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By advertising your products and services on ProductionHUB, the industry's most cost effective marketing tool, you will reach your most targeted audience. ProductionHUB attracts more than 300,000 users each month that are actively searching for the products and services you provide.

Whether targeting your market locally, nationally, or internationally, ProductionHUB has a variety of advertising packages and sponsorship opportunities designed to meet your specific needs and budget constraints. Banners can be placed in over 300 directory categories, allowing your message to reach a specific audience. Contact a ProductionHUB ad sales representative today to discuss a customized campaign.

Your banners on ProductionHUB can be set to appear throughout the entire site or in a specifically targeted category or section of the site. Banners can also be placed geographically.

Leaderboard banners appear across the top of

Leaderboard banner position (728x90)

Medium Rectangle banners appear along the side of content on

Medium Rectangle banner position (300x250)

Half Page banners appear along the side of content on

Half Page banner position (300x600)

Below are the specifications for each of the banner positions.

Specification Leaderboard Medium Rectangle Half Page
Dimensions 728x90 300x250 300x600
File Size 50 KB 50 KB 50 KB
File Format .gif, .gif89a, .jpg, .png, HTML5* .gif, .gif89a, .jpg, .png, HTML5* .gif, .gif89a, .jpg, .png, HTML5*
Animation 10 seconds max 10 seconds max 10 seconds max
Alt Text 100 characters 100 characters 100 characters
Target Url 200 characters 200 characters 200 characters

* For best results with HTML5 banners, they should be designed to handle a variety of screen sizes responsively.