3 Tips for Capturing Outstanding Red Carpet Footage

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Early 2014 signals the arrival of awards season. Starting with the Golden Globes on January 12, the Grammy’s on January 26, through the Academy Awards on March 2, the stars are out in full regalia, and celebrity shooters like Michael Goldberg are on hand to capture it all. Conveniently based in Beverly Hills, his company, CelebrityFootage™, has been shooting celebs on the red carpet for over 20 years. And today this ever-growing collection of historical and up to the moment clips is available for editorial coverage, royalty-free from Shutterstock. 

Like anything else, shooting celebrities at live events has its own quirks and criteria and no one knows the ins and outs better than Goldberg. Here are Michael Goldberg’s tips for creating the perfect shot:

1. Know your celebrity.
It is common for a celebrity to debut a new relationship or announce an engagement or pregnancy on the red carpet.  Being up to date on your pop news allows you to anticipate what may be coming. For example, when Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel became engaged, and we knew they would be making an appearance at the MET Ball gala, we were there for the perfect shot of her new engagement ring. http://footage.shutterstock.com/clip-3077347

Knowing each individual's arrival habits sets us apart from other videographers. Jack Nicholson rarely poses for photos so it is critical to keep him in frame and go with the flow. http://footage.shutterstock.com/clip-2935420 

2. Hold the shot for at least 4 seconds.
As the camera is up close and personal with the celebrity on a nice tight shot, it allows the viewer to feel like they are there with the celeb.  A steady focused shot goes a long way.

3. Know your lighting.
Red carpet events can be indoor, outdoor, in direct sunlight or event backlit. White balancing the camera, taking into account the effect of studio lights and color temperature are important elements to create the perfect look. Outdoor events require attention to sunlight, shade and how it changes over the course of the event. Lastly, placing the talent in exactly the right spot enhances every detail of the shot.

Images and content courtesy of: CelebrityFootage  & Shutterstock

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