General FAQs

ProductionHUB is a global network of local crew and vendors that serves the film and video production industry. Find and hire anything you need, whether it’s a cameraman for one day, a video editor for one month or a full-time producer. Since launching in 1999, we’ve grown beyond a simple directory into the most trusted resource for finding qualified and experienced crew, vendors and employees. We’re your film and video production partner.

In order to appear in our directory search results and be found by potential clients, you must create a profile after you’ve created an account. If you’re unsure whether you have a profile or just a user account, give us a call at 877.629.4122 and we’ll be happy to double-check for you.

An account on ProductionHUB allows you to contact and communicate with people and companies through our directory, post full-time and part-jobs, post freelance gigs, and apply to full-time and part-time jobs. If you want to be listed in the ProductionHUB directory to be found and hired by potential clients, create a profile.

In order to contact professionals on our site, you need to create an account. It’s completely free to join. Once you’re verified, you can reach out to any profile that’s listed in our directory.

Give us a call at (877) 629-4122 to become a verified user.

In order to reduce spamming and soliciting, we require that all users go through a phone verification before they can contact professionals on the website.

You do not need a verified account to create a profile on ProductionHUB. However, we will verify your profile details after you have created your profile to ensure you are a professional in the production industry.

My Account is your hub for everything on ProductionHUB. Within My Account, you can view your messages, manage your profile, review applicants for your requests and jobs, view leads matching your lead preferences and much more.

Profile FAQs

If you are a company or experienced professional who provides production services you should create a profile so people searching for the services you provide can find and contact you.

A complete and up-to-date profile is more likely to appear higher in the category search results. Make sure you add a high-quality profile picture, add photo galleries of your work, upload your demo reel and fill in all the information about your professional life. For bonus points, add tags to your profile to be discovered in more ways. For further assistance, please contact a Profile Specialist at 877-629-4122.

Featured Profiles have guaranteed placement at the top of ProductionHUB’s category search results and are one of the best ways to stand out to potential clients. Whether you have a Featured or Basic profile, there are a few things you can do to make your profile as engaging as possible: add a high-quality profile photo or logo, use the first sentence of your “About Me/About Us” to sum up specifically what you do or what services your company offers, create a photo gallery of your work or BTS photos, and upload your reel if applicable.

Featured Profiles have guaranteed placement at the top of the search results, have first and unlimited access to project leads, can appear in more than two categories and more. Learn more about our different profile plans. If you’re not sure what plan is best for you, call us at 877.629.4122 and a profile specialist will help you with your marketing strategy.

You can cancel the monthly subscription for your Basic Profile at any time in My Account. Your profile will remain active through its next billing date and then will deactivate. You can also deactivate your profile at any time in My Account.

To remove your Basic Profile from our searchable online directory, select Remove My Profile for the Manage Profile dropdown menu

Potential clients searching ProductionHUB for crew, freelancers and vendors for their projects will usually find your profile based on its categories and location. Be sure to pick the best possible categories that reflect the main services or skills you offer.

If you're based just outside of, but very close to a major city, list that city as your location as it's more likely a client coming from out of town will be searching for people and companies local to the larger city. You can also include your preferred locations in your profile description and profile keywords. Call us at 877-629-4122 to speak with a profile specialist to help you with your marketing strategy.

A response credit is what you use to respond to project leads. Project leads are typically 1-2 credits. This is to make sure only the professionals that are most qualified will pursue leads. TIP: Featured Profiles do not need response credits to respond to leads.

With a Basic Profile, you receive one free response credit per month, a $5 value. You can purchase more at any time in My Account. If you have a Featured Profile, you can respond to project leads without using response credits.

When a new lead is submitted to us that matches your lead categories and location, we'll notify you and you can pursue the project. TIP: The faster you respond, the better your chances of being hired. Featured Profiles have the added benefit of receiving text alerts when a lead matches their lead preferences.

Set your preferences for receiving lead notifications under “Lead Alert Settings” in My Account.

Many people looking for crew and vendors search for people and companies for their projects through our online directory and then contact them directly. Only a small percentage of site visitors who search for crew and vendors, submit their project details to us to be verified and posted on the site. This means having a strong profile that is well-positioned to be found gives you a greater chance of being hired on a regular basis.

Post a Request FAQs

If you need any kind of production services, post a request and we will notify the crew and vendors listed on our website that meet your needs. Your request will also appear on the Lead Board where professionals can respond to your project lead. Requests are for short-term, freelance gigs. If you’d like to fill full-time and part-time jobs, post a job on our Job Board.

Post a job if you’re looking for a full-time or part-time employee to join your team. A request is for short-term, freelance gigs. If you’d like to fill full-time and part-time jobs, post a job on our Job Board.

Use our request system to have your project needs matched to qualified freelancers, crew, companies and facilities, anywhere in the world. Request anything from a single camera operator, sound mixer or makeup artist, to a small crew, studio space or grip truck rental, and even full script-to-screen production services. Please note: we do not post no-pay projects. Your request must be for fully paid projects.

When you post a request, we will notify people listed on our site that are in your area and we’ll send them the details of your project. If they’re interested, they will respond to the project lead. You can contact the vendors if you think they may be the right fit. You can view, manage and communicate with all vendors that responded to your request in My Account.

Requests are always free to post. However, you can expedite your request for $99 — which means your request will be processed ahead of all other requests in the queue.

Requests will be processed within 48 hours. However, you can expedite your request for $99. Expedited requests will be processed ahead of all other requests in the queue. In the meantime, feel free to search our directory and contact the profiles listed on our website.

You can post as many requests as you need to. However, the only reason why you should post multiple requests at the same time is if you need to fill multiple positions or you need crew in multiple locations. There is no need to post the same request multiple times and the requests will not be processed. If you need assistance sourcing crew, we offer Full-Service Crewing for hands-on support.

There are a few reasons why your request may not have been approved. If this is your first time posting a request, we will call you to confirm project details — including the date, budget, location and contact preferences. Your request also may not have been approved because it has incomplete information or a low pay rate for the type of service you are requesting. If you think your request should have been approved, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 877.629.4122.

Post a Job FAQs

You can post full-time, part-time, internships or contracted jobs in the production industry. We accept job postings for a variety of fields, including marketing, accounting, sales, design, animation, education and of course — film and video production. If you are looking for a freelancer or have a short-term gig, post a request

You can view all of your job applicants in My Account. This is where you can read cover letters, download resumes and favorite the candidates you would like to follow up with. If you choose the “External Application” option, you can manage applicants through your preferred service.   

Make sure your job post is complete and clear. Be specific and realistic about what the job entails and show off your company culture and benefits. 

If you want it to get the most exposure, feature it in My Account and we’ll share it on social media, in our newsletter and the ProductionHUB Job Network. Once the post is live on ProductionHUB, make sure you share it on your company’s social media accounts. The more exposure your post gets, the more people will apply. 

Yes, you can edit your job post at any time in My Account

A Featured Job appears at the top of search results with the company logo displayed. It also receives social media promotion and is shared with the ProductionHUB Job Network. Learn more about our job post options.

Yes, you can upgrade your Basic Job at any time while it is active in My Account.

Yes, you can remove your job at any time within the 30-day run or mark it as filled if you hire someone. You can edit and mark your job as filled in My Account.

Yes, you can post as many jobs as you need to. If you plan to post 10 or more jobs, learn about our bulk jobs packages to save up to 20% on your postings.

Your name and contact information is not visible on the job post unless you include it in the job description. If you would like to receive job applications by email, add your email address in the “External Application Email” field. If you would like to keep the company information confidential, select “I want to keep the company information confidential” when posting your job.

Yes. Select “External Link Application” if you would like to accept applications through another website or through email.

Please report the job by clicking the “Let us know” link on the bottom of the job post and our support team will fix the issue.

Yes, we accept alternative methods of payment. Please contact us if you would like to pay by invoice or other methods of payment. 

Full-Service Crewing FAQs

Full-Service Crewing is a hands-on, white-glove service. Our in-house Production Managers will source recommended crew and vendors that meet your specific project needs. When you post a request, you can source the crew yourself. 

Anything! From small crews to specialized equipment and facilities, we can help you find whatever you need for any size production. 

The cost depends on project needs and how many vendors you need, starting at $199. You can email [email protected] for a quote on your project. 

Our in-house Production Managers have personal relationships with the crew and vendors listed on ProductionHUB so we can recommend the highest rated professionals that meet your project needs and budget.

If you have a no-show or last-minute cancellation, you can call our Production Managers and they will help you find a replacement. There are over 150,000 profiles on ProductionHUB, so there is no shortage of options.

It depends on project needs, however, our Production Managers can source crew and vendors within 24 hours for urgent projects. 

A ProductionHUB Production Manager will save you time, money and headaches. Don’t have the time to source personally recommended crew and vendors on your own? That’s where we come in. Get started here

We'd be happy to talk with you through any details, but a set budget — or at least rough numbers — will help us find the best vendor(s) for your project.