Brady Keezer

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Winter Park, Florida

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(407) 636-1369

About Me

Helping you with your professional video needs! I am a reliable and knowledgeable Videographer/Multimedia Specialist with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies. I own my own professional video production equipment, specialize in creative video for commercial, promotional, and web use. Equipment list: (1) Canon 70D DSLR : (1) 18-135mm lens : (1) 55-250mm lens : (1) Rode Mic : (1) Tripod : Adobe Creative Cloud Membership : All equipment is available for daily or weekly rentals. Please contact a week in advance for any equipment rentals.

Having had equal experience in production and post production gives me a wide knowledge base for handling all types of situations. I have created videos for a professional client base, improved marketing strategies for companies, worked with digital media to resolve issues and achieve the highest quality for customers, and am positive that I would be a quality candidate for you. I pride myself on creating eye-catching and engaging video for your viewers. I am available anytime and am easy to communicate ideas with.

I have been in the industry since 2012.


Added on 4/14/2013

Dreams into Wine

Documentary on two local wineries in Maine. See how these family run businesses started and how wine has become a part of their life. Maine is not known for wineries because of the cold climate, but…

Extra Info

  • Maine Public Broadcasting Network
  • University of Maine Men's Basketball Team
  • Horizon Media Express
  • Greater Works Ministries
  • Christine F. Anderson
  • Final Cut Pro 7, Avid, Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Sony Z5U, JVC 750, Easy Jib, Lighting equiptment
  • Booms, Lavaliers, shotguns, PZM, handheld microphones
  • Audio MIxing
  • NAB Foundation Video Contest 2nd Place