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Staying updated in this industry is key to a successful career and can significantly elevate your networking ability. The ebbs and flows of this industry change daily, whether we notice it or not. Processes change, expectations change, cameras and equipment change. 

This change is what keeps this industry alive and thriving. But to create our best possible work, learning and growing through education is key. 

It may seem demanding to keep up with so many different social channels, podcasts, blogs, etc. There’s one for every taste and profession. 

To make this task a bit easier, let’s go over some noteworthy blogs to follow for various positions in the film and production industry.


Filmmaker Magazine blog

 If you’re looking for daily industry updates, Filmmaker Magazine publishes updates daily on film events and festivals. You can follow specific columns, check out interviews of professionals in the industry and read up on specific projects form the creators’ perspectives. This blog is a reliable and comprehensive resource for industry updates.

Raindance blog

 Supported by the Raindance festival, the Raindance blog highlights tutorials, trends and the essentials of filmmaking. Though their how-to blogs tend to break down concepts meant for beginners, there’s still value in reading up on their blogs. After all, processes change and there is no sure-fire way to do everything in this industry. It’s important to be adaptable and learn.

Sundance blog

 The Sundance blog is an amazing resource for festival news, especially on specific projects. If you’re looking for more resource blogs and how-to articles, this blog probably isn’t for you. However, regardless of your interests, you’ll find that this blog is packed with interesting reads and frequently updated with industry news. 

Cinema 5D blog

For all of the equipment junkies and techies out there, Cinema 5D should be your one-stop-shop for everything relating to tech news and equipment. With a focus on digital filmmaking, Cinema 5D posts weekly on software updates, tutorials, equipment updates and new releases. 

RedShark News blog

RedShark News provides a nice balance of equipment articles with the news. Whether you’re looking to explore new software or read reviews of new equipment, RedShark provides an abundance of resources at your fingertips.

IndieWire blog

IndieWire blogs provide a fun, digestible read for those looking for a less technical blog feed. Topics include award predictions, film releases and recommendations for what you should be watching. It’s a nice platform for those looking to escape demanding schedules or read something light.

Variety film blog

 Variety is the go-to resource for hourly updates on the industry. Just today, for example, a series of blogs was posted all within the same hour. You definitely won’t skip a beat reading this blog. Sharing on topics ranging from film deals to box office performances, Variety provides a diverse array of articles to choose from.

Art of VFX blog

The Art of VFX blog is exactly what it sounds like — a blog to appreciate the work of VFX artists and projects. From motion designs to film VFX, this blog will delve deeper into the magic behind VFX and film. Even if you’re not already a VFX artist or aspiring to be one, this blog will still provide a source of entertainment.

Randi Altman’s postPerspective

Drawing on over two decades of expertise and experience, Randi Altman’s postPerspective covers topics of all kinds from sound design to film editing. Most of the blogs tend to analyze some element of film production as it pertains to recent films. For example, VFX editing for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was published just this month.

Phillip Bloom’s blog

Phillip Bloom has been in the industry for over 30 years and spent the past 13 capturing moments on plenty of cameras. To share the wealth, Bloom’s blog covers reviews of new equipment, recommendations for equipment setups and stories from Bloom’s personal experience.  

Premium Beat blog

Not only is the layout of this blog page aesthetically pleasing, but the content is comprehensive and provides a clearly defined platform, organizing each article by topic. Blogs are posted every day, sometimes multiple times a day. The best part? The blogs are written from a variety of contributors so you have an opportunity to hear from a variety of different people.

LA 411 blog

In a scene as hectic as the LA film scene, it’s essential to stay in-the-know. Every new week brings new projects, new hires, new events. Navigating the City of Angels may seem daunting, especially if you’re fresh on the scene. However, reading up on current events and projects in LA will help you stay updated and educated. The topics cover anything you can imagine, from film festivals to camera guides.

Pro Sound Effects blog

 For sound mixers or those wondering what a career as a mixer looks like, Pro Sound Effects covers insights into an audio career, whether in gaming or building a sound library. You don’t have to be an audiophile to enjoy this blog. You may find it enlightening if sound usually isn’t your thing.

NY 411 blog

 The NY 411 blog provides information on happenings within the New York film industry. Whether you’re seeking updates on film festivals in the area or ongoing projects, the NY 411 blog consistently provides updates on everything under the film and production sun.

ProductionHUB blog

 Of course, we couldn’t leave our blog out. The ProHUB blog is a resource chock-full of insights from film professionals from around the world. The topics vary greatly each week and cover a broad range of topics. Posting roughly three times a week, the ProHUB blog shares interviews, how-to’s, tips and so much more about the film and production industry. Whether you’re a fresh-faced filmmaker or a well-versed creator, there’s a topic for everyone.

To best serve the employees of this industry and those following our projects, we as creators must stay educated. Check out these blogs and stay in the loop on everything film and production.

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  • Tom Luca said…
    Tuesday, February 11, 2020 2:24 PM
    Well, five here are great and on our list of subscriptions, but we also love and read MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE, MAKE-UP ARTIST MAGAZINE, AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER MAGAZINE.
  • Tom Luca said…
    Tuesday, February 11, 2020 2:27 PM
    And yes, in case you were wondering, Production HUB is one of them. That we subscribe to and keep up with. *thumbs up*
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