4 Simple Tips To Be The Best Production Assistant On Set

Industry Experts At FilmToolKit Share Advice To Help PAs Succeed

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For most film crew, the first step to working in the industry is through getting a job as a production assistant. It can be pretty tough work and can serve as a test to filter out those who are not going to be able to withstand the hardships and long hours that come with working in the film industry. 

To avoid being stuck as a Production Assistant forever, efforts must be made to stand out from the crowd. Many productions get by hiring PAs that are just "good enough". They would be willing to replace them with excellent PAs in a heartbeat. Skilled PAs can be a pretty hot commodity, as they're usually employed full time on shows, or moving up into different departments and more fulfilling work. 

FilmToolKit recently put together this infographic breaking down 4 simple ways you can stand out as the best PA on any set. These quick, actionable tips can help any production assistant get off the chopping block and become invaluable to any production department immediately. 

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Most PAs have to struggle for months or even years of experience to become great at the job. There's no getting around that. However, by employing the four principles laid out in this infographic, the process of learning and improving can be greatly accelerated. Just about anyone can get hired once, but to get consistent work, and improve your chances of upward mobility, these four tips are an absolute must. 

In the original article, FilmToolKit goes into further depth on each of the four tips. According to them, the most important tip on the list is number four; destroy the ego. The amount of time spent on set and the constant clashing of personalities can cultivate an environment where ego thrives. Getting it out of the way is one of the easiest ways to set yourself apart, and prime yourself for success in film.

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