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The Clearwater Film Festival is evolving.

In 2010 we came out of the gate with a glowing presence, hosting 75 films, a dozen educational film panels, six beautiful parties and the initiation of The Wavecrest Award.

This year we are poised to do it again, bringing a stronger live music element with a multitude of stages at participating establishments on Clearwater Beach. In addition to keeping our eyes open for great films, this summer we have our ears to the ground to locate the brightest musical talents seeking a spotlight. At festival time we will present a ripe harvest with a bounty of entertainment with something for everyone.

Be part of it.

Opportunities are here for everyone, whether you are here to be one of our many outstanding artists, partake of the entertainment, or join us as a vendor. We want you involved.

Filmmakers may submit through Withoutabox.

Musicians may send us demos by email to theclearwaterfilmfestival@yahoo.com

Producer, meet Screenwriter. Actor, meet Director. Composer, meet Filmmaker.

Welcome to The Film Boutique.

A place to meet the people you want to meet. Our film festival trade show is made for industry professionals of all skill sets and levels of expertise to maximize productivity by bringing together everyone it takes to make a film. Will it be yours?

Space is available now for a nominal fee that allows participants to showcase work samples and present your talent to those who want to find you. Spruce up your pitch and bring your game. You never know who you might meet.

Last year Australian filmmaker Byron Kaye negotiated an agreement with distributor Commodity Films for his award winning feature Twenty Ten, and that was before we even had The Film Boutique!

We now have 20 spaces available for anyone who wants to share more than a business card. Set up your shop and show what you’ve got. Film samples, music, facilities, locations, production services, whatever you have that filmmakers need – this is the place to bring it.

This year, The Film Boutique is open to the public, no badge is needed to enter. Vendors with film or music related goods are encouraged to make contact.

On behalf of the filmmakers and artists who make the film festival possible, we thank you for your participation and support.