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Media production needed. Torrance CA

Torrance, California

We are in consumer electronic space seeking a production crew to support our media PR campaign. Anything from corporation, products, consumers to after service. Infomercial and some short product videos.

An upright black piano needed for rent. NYC

New York, New York

We need to rent an upright black piano for a music video we will shoot from Oct 9th and Oct 13th in Midtown Manhattan. We can provide pick up and drop off because we have the insurance that covers everything. Please let me know if you can help us or if you know someone who can. Thanks so…
Props 10/2/2015 1 credit

Talent Agency Or Producer Seeking Screenplays For TV Or Film

Los Angeles, California

The writer is an accomplished, published Author of the favorite WW2 Series; "The BlackRock Project" and "The BlackRock Project II" available on and Barnes & Noble and Worldwide Distribution, online and in bookstores. His enormous talent has also produced the current Screenplays;…

Need One Talent Trailer And One Office Trailer For Two Days

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Load in for live event in Ann Arbor Michigan at 10 am on 10/16. Event is 7 am on 10/17. Done with trailers by 6 pm on 10/17 at the latest. Need one trailer delivered with restroom and HVAC. Need one trailer less specific, but that 2 people can use as production office. Deliver by 10 am on…

Promotional video for a new product. Dallas, TX

Dallas, Texas

We need to produce a commercial video for our new product. This video will be promoted on you tube, social media and other media outlets. The purpose is to introduce a new product to the market. Describe the features and benefits.

Drone Owner And Operator. Vero Beach

Vero Beach, Florida

Looking for a drone owner and operator for 1 to 1.5 hours on Saturday December 12th in Vero Beach, Florida. Need shots of venue and reception area. Time TBD but estimated to start between 2-6pm. Please provide reel or ariel footage you have captures, your drone and the camera. There will be roughly…

Short Commercial-Style Video For Small Business

New York, New York

Hi, I have a small tech startup in NYC and we're looking to produce a video on a reasonable budget. We're looking for quotes for the following: 1) Developing a script or storyboard 2) One day shoot with pro cameras, audio equip, lighting -- at our offices in Brooklyn. Only requires a small…

Stage, Scenic, Lights, Audio, Video Mapping. Orlando , FL

Orlando, Florida

Calling all Production Companies, Corporate retreat event 11/4-11/7 in Orlando needing full production: Stage Scenic (for video mapping) Lights Audio Video Projection/Mapping Reply with services offered, availability, and info to send RFP. Thanks!

A 2 minute video and a 30 second video. Corona Del Mar

Corona Del Mar, California

We need to broadcast a video on our company website regarding information about our company. Testimonials, clips of veterans in need. I would like music in the background. We are a mental health provider. Our current focus is on Veterans with PTSD. We are a non-profit startup company.