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An Evening Rental Of Video And Audio

Prescott, Arizona

I have produced 3 low budget music videos and have arranged a wrap party for all friends/actors who have helped with the productions....there will be approx. 75 people. I need a video projector, a 6-8ft. screen, a good audio system that works with the projector and a h/h wireless mic....I have…

3d Artist

Los Angeles, California

Hi, We are making a 15 second spot for a yogurt brand. The spot will mainly be in 2D but we would like to integrate some 3D elements into it, strawberries flying, a vanilla flower opening etc. The video will will be something similar to this: It's a very fast…

A Production company to capture footage and creative content at multi city (approx 8-10) Chalk (sidewalk) Festival. Beginning June 15- February 16.

Easton, Pennsylvania

A creative art tool company for kids is looking for a production partner to attend and capture film/footage/content at approximately 8-10 Sidewalk Chalk festivals. The festivals are typically 2 day events, the earliest of which takes place in early June the latest of which takes place in Feb…