4 Types of Videos Every Event Needs

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Events offer great publicity, but only if you invest in the right event videos to make sure you maximize the publicity around the event. The next time you have an event coming up, you should hire a video production company long before the actual event so that you can start working with them early enough to get the most out of your event.

Here are four types of videos for every event.

Event announcement and teaser videos

To understand what announcement or teaser event videos are, think of your next event as a blockbuster movie that is about to come out, and your event teaser as a movie trailer. The point of the teaser is to get all your prospective attendees excited about your even so that they set time aside on their calendars to attend.

This video can be posted on your social media platforms or your website, so make sure it’s appropriately optimized. Ensure that you make all the key details of the event clear in this video, including the venue, the purpose of the event, and the speakers who are to facilitate it. The key things that are to be covered during the event should be shown, but you have to be careful not to reveal too much in the video.

You can use footage from previous events as B-roll to get people captivated. For example, if some of your key speakers have spoken in past events, you can use snippets of the epic parts of their past speeches to make your audience more intrigued.

Information and FAQ videos

After the teaser video, an informational event video is always a good choice. This video should provide all the details and answer all the questions potential attendees might have. Some details to cover in this video include; how attendees will register for the event, how reporters can get press passes to the event, and any procedures that need to be followed during the event so that first-time attendees know how to conduct themselves. Footage from previous events may come in handy here.

You can also do a FAQ segment in this video, or put out a dedicated FAQ video for your event. Once you have released the teaser video, you should watch out for people's comments and find out what they are asking about your event, and then you can answer their questions. For example, if your event has attendees from out of town, they might want to know what public transportation alternatives they can use, or if it’s a multi-day event, they might want to know if there is affordable accommodation nearby. This sort of information might not be readily available to you either, but you can do some research —your attendees will thank you for it.

Social Media event coverage videos

These are short format event videos that can be shared on social media during and throughout the day of the event. People tend to engage more when things are happening in real-time, and you should capitalize on that. This also allows the people that were unable to attend the event to get a feel of what they are missing — they may be more inclined to attend the next event due to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

Since you will be working with professional videographers, and you will have a clear event plan in place, you can plan a “shot list” with them. This is a list of all the key moments during your event, the ones you know will pique the interest of your audience. You could also post videos of the moments that best encapsulate your company culture.

After-event summary and recap videos

You want to create a summary video that captures the key message of your event, as well as the crucial moments which make the event memorable. This video is both a highlight reel of the exciting parts of the event and a crash course of what was covered in the event. Experienced videographers will make use of footage of the venue, sound bites from some of the key speakers, B-roll footage of attendees, and snippets of any entertainment acts that were present.

This video is important for two main reasons.

For starters, it enables the people who didn't attend to understand what happened in a nutshell. Secondly, some events tend to have so much going on, so even attendees end up missing key details, so such event videos remind them of what happened, and it emphasizes the core message.


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