5 Ways Remote Production Can Amplify Your Live Streaming Business

Miscellaneous Tuesday, June 11, 2024
In an era where live streaming has developed into a critical tool for reaching global audiences, remote production has become a game-changer for production businesses. Imagine seamlessly broadcasting a live band performance with the precision of an in-studio setup, all managed from your office HQ. This isn’t the future, it’s happening right now all around the world. Two companies that production businesses rely on for reliable remote production are PTZOptics and Presonus. In this article, we explore five ways remote production can amplify your live streaming success, illustrated through the success story of the band Manali.

'We Grown Now' Editor Stephanie Filo on Bringing Chicago's Cabrini-Green to Life

Exclusive Interviews Monday, June 10, 2024
In an exclusive interview, Emmy-winning editor Stephanie Filo delves into her latest work on Minhal Baig’s poignant coming-of-age film, We Grown Now, now in theaters. The film, set in the Chicago Cabrini-Green public housing complex during the summer of 1992, follows the journey of two best friends, Eric and Malik, and features standout performances from Lil Rel Howery and Jurnee Smollett. Filo’s lyrical editing earned her a nomination for an Independent Spirit Award, adding to her impressive list of accolades, including a historic run at the 2023 Emmys. As the first picture editor to be nominated for three different shows in a single year and the first Black female editor to achieve this feat, Filo’s versatility and talent are unmistakable. Her work on We Grown Now captures a sense of childlike innocence and immerses viewers in a nostalgic and heartfelt exploration of friendship and resilience amidst hardship.

Movies That Showcase the Beauty of Massachusetts' Coastal Towns

Miscellaneous Friday, June 7, 2024
Massachusetts' coastal towns present a stunning backdrop elegantly portrayed in several well-known films. These locales provide a picturesque scene where the ocean meets quaint, historic village. They arrange the stage for dramatic narratives and heartwarming tales. Therefore, the beauty of Massachusetts' coastal towns is a fertile ground for filmmakers seeking to intertwine visual splendour with their cinematic stories. This blog post navigates the seas of filmmaking and explores how various movies have showcased the enchanting landscapes of Massachusetts. Through this exploration, we discover how the visual appeal of these towns enhances the movie-watching experience and draws visitors.

The Fine Line Between Commercial and Artistic in Corporate Films

ProductionHUB Exclusive Thursday, June 6, 2024
In today's digital landscape, the production of corporate films has evolved into a sophisticated blend of art and commerce. These films, designed to promote brands, products, or corporate values, are no longer mere promotional tools. Instead, they have become a dynamic canvas where artistic vision and commercial objectives intersect. The team at ProductionHUB has witnessed this evolution firsthand, and we believe it's time to explore the delicate balance between commercial imperatives and artistic expression in corporate filmmaking.

Get Ready for Cine Gear Expo 2024: The Premier Event for Film and Entertainment Industry Professionals

Industry Announcements / Events Wednesday, June 5, 2024
From June 7-9, 2024, the highly anticipated Cine Gear Expo returns to Los Angeles, set against the iconic backdrop of Warner Bros Studios in Burbank, California. This year’s Expo promises to be the biggest and best yet, featuring an impressive lineup of exhibits, new product and service introductions, complimentary seminars, master classes, a film competition, and an awards ceremony.

From SXSW to Amazon Prime: Melissa Kent Discusses the Rhythms of Música

Exclusive Interviews Wednesday, June 5, 2024
In the vibrant world of Amazon Prime’s latest coming-of-age romantic comedy, Música, the artistry of editing plays a pivotal role in weaving together the film’s dynamic narrative. At the heart of this creative endeavor is Melissa Kent, a seasoned editor whose expertise shines through in this musically driven journey. Directed by and starring Rudy Mancuso, and featuring standout performances from Camila Mendes and J.B. Smoove, Música debuted to acclaim at this year’s SXSW Film Festival. Now streaming on Amazon Prime, the film explores Rudy’s quest for love and career success, set against the rich backdrop of his Brazilian heritage. Kent, known for her collaborations with notable directors like Ewan McGregor and Sofia Coppola, brings a unique touch to Música, seamlessly integrating its rhythmic elements with the storytelling. In an exclusive interview, Kent shares insights into her creative process and the inspiration behind her work on this vibrant project.

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Corporate Video Production Team

Advice / Tips & Tricks Monday, June 3, 2024
In today's digital age, corporate video production has become an essential tool for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence, communicate effectively with their audience, and drive engagement. Selecting the right video production team is crucial to ensuring the success of your video marketing efforts. Below, we share five comprehensive tips to guide you in choosing the perfect corporate video production team.

Scoring for Action: Composer Chris Bezold on Day Labor

Exclusive Interviews Thursday, May 30, 2024
In Freestyle Digital Media’s new action thriller, Day Labor, the saying “kill or be killed” couldn’t be more relevant. The official synopsis of the film reads: A Latino American veteran who seeks work as a day laborer in order to keep his family afloat. A regular day turns into a deadly game of survival when he is mistakenly dropped off at a private ranch in El Paso, Texas to be hunted for sport. Directed by R. Ellis Frazier (As Good As Dead, Repeater) Day Labor stars Corin Nemec, Amy Johnston, Roberto Sanchez, Danny Arroyo, fellow Ohioan Gary Cairns and Kevin Gage.

Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir: The Mastermind Editor Behind This Summer’s Blockbuster 'The Fall Guy'

Exclusive Interviews Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir, renowned for her exceptional editing in high-octane action films, is the creative force behind the seamless narrative of this summer’s much-anticipated blockbuster, The Fall Guy. Directed by David Leitch and starring the dynamic duo of Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, the film follows the gripping tale of Colt Seavers, a seasoned stuntman pulled back into the high-stakes world of Hollywood after a star goes missing. With an impressive portfolio that includes Bullet Train, Deadpool 2, and Atomic Blonde, Elísabet brings her signature blend of precision and storytelling prowess to The Fall Guy, enhancing the film’s visceral action sequences and emotional depth.