2023 Cine Gear Expo: A Preview

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Starting with the Big Question

Why isn’t Cine Gear Expo LA on your go to destination list this summer? Cine Gear Expo LA (which will run from June 1st- 4th at The Studios at Paramount, Los Angeles) is a celebration of filmmaking — and who doesn’t want to be in on a celebration?  Of course, there is always something to be said about finding that great location too, and The Studios at Paramount definitely checks that box.  

Not only can attendees look forward to seminars and masterclasses presented by renowned and respected filmmakers, there’s also so much more, including the Film Series Competition screenings, and networking with your favorite production professionals in the beautiful California sunshine. Should I continue? Or better yet- where do I start?

Cine Gear LA Exhibitors

Cine Gear LA is all about the making and shooting of films, and the filmmakers who make those films come to life on the big screen. With an impressive show of over 350 exhibitors (including our very own ProductionHUB) and many others, Cine Gear Expo LA is shaping up to be a great event.

At Cine Gear Expo LA, attendees will have the opportunity to get up close and personal. Go ahead and (carefully) pick up that lens, check out those new lights, and ask questions (lots of questions). All of it is encouraged! I’ve also learned from experience that the other part of that process is to listen and learn from the questions that other filmmakers ask. You might be surprised by just how much knowledge you’ll gain. But that’s the core of attending events like Cine Gear Expo LA - an immersive and enriching experience that leaves you craving more. And speaking of more… 

Here’s a brief overview of just a few of the 300 plus exhibitors that I would add to your ‘must see’ list.

Rosco Laboratories, Inc.

Where you can find them: Booth S1445

Rosco will be showcasing its revolutionary RDX LAB System™ for virtual production, which mixes traditional production methods with cutting-edge technology. The RDX System combines Rosco’s library of background imagery with FuseFX’s virtual production software, giving filmmakers creative control of their LED volume and granting instant access to cinematic backdrops that can be controlled in real-time through a mobile app. 

Cine Gear attendees can see the technology in action at the show and see how the easy-to-use mobile app interface’s controllable features can adjust moving traffic, clouds, locations, weather, time of day, and more. 

Rosco will also display a prototype of their all-new DMG LION™ LED Fresnel. This 13-inch, 1,500-watt fixture will be the newest member of Rosco’s DMG Lighting range of fixtures for the film, TV, and broadcast industries. 


Where you can find them: Booth S1542

Nanlite wants you to get hands on with some of their latest movie-making lighting fixtures, and speak to their product experts, gaffers, and DPs who will be in attendance. They are sharing the booth with their sister brand Nanlux, who will be showing off their new Evoke 900C point-source RGBLAC light, along with smaller fixtures like the Forza 720B, Forza 500B II, and Forza 60C.

Oyen Digital 

Where you can find them: Booth 68 (sharing with Filmtools)

Oyen Digital will be showing their Fortis Storage Product, which will be at the Filmtools booth in the NY Streets. Film tools will also be raffling away a Fortis 5C.

The Fortis Storage product features include:

  • Rugged 5-Bay Enterprise HDD enclosure
  • Capacities up to 100TB
  • USB-C 10Gbps Connectivity
  • Bundled with SoftRAID Pro

Mark Roberts Motion Control

Where you can find them: find Booth 98C

Alongside Camera Control, MRMC will be showcasing the latest developments for the MRMC Tracker App, accompanied by the Bolt X and Bolt Jr+ systems. 

Cineo Lighting

Where to find them: Booth #S1534

Cineo will be showcasing their full suite of LED lights including the Quantum series, #LB800 and #ReflexR15. They will also be on hand to discuss the cutting-edge Cineo #StageLynx OS and mobile app.


Where to find them: Booth 37

BOLD is excited to showcase the latest equipment from their partners Hedén, Vocas, and Blueshape. With expert panels, workshops, and endless networking opportunities, this is the event you don't want to miss. Mark your calendars and join BOLD at CineGear Expo to connect with like-minded creatives and take your production skills to the next level!


Where to find them: Booth S1441

LITEGEAR wants you to get hands-on experience with their many products including the extensive LiteMat Spectrum (2023) series, the new LiteDimmer AC/DC 200 and 400. The LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC 200 is part of a new class of dimmer with new features, an ergonomic design, and ultra-compact form factor. Complete with local control and communication protocols, the AC/DC 200 can control multiple large format pixels, making pixel mapping of the LiteMat Spectrum easier than ever. The 200-watt LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC 200 powers the LiteMat Spectrum 1, 2, 2L, 3, and 4 It is especially designed with AC and DC power options, integrated power supply, advanced processing power, Ethernet switch, expanded memory, and a faster processor.

Cine Gear Seminars

Lastly, how can any filmmaker resist the opportunity to listen and learn from the best? Check out the schedule and just a very brief description of just some of this most impressive lineup. A great mix of creative and technology, I think I want to go to all of these. Be sure to check out availability, these seats will go fast!

  • Creating “Scared To Death” with Canon’s C500 Mark II and Flex Zooms
  • Technology and the Art of Storytelling
  • How To Get From Set-to-Post Faster with Camera-to-Cloud
  • The Flexibility of ProRes and Real-Time LUT
  • DCS Focus on Cine Lenses from the Buyer’s POV
  • Stepping into Virtual Production sponsored by Rosco and Lux Machina
  • Art Adams Presents: ARRI Impression Filters – On-Set De-Tuning for Signature Lenses

Dialogue with ASC Cinematographers Panel

Location: Sherry Lansing Theater

Moderator: Dave Perkal, ASC

Panelists (subject to change):

  • Ava Berkofsky, ASC
  • Markus Forderer, ASC
  • Michael Goi, ASC
  • Stephen Lighthill, ASC
  • Donald A. Morgan, ASC
  • Cynthia Pusheck, ASC
  • Christian Sprenger, ASC
  • Armando Salas, ASC
  • Marcell Rev, ASC

All guests must register for Cine Gear Expo to attend any special event, screening, or seminar at the Paramount Studios. Your Cine Gear badge is your credential. Seating is limited, first come first serve for all screenings and premiere seminars.

2023 Film Series Competition 

What better way to get your film seen that at Cine Gear Expo. Categories include Commercials/Music Videos, Independent Short Films, and Student Films. 

This Film Series Competition is a great way for filmmakers to gain exposure for their films and gain critical industry recognition. Don’t forget some of the take home prizes from sponsors like Creamsource, Blackmagic, and more. 

Additionally, all finalists are invited to the VIP Party and awards ceremony. If you want to see more about the film competition finalists or to purchase tickets, go to the Film Competition page or main Cine Gear site.

Here's a list of the 2023 Film Series Competition Finalists: 

CATEGORY: Independent Short Films


Director, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer: Iain Marcks

Jerome - Director, Writer: Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz Producer: Santi Naidoo, Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz, Ben O'Keefe Cinematographer: Joewi Verhoeven 


Director: Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz
Writer: Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz
Producers: Santi Naidoo, Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz, Ben O’Keefe
Director of Photography: Joewi Verhoeven


Writer: Dekang Liu Producer: Ziqi Gao Cinematographer: Tianyi Liu 

Now and Never 

Writers: Story: Natalie NIcole Dressel, Screenplay: Kymberly Harris Producers: Anita Banerji, Kavi Ramachandran Ladnier, Rohi Mirza Pandya, Nick Rathod

Cinematographer: Leah Anova

What About David? 

Director & Writer: Lindsey Ryan Producer: Samantha Scolarici Cinematographer: Laura Valladao

King Me 

Director: John Matysiak Writer: David McKay Producers: David McKay, Marisa McKay Cinematographer: John Matysiak      

CATEGORY: Music Videos/Commercials

Disembodied Head (Charming Disaster)

Director: Iain Marcks
Writer: Iain Marcks
Producer: Iain Marcks
Director of Photography: Iain Marcks 

Disperata (Cristina Stroe, Folclor)

Director: VONJAKO
Producer: Andrea Giacomini
Director of Photography: VONJAKO

The Legend Never Dies (The Embalmer)

Director:Nathaniel Bannister
Writers: Eric Hersey, Nathaniel Bannister, Christopher Mahon, Alberto Madrigal 
Producer: Nathaniel Bannister
Director of Photography: Nathaniel Bannister

Mendirman! (I am the one!)

Directors: Sabirov Khurhid, Sabirov Nadir
Writers: Sabirov Khurhid, Sabirov Nadir
Producers: Sabirov Khurhid, Sabirov Nadir
Directors of Photography: Rustam Muratov, Dilshod Ganiev

Native Son

Director: James Cawley
Writer: James Cawley
Producers: James Cawley, Krystal Cawley
Director of Photography: James Cawley

Valerine (The Elephant Man)

Director: VONJAKO
Producer: Andrea Giacomini (VONJAKO)
Director of Photography: VONJAKO

Wren Kitchens

Director: Chandler Kauffman
Writer: Tribal
Producer: Gordon Garreau
Director of Photography: Chandler Kauffman

CATEGORY: Student Films


Director: Milena Mooradian
Writer: Milena Mooradian
Producer: Milena Mooradian
Director of Photography: Milena Mooradian
School: Loyola Marymount University

The Day, at the Beach

Director: Cindy Di Xin
Writer: Cindy Di Xin
Producers: Maggie Mingqi Tao, Charles Schemm
Director of Photography: Lance Haoyuan Li
School: Chapman University

Fire Born

Director: Daniel Carsenty
Writers: Daniel Carsenty & Katerina Hoyo-Frederickson
Producer: Katerina Hoyo-Frederickson
Director of Photography: Jo Zhou
School: American Film Institute

Leading with Excellence

Directors: Monica Hall, Zachary Fried
Writers: Monica Hall, Zachary Fried
Producer: Zachary Fried
Directors of Photography: Haley Arsaga, Monica Hall, Zachary Fried
School: College of Southern Nevada

One On One

Director: Jack Wolf Perry
Writer: Jack Wolf Perry
Producers: Brian Benjamin Dwyer, Ramiro Cantu, J. Browne, Simon Purse, Andrea Mardon
Director of Photography: Gabriella Busasnky 
School: Chapman University

A Roadside Banquet

Director: Peiqi Peng
Writer: Peiqi Peng
Producer: Ziqi Gao
Director of Photography: Tianyi Liu
School: American Film Institute Conservatory

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