10 Ways Production Companies Can Get Better Qualified Leads

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Production companies are some of the hardest to advertise for if you've never advertised anything comparable.  Not only are your customers, not the average Twitter or Instagram user, but most production companies need higher total items sold per exchange to ensure they're making a profit.  

Here are ten ways to find leads that will be more likely to turn into customers.

Use Websites As A Conveyor Belt

Your website design should be one of the first things you focus on when revamping your company's advertising policies.  Every page on your website should eventually lead every visitor towards your shopping portal or leave their information so that you can contact them.  Please don't make it too obvious, but make it feel natural to visitors not to question handing over their data.

Engage Directly With Leads 

When you have contact information, use it!  Don't wait more than 36 hours to contact a lead, because that time could mean they find someone else to support. Getting leads quickly and with purpose will help them see your company's value and can close more sales.

Outbound Marketing

Also known as interruption marketing, this style of advertising is thought of as more intrusive and obvious.  It's anything from television ads to billboards and print ads.  This style of advertising hinges on the idea that if it doesn't catch a customer at the moment, they need it, the advertisement will help the company's name get seen in the mind of the consumer for when they do need it.

Inbound Marketing

This advertising style is less direct but has shown excellent results over the last ten years.  Working through techniques like SEO advertising, this style hinges on getting leads to click through to your website on their own.  You need better quality digital advertising to find better customers, and by working with leads on their level, you give yourself a better chance at success. 

Use Social Media

Although most leads that production companies need won't be easily found on social media, a presence on sites like Twitter or Instagram can help close sales.  Social media gives your company more credibility and can allow you to work towards making connections through current leads.  If your customers retweet your company, other companies might notice and take an interest.

Research All Content

Ensure that every inch of your site and every word you tweet or publish are well thought out and researched.  Any mistakes can dogpile on you and may make your company seem unreliable or like a scam.  

This step is also an excellent time to point out that your company should consider the social climate that you're discussing and posting in.  You don't have to make statements on current politics or global affairs, but being aware of what's going on can help protect your company from coming off as tone-deaf or socially unaware.

Follow Up With Any Concerns

If any lead or customer has issues and communicates this publicly or privately, respond to them promptly.  Consider their problem, what a reasonable response is, and how to move forward from it.  Be patient, because we know the customer isn't right every time.  Let them know their concerns are heard, and that you want to rectify the situation in a way that will work for both of you.

When clients know that their voices are heard and appreciated, they'll be more likely to buy again from you- and could turn a one time client into a lifelong one.  Don't bow if any demand is too great or unreasonable, ensure customers that you want what's best for them, but you also have to do what's best for your company.

Meet Leads Where They’re At 

If you're having trouble drumming up leads on social media or traditional advertising, you must look into your customers.  Host webinars on things that would interest leads, or ask to be a guest on an industry webinar or podcast.  Look at conventions, public gatherings, or other locations where your leads would show up- and be present.   This step will help keep your brand on their mind and will make you a top choice when it's time to buy.  It'll also give you an easy way to gather information like their emails and business numbers.

Consider Polling Current Clients

Using the information you've gathered from current clients, offer a future discount to those who will agree to complete a poll.  Don't ask more than ten questions, and ensure that any written responses are optional to make it more likely they'll complete the questionnaire.  Ask vital questions like how they heard about your company, would they be able to tell others to buy from you, and if they have any feedback on their purchases.  Take note of any traffic or question trends and ensure you put money towards what will help your company make more revenue.

Invest In A Good Advertising Tech Stack

Ensure that all technology your company uses is high end and can do everything you need.  There's no use in a cheap analytics program if it doesn't show you the information you need, so don't be shy about investing in better things for your company.

If you’re not sure what technology will help, look around at other companies in your industry.  Many start with the basics of advertising technology, analytics, customer interface, and social media platform updating.  Consider if your current layout is one that will give your company the best results.

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