4 Must-Have Tips on Successfully Running a Studio & Paving Your Way

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In what can be a fickle industry, establishing yourself as a leader in the world of photo production is no small feat. Having paved the way for the photo industry in Brooklyn over ten years ago, Fast Ashleys Studios has grown to become the premiere Photo/Video Studio in the borough. As the studio scene in Williamsburg has boomed, Fast Ashleys has maintained its place as the original mecca for cutting edge photographers, worth making the trek from Manhattan. We asked Studio Director, Michael Abrego, the keys to sustaining a successful studio. 

1. Client Services
Running a studio isn’t just about maintaining a space for people to shoot in, it’s about being a resource for the entire production- from equipment to catering to special requests.  Being accommodating and going above and beyond for clients should be a given.  There’s also a lot of personalities in this industry.  Be genuine and sincere with people at all levels. It’s not something you can fake and it’s more than just ‘being nice’ to people.  That’s a huge thing that sets us apart.  And remember to express appreciation!  Never under estimate the power of a ‘thank you’ or a handwritten note. 

 2. Anything, Anytime, Anywhere
Don’t be afraid to say YES.  A ‘make it happen’ attitude is a necessity and you’ve got to be willing to move mountains to get a job done.  It takes a special kind of dedication and availability.  When production doesn’t sleep, neither do we.  Providing location services also literally means that we’re all over the place.   Make sure your team brings the same quality of service out on location as they do in the studio.

3. Solid Vendor Relationships
It’s important to establish relationships with your vendors because, let's face it, we’re all in this together.  It might sound trite, but treat vendors as you’d want to be treated.  Aside from being responsible with equipment or punctual with rental returns, be communicative.  We're the king of courtesy calls. That kind of consideration goes a long way. 

4. Work Hard, Play Hard(er)
Love what you do.  You won’t succeed in this industry unless you love the work- the hours, the chaos, the art. Earn that drink at the end of the day.  It's not 'networking' when you really get to know people, its building a Family.  We want everyone to feel like they're at home when they walk in the door here.  And the production community is small.  Developing personal relationships is inevitable- make them good ones!

About Fast Ashleys Studios

 Fast Ashleys Studios is part of the Industrial Color Brands family of  high-end creative production service companies. Based out of New  York and Los Angeles, Industrial Color Brands offers facilities, equipment rental, production, post-production, high-end retouching, CGI, and a web-based photo and video workflow management software. The family includes Fast Ashleys Studios (NYC), Smashbox Studios (LA), Industrial Color Productions, Impact Digital, and globaledit software.

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