2019 Camera Comparison Chart

ARRI - Blackmagic Design - Canon - Kodak - Panasonic - RED - Sony

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This chart was compiled by Thomas Fletcher and Gary Adcock with information gathered from conversations with numerous cinematographers, rental houses and manufacturers. This chart will help you make the best camera decision for your project.

Please report discrepancies to cameracomparisonchart@gmail.com. It is our sincere goal to have an accurate chart.

Updates will be posted as necessary. Please note we only include cameras that are available for sale and rent.

Please note that portions of this chart are subjective. This is not scientifically tested and collected data. Thomas Fletcher and Gary Adcock have sincerely tried to assemble accurate information to share with the industry. Their goal is to help producers make an educated decision in our rapidly changing camera and optical landscape - that said - numbers do not tell the whole story. Look at the images and consult your cinematographer. You are encouraged to test for yourself!

Thank you to all that offered assistance and feedback in the collection of the data:

Geoff Boyle, NSC, Cinematographer
Scott Dale, VER/PRG
Megan Donnelly, AbelCine Burbank
Stosh Durbacz, Fujifilm
Phil Holland, Cinematographer
Michael Koerner, Koerner Camera
Jim Mathers, Cinematographer
Mike Sippel, Arri Rental
David Stump, ASC, Cinematographer
Marcelo Trotta, ABC Cinematographer
Bruno Vieira, Cinematographer

Marc Shipman-Mueller
Frederick Merten
Marina Aytpakov 

Tor Johansen
Tim Schumann

Larry Thorpe 
Tim Smith
Michael Bravin

Kenta Honjo
Alan Zarnegar
Loren Simons
Naida Albright

Barry Russo
Mitch Gross

Simon Marsh

Mike Brown
Bob Mastronardi
Anne Hubbell 

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