10 of the Best New Locations to Shoot

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Location is critical when it comes to any production. Whether it’s a film or a photo shoot, the right location can set the scene and enhance the story. Yet what makes these top notch Peerspace venues ideal for creative projects are their amenities. From gorgeous architectural elements to lighting equipment available for use, each Peerspace venue has something truly unique to offer your next film or photo shoot.

Texas Hill Country Manor

Location: Cuernavaca, Austin

Tucked away in Texas’ Hill Country, this stunning modern home features plenty of light beaming through hand-welded "factory" windows and airy vaulted ceilings.

Added Bonus: There are plenty of outdoor photo opportunities with a patio, pool, built-in fire pit and English garden-style landscape.

Photography Studio with Apartment

Location: South Austin, Austin

Stationed in easy-to-get-to South Austin, this downtown studio is a dream for production shoots. The 1600-square foot locale has a corner infinity wall and areas for both staging and lounging between filming.

Added Bonus: A garage door entry make loading easy for large sets.

Light-Filled Converted Warehouse

Location: East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This warehouse site is equal parts airy and cozy thanks to features like floor to ceiling windows and a wood-burning fireplace. Only available on weekends, this location comes complete with a functioning kitchen.

Added Bonus: Take advantage of the private courtyard and garden for outdoor shoots.  

Tribeca Artist’s Parlour

Location: Tribeca, Manhattan

Moody artistic decor makes this production spot one of a kind. Ideal for smaller crews, this location includes a smaller room that doubles as a dressing room.

Added Bonus: A giant light box designed to look like a window allows for full control of light, from bright daylight to evening glow.

Pike Place Studio Kitchen

Location: Downtown Seattle, Seattle

Foodies need to look no further than this kitchen straight out of a Nancy Meyers’ film. Just a 5-minute walk from Pike Place Market is a fully-equipped kitchen with a 5-burner gas cooktop island against a white tiled backdrop.

Added Bonus: Various small appliances and a prop closet full of dishware and linens make cooking shoots easy as pie.

Natural Light Studio in Pioneer Square

Location: Downtown Seattle, Seattle

Possibilities are endless with this Pioneer Square studio. Large south-facing windows offer plenty of light no matter the season. White-washed floors and exposed brick walls make for a versatile backdrop.

Added Bonus: Get creative with a curated selection of modern furnishings provided.

Industrial Loft

Location: Central LA, Los Angeles

Take your pick of more than ten built out background designs that come with this 1600-square foot loft space. Along with the dystopian and science fiction backgrounds, 15-foot high seamless in white, green and black are included in this rental.

Added Bonus: Qualified aerialists and trapeze can make good use of the aerial hoist feature.

Poolside Cabana

Location: West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Features like a secret garden, waterfall and cabana serve up a poolside oasis ideal for outdoor film or photo productions at this locale. Lush landscaping and trees provide dappled light all day long for a retro aesthetic.

Added Bonus: All rentals include a wood burning fireplace and surround sound system throughout.

Stylish Modern Home

Location: NOPA, San Francisco

Luxe furnishings and plenty of natural light in this chic home are a draw for styling lifestyle shoots. Amenities like blackout blinds and a green screen on hand make for easier productions.

Added Bonus: Load in gear for shoot easily through their ground level entrance.

Light Mission Loft

Location: Mission District, San Francisco

Multiple skylights and an exposed brick wall provide a pleasant ambiance for film and photo at this site. Rentals include production equipment such as a camera stand, Century stands and a mini-boom along with a large rolling wall that doubles as both a background and a projection screen.

Added Bonus: A patio deck with French doors offer some outdoor exposure.

These are just a few of the many beautiful production-ready spaces available on Peerspace. Do you have any others to add? Let us know in the comments.

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