4 Tips to Increase Your Crew's Creativity and Productivity

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Creative jobs are just about the most fun careers in the world—but they can also be the most challenging. As anyone who works in film can attest to, it can be tough to force creativity when you’re just not feeling it. There are lots of great exercises to boost creativity out there, but it’s not always enough to use short-term tactics. If your team has been trouble getting inspired, then it may be time to think about ways you can boost overall creativity on an ongoing basis.

It’s easy to get stressed out, tired, sluggish and totally uninspired on set. Our health influences every aspect of our lives, including creativity and productivity. Since boosting our health and mood doesn’t have to involve big sweeping changes, you can do a lot to help your team feel energized, creative and enthusiastic about their role. By focusing on your team’s well-being, you can create a more positive and productive work environment. Here are just three of the many ways you can help increase your film team’s creativity by encouraging healthy habits and proper self-care.

1. Take time for mindfulness

The pace of modern life, particularly in the film industry, can seem like it takes place at breakneck speed. We rarely take the time for mindfulness or take a step back from our busy days. Without mindfulness, it’s very easy to become stressed out and disconnected. Stressed people can be easily frustrated, making everyone around them irritated—not exactly the mood you want for increasing creativity. As we’re learning from the success of integrated care, physical, emotional and mental health are all connected, and we need to take a proactive approach to our health, whether that means going to the doctor before an illness gets really bad or just fighting off stress.

Decrease stress levels by teaching your team how to manage their mental and emotional concerns. Encourage yoga and meditation to help team members relieve stress and take time for mindfulness. To really increase participation, bring a good teacher to your set. People are unlikely to take the initiative on their own and creating an environment where it’s convenient to take up healthy habits can really make a difference. Team members can also get mindfulness benefits from taking a walk to clear their minds, get their bodies moving and their minds thinking more creatively. In one study, researchers found that people were more creative and engaged during walking meetings than in traditional meetings.

2. Have healthy food and snacks available

You may not be able to control what your team eats when they’re not on the clock, but you can provide them with healthier options on the set. Have healthy food and snacks available that will help your team avoid the pitfalls of fast food and other convenience food. Don’t forget to supply water for proper hydration as well. A healthy diet fuels the brain and can help promote creativity and productivity, while a diet full of grease and sugar makes people feel bloated and sluggish.

Having easy access to healthy food is key—studies have shown that people who live in neighborhoods with good access to healthy food have a 45% lower chance of diabetes over a 5-year period. Not sure what is and isn’t healthy? Consult with a nutritionist before buying. There are tons of healthy snack options on the market.

3. Promote lifestyle balance, including body care

Sometimes, personal balance and well-being fall by the wayside in the film industry. Long days and little sleep can take a toll on the system. Help people get proper rest by providing appropriate breaks and letting people have adequate time for rest and leisure. It’s also a good idea to have resources to reset and rebalance your crew’s energy. Reward hard work with incentives that enhance well-being: perks like chair massages can help everyone stay relaxed and motivated. Provide plenty of breaks so the crew can stretch their legs and rest their brains.

4. Be a Good Role Model

Of course, you can’t tell your employees how to look after themselves, but you can be a good role model and you can make it easy for them to participate in healthy habits. Highlight the importance of good health and well-being, and create positive incentives for team members getting adequate rest and taking care of themselves. Creativity and success depend on the health of body and mind, and your workplace will be a more positive place if everyone places emphasis on self-care.

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