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Ollie Wesley

Camera Assistant for Broadcast shoots & 2nd AC for Digital Film. Data Wrangler & Camera Enthusiast. Based in Toronto Canada, I am currently looking for work in the broadcast/film industry in and around Toronto (any help/tips/advice welcomed!). I have worked in a number of broadcast equipment…

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New York

Avery N. Munger

A freelance Digital Image Technician (DIT) & Media Wrangler based out of Rochester, NY servicing the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic region. However, I will frequently travel throughout the country when needed or as necessary for the task at hand. I specialize with on-set secure media management,…

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Rudi Zelonka

Offering RED Camera data management and post including transcoding, transferring, colour correction, edit and finish. As well as any HD/video editing and post production. Over 10 years experience in production/post and creative services.

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North Tonawanda
New York

Michael Micoli

Sat/Eng truck tech Local News.

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