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Queer, Latinx, and Indigenous filmmaker Christopher Oroza-Nostas Discusses the SBIFF-Winning, Oscar-Qualifying Short Film ‘Savior’

Exclusive Interviews Thursday, June 10, 2021
As a Queer, Latinx, and Indigenous filmmaker, Christopher Oroza-Nostas, the writer and director is incredibly passionate about telling a diverse breadth of stories and championing for more representation. Savior is built upon the idea of constantly being seen as “the other” and he directed his actors to embody that emotion and tell it through their dance.

Editor Carolina Siraqyan Shapes The Mole Agent with Adobe Premiere Pro

Exclusive Interviews Monday, June 7, 2021
Featured as a nominee for Best Documentary Feature at the Academy Awards, The Mole Agent tells the story of an 83-year-old man who is hired by a private investigator to disguise himself as a resident in a Chilean retirement home suspected of elder abuse. Surprisingly heartwarming and charming while offering the intrigue of a detective mission, the film shines a light on the realities of growing old and coping with the loneliness that can accompany living in a facility. The Mole Agent received the 2021 Cinema Eye Honors Award for The Unforgettables.


Exclusive Interviews Friday, June 4, 2021
PlayersTV, the athlete-owned lifestyle and culture TV network and media company, recently released the all-new series, Cooking Clean, a plant-based cooking show hosted by Brooklyn Nets center and PlayersTV investor DeAndre Jordan. The eight-part series premiered on PlayersTV May 30 and features Jordan demonstrating his culinary skills while creating and sharing healthy plant-based recipes alongside guest chefs.

Director Robert Connolly and DP Stefan Duscio, ACS mix lens formats on Panavision’s DXL2 for The Dry

Miscellaneous Tuesday, June 1, 2021
Based on the novel by Jane Harper, the feature The Dry stars Eric Bana as Aaron Falk, an Australian Federal Police agent who returns to his rural hometown following an apparent murder-suicide involving an erstwhile friend. As he’s pulled into the investigation, connections emerge to another mystery from Falk’s and the town’s past, and old wounds open anew.

Remote Video Collaboration Workflows Built for Any Budget

Advice / Tips & Tricks Wednesday, May 26, 2021
Let me kick this post off by saying that it is way overdue. Thanks to the cluster that is Covid-19, there’s now a bundle of literature and how-to videos on the web about setting up remote video collaboration workflows for people in post-production, but most rely on investing in a decent amount of hardware and/or software that aren’t always in a project’s (or freelancer’s) budget. The beautiful thing is we live in a time where tech is very much on our side, so working remotely with creative teams in real-time is feasible for almost anyone with a decent computer and internet connection. Below I’ve outlined three possible remote collaboration workflows that will work for any budget, including free!