work in television and film production not only for the local campus television center, but a few actual production companies including…

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New York

Gerard Cordero

Gerard Cordero AKA "Vito" Height: 5'-7" Weight: 190 lbs Gerard Cordero was born on September 23, 1974 in San Jose, California. He currently resides in Astoria, New York. Gerard pursued acting in the late 90's for a short period of time in where he landed small roles in films like “The…

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Bill Stinchcomb

I'm an actor living in Shreveport, Louisiana. I've been working in Film and TV for 8 years now and things are progressing nicely! I've recently started writing, producing and directing.

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Joey Johnson

Georgia State graduate with a B.A in film and video. I am looking for a full-time job in my field. My main interest stunts and fight choreography. I have trained martial arts for about a decade and have had in interest in video productions since middle school. I also study Chinese and passed…

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Cory Morr

My name is Cory Morr and I'm 27 going on 28 in Naples FL. I had my ups and downs. I look for part-time or full-time regular work to make a paycheck because I'm writing a very important new superhero novel for Summer 2012. I'm can facilitate and adapt different functions capable of doing multiple…

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Adam James

Producer, Director, Writer, Actor and Martial Arts Expert. Adam James is an actor, writer, director, film producer and martial arts expert. Adam is also the Vice President of Sky Dragon International, an independent film production company based in Los Angeles, California. Adam has over fifteen…

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Ivan Golovanov

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS 1.Over 6 years of writng and editing experience (education and work combined). 2. Honours Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing. 3. Post-graduate Certificate in Technical Communication. 4. Microsoft Office Suite and HTML experience. 5. Full fluency in English,…

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District of Columbia

Morris Small

A SAGAFTRA actor member with experience in TV, Film, Commercial, and Federal Government videos. Second, a fight choreographer with martial arts background and a passion for action movies. Furthermore, I have a interest in voice over with a demo for narrative, commercial, and character. Finally, If…

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312 Action

312 Action is a full service Chicago based stunt team with a focus on action choreography and stunt sequences.

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Lauren Marrero

I am a freelance writer with a romance novel and sever poems and short stories published online and in magazines.

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New York

ronald jiles-ais

I live In brooklyn, newyork. I am talented. I play sports, dance,and act. My email is my phone number is 347 304 7854.

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Darin Hicks

From Bridgeton, New Jersey. Stunt performer/Actor/Martial Artist.Darin Hicks. A Capoeira practitioner for 8+ years, extensive athletic background in track and field, cross country, free-running, and biking. Trained stage combat, and stunt falls self taught. Member of Dragons spirit production. Up…

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Los Angeles

Amy Sturdivant

I am a utility stunt performer that has a wide range of experience from fighting to falling, wire to fire. I also own a jerk vest and know a variety of rigging techniques.

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Josephine McAdam

Film/Television actress and model represented by Acclaim Talent Agency in Austin, Texas. Email for bookings/inquiries.

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Los Angeles

Yorgo Lorandos

Hello, I'm a producer / actor who has spent over 5 years in China learning martial arts, producing short films and operating a s a personal assistant and translator. I'm looking for more opportunities to use my skills and expertise in the entertainment industry. Thanks for reading! Yorgo…

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North Carolina

Courtney Faison

Stunt Woman and Martial Arts professional who has trained and taught Martial Arts for over 20 years and has appeared internationally on film and television and in magazines demonstrating her art and performing stunts for film and T.V. She is a fight choreographer for the television show Burn…

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Van Nuys

Jamie Ann Burke

I am primarily an actress. I'm studying a lot of comedy and improv. I'm also very athletic and study Capoeira (a Brazilian Martial art,) so I love action / adventure as well. I'm looking to collaborate with creative interesting people, and have fun on the Hollywood adventure!

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Kage Yami

I am a ninja for hire. I do stunts which include wire work, martial arts, gymnastics, falls, firing arms, and many more. I also act.

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Los Angeles

John Kreng

"KRENG KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT"- BLACK BELT MAGAZINE Stunt & Fight Coordinator, Director, Producer, Actor, and Author of the textbook FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHY: THE ART OF NON-VERBAL DIALOGUE. I have worked with Asian and Western talent in front of and behind the camera and understand the…

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MKM Knockout Promotions LLC

Promoter of Shin Do Kumate' pro fighting events featuring male and female fighters from around the world. Our programs carry a historical theme with a documentary style production covering storylines of athletes as they prepare for their traditional Martial Art Kumate' fights. We produce a series…

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Jason Static

I am a 11 year independent professional wrestler who is seeking work in the tv, film, and theater industry specifically for stunts, and stage fighting.

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Rock Island

Edward Case

Martial Artist. Black belt in Taekwondo and Hapkido. Currently in gymnastics. I have staged fight scenes using hand to hand combat and with weapons Such as guns,knives,bo staff, kamas, nunchucks and sword. I do most of my own stunts. I have been in several events showing my talent for promotional…

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San Francisco

Durand Garcia

Fight Choreographer, Fight Stunt Coordinator, Actor,and Director with more than twenty years experience in theatre and film. Over one hundred and fifty projects - mixed martial arts, sword fighting, fight stunts. An edged weapons specialist who has served as sword master, fight choreographer, or…

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Blue Mountain

Jeremy Lenard

Fit, studied martial arts all of my life, musician, handle weapons and firearms, workout and run.

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New Jersey

Andrew Kim

Currently a recent graduate of the film program of Rochester Institute of Technology. Working toward becoming a fight choreographer.

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