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Dabney Gentle Horsemanship

Head Wrangler offering Experienced film industry horses and riders, modern and 18th and 19th century period correct equipment for English, Western, Cavalry, Native American, civilian and cowboy style, stunt doubles, riding instruction for actors, carriage drivers and period correct horse drawn…

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Equine Extremist Entertainment

Trainer of the # 1super bowl commercial 2013 Budweiser Clydesdale Brotherhood Tommie Turvey, is one of the most versatile stuntman and movie horse trainers of today. Our clients receive the highest level of expertise to get the shots they need. We always hire the best stunman to get the job…

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Brent Bernhard

3rd Generation Stuntman 5’7”/ 145 lbs /D.O.B 11/14/87 / Hair: Brown/ Eyes: Green Height: 5,7" Hair length: Short Shirt: 15x 32.5 Pants: 30 x 31 Jacket: 38R or 40S Shoes: 9 1/2 FEATURES: - The Collection (2011) (Stunt performer/ actor) Stunt…

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Marvin Ross

I am SAG/AFTRA I have worked on big sets,Small sets,and everything in between. I have done Commercial work,Print work, and some TV spots.Stuntman,Model,Professional Parkour Athlete and Magician. Check out my Stuntreel to see exactly what I'm capable of. Stuntreel 2014-…

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Matt Orlando

I am an actor/stunt performer based out of the Atlanta area. Specialties include firearms, motorcycles, driving, athletic maneuvers, fighting, and SFX.

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Scott Dale

Stuntman / Stunt Coordinator. Resume available upon request.

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R. Fisher

SAG Stunt man Credits include: The Hard Starter (n/d stunt) Dawsons Creek (2 episodes-Dbl James Van DerBeek and n/d stunt) Dumb And Dumberer (Double Eric Christian Olson) A Walk To Remember (Dbl/High fall,Driving) The Black Night (Fight with Martin Lawrence) EQUIPMENT: Porta-Pit,Fold Out…

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Georgia Stunt Players

David Paul Lord:all around stuntman/stunt coordinator with over 500 credits and 30 years in the stunt biz

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James Walker-Hueston

I have worked on various projects ranging from video games to major motion pictures. I work mostly with swords, and also enjoy working with sports. I have trained with The Ring of Steel; a theatrical stunt group out of Ann Arbor Michigan. I have studied acting in various workshops and 2 years with…

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Stone Mountain

Tina McKissick

SAG-AFTRA Stuntwoman with 14 years experience. Double for Jessica Simpson,Hilary Duff,Dakota Fanning, The Olsen Twins, Kelly Ripa and more. Well rounded in all areas of stunt work.

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April Whatley

Actress/Stunt Player/Model 5'4 105lbs blonde hair hazel eyes 36 x 26 x 35 I am trained in stunts and stunt driving. I can also act. Modeling is limited to stills because of height.

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Locust Grove

Mike Sharrer

Professional Wrestler motion capture stuntman and actor stunt actor

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Matt Thompson

5' 6" 150 lbs Stunt performer trained in: Wire work/ratcheting Precision driving Stair falls High/low falls Fighting for screen (unarmed, knife and club) Fire Air ram/mini tramp I own my basic armor for stair falls and other dynamic short falls.

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Chancler Haynes

I have 5 years training in Tae Kwon Do and over 10 years in Kajukembo (Kenpo), with exstensive training and practice in Fight performances and choreography. For all other production needs, I also serve as Produciton Assistant in many areas including Grip and Camera.

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