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Top 10 Essentials for Video Professionals

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These 10 tools are for those who want to enhance their awesomeness in their video production and/or want to uphold a professional video service for clientele. These aren’t just 10 things that maybe you should check out sometime, think of them as part of your “Video Kit”. If you want to be the video pro who’s confident and ready to go when asked to do a job, then you need to have some things in place. Before going “out there,” you should set up the resources you need in a way so they’re accessible at all times.

All About Glass: Why Having the Right Lens Can Make All the Difference

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Ask any, I mean ANY cinematographer, videographer, photographer (you get it) who is serious about his or her craft and they all pretty much say the same thing. It’s all about the glass. Never was there a more true statement! Much as the stylus is to a turntable, the lens is to the camera. The better the stylus, the better the sound is going to be. Better glass, better image. Makes sense no? With that said, here are some of the best glass (lenses) either already on the market or soon to be released.

How to Find the Best Video Production Jobs

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These past few years, you’ve been a slave to ‘setiquette’ (set etiquette), mastered a new skill, and upgraded your camera or editing software. You are officially ready to ‘level up’ to your next big break in the world of content creation, but where and how do you find the best video production and post-production jobs?

Drone Zone: UAV Tech You'll Want to Consider for Your Next Project

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Just in case you haven’t been paying attention or have been living under a rock, we are now way past the intro stage of drones, to a full force invasion of epic technology. The drone(s) for the film and video production world have changed so many of the dynamics of production, from planning and safety, and FAA regulations, to getting shots that just couldn’t have been possible even a few year ago.

How to Take the Best Fireworks Photos this 4th of July

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Fireworks celebrations are a great time for photography enthusiasts at any level to test out their skills. If you’re a beginner photographer you might have some reservations about trying to capture these brilliant light shows. Rest assured though, as long as you follow these steps you’re guaranteed to get professional-quality photos.