Cooke Optics Ltd

Cooke Close, Thurmaston
Leicester, United Kingdom LE4 8PT
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About Us

With Scott and Shackleton at the South Pole,
At the top of Mount Everest and in the deepest ocean in the world,
At Royal weddings and major ceremonial events,
On ornithological and scientific expeditions,
In the service of NATO on the ground, and
At maximum heights in the atmosphere,
In most of the world''s television networks, and
On major film locations

Cooke lenses stunningly documented
the most historic events of the 20th century.


Added on 4/22/2014

Cooke Optics - NAB 2014

An interview from the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Les Zellan of Cooke Optics. Cooke Optics manufactures a wide range of lenses suitable for multiple film…