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Through the Eyes of Huntwatch: Enhancing Documentary through Cinematography

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For nearly 50 years, activists and camera crews have ventured into the frozen world of Canadian seals, their goal to expose the graphic brutality that has become commercial seal hunting. But there are countless challenges. In a documentary narrated by Ryan Reynolds, director Brant Backlund pieced together film taken throughout those 50 years all the way up to today, utilizing it to tell the stories of both the hunters and the seals. 

The Impact of Humor in Video Advertising

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It's been said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but as Christopher Walken once said in Hairspray, "the way to a man's heart is through his funny bone." Comedy builds connections, and in advertising, it has the ability to make or break them. The video production and storytelling agency, Workhouse Creative, has just signed two major directors whose work has driven over 82 million views on Funny or Die starring Will Ferrell.

A Guide to Video SEO for Video Marketers

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Do you think you can name the top three search engines on the internet in terms of search volume? Google is obviously first, and next you’d assume come Bing and Yahoo. On the contrary, the second-largest search engine on the internet is actually YouTube. When you factor in that more than 3 billion searches are processed monthly on YouTube – not to mention other video sharing platforms like Vimeo and Dailymotion - it’s easy to see why optimizing your videos should be such a high priority. Let’s explore how to optimize the information you provide so you can increase the visibility of your videos in search results. Higher visibility leads to more brand exposure, more views, more traffic, more leads, and more conversions. 

Bring Your Production Career Back From the Dead with These 12 Tips

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From couch-surfing to sets like Walking Dead and Quantico, it takes grit. It takes determination. It takes an unwavering, fierce passion for the film industry to stay on top of producer’s minds. And, being a certified Apple Tech sure can’t hurt, either. At least according to JC Conklin, whose recent credits included Director’s Assistant on Walking Dead and Office Assistant, then Runner on ABC’s Quantico.

The Best of the Best at ad:tech NY

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ProductionHUB took a trip up North to the Javits Center this past week to ad:techNY, the global network where brands, agencies, media publishers, and more come together to address game-changing content, mix and mingle with others in the industry and get introduced to the latest technology. 

Creating Award-Winning Stop-Motion

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There must be water on Mars, because there are definitely mermaids there.

Independent production and animation company Athena Studios recently produced the short Mermaids on Mars, a stop-motion film based on Nancy Guettier's book. In the story, a young boy named Julian is magically transported to Mars, where he tries to stop an evil Martian from destroying the last of the planet's mermaids.

Taking Mystery Out of Green Screen Shooting

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Many factors affect the final result of your composite chroma key. By making the right technical and creative choices ahead of time, you can avoid costly mistakes both in time and money! Avoiding these pitfalls can make your key look natural and realistic, unlike what you see typically on your local weather newscasts.

Creating the Visual Universe of Experimenter

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“Good experiments, like good drama, embody verities." When social psychologist Stanley Milgram said these words back in 1973, he had no idea those verities would be explored on film over 40 years later. Enter Experimenter: a biographical drama illustrating Milgram's most notorious experiment. Deana Sidney, the film's Production Designer, talks about designing and recreating Milgram's world through heavy research, purposeful visual elements, and the power of color.

Costume Design Tips to Bring Your Characters to Life

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The art of costume design is more than simply picking out clothing, they way you would in the morning before starting your day. Costumes refer to the way a character dresses, but can also tell the story of that person's life, struggles and present a look into the life that person leads. Contemplating what colors they wear, the way they wear their hair, etc., tells a story and can explain why a character acts or feels the way they do. Cristina Araújo, Key Costumer from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, shares how she develops character-enhancing costume that captures the audience and pulls them into a fantasy world.