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An HD crew for a 3-Day shoot. Tampa, FL

Tampa, Florida

We need a 60 second commercial shot on as close to film quality as possible: eg Red, Arri, etc... it will be shot in Tampa Florida

Rehearsal space for a 4 day rental - Los Angeles / Southern California

Los Angeles, California

Large space 40 x 60 High Ceilings able to rig 2 aerialists from ceiling Dark for video projection Anywhere within 1 or 2 hours of Los Angeles, between Santa Barbara and the Orange County area, or inland towards Valencia.

HD Crew For 2 Day Recording

Cambridge, Massachusetts

We're recording an online course from an event (conference) taking place in Harvard (Cambridge, MA// LAEF Conference) on April 17th, 2015. On the 16th we will shoot some of the introductions, conclusions and key scenes with the lead instructor of the course for each of the lessons we're recording.…

Streaming Media / Webcasting Live Event

Claremont, California

Hi, I work for Scripps College, a small liberal arts college out in Claremont. We have a video team in place for our commencement ceremonies on May 16, 2015, but are looking to also stream the event live. Our video team can provide a hi-def master feed and we have the following capacity to…

Someone to build a physical representation of our logo

Los Angeles, California

We are having a faith and wellness conference on April 11th. I would like to have a large physical representation of our logo outside the venue so when guests arrive there is a wow factor and they know exactly where to go.
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Beverly Hills, California

Hi Ciara! Hope you're well. I wanted to reach out to you and see if you'd be interested in being an extra on the second episode of The HuffPost Show on 4/3/15. Let me know if you're interested! Thanks! Laurie

Underwater Housing, Lights and Camera Rental - Venice, FL

Venice, Florida

I'm producing a low-budget web series and an in need of an underwater housing, lights, and camera rated to 160' or better. One week rental. We'll be staging out of Venice, FL. Something local would be best, but I'm not opposed to pickup, delivery, or shipping if the price is right. Certificate of…