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In the spirit of Valentine’s Week, we decided to sprinkle our love onto some of the loyal companies who make our site possible: the employers who consistently hire from ProductionHUB. 

While there are literally hundreds that caught our eye this month, here is a quick list of those who seemed to captivate ProHUBBers from across the globe. 

Psst: they are still hiring (wink, wink). Apply below if you think you are a good match. 

Home Shopping Network
This hiring hero never hesitates to go big with its brands, and never questions the need for professional video vendors and qualified pros. Kudos to the continued growth of HSN and its partners! Most recent positions include On Call - On Air Sales Coordinator, On Call Scenic Technician, Lighting Grip, Gaffer, Producer - Special Projects, Post Production Artist I, On-Call Producer and On Call Editor

Sparks could fly in this sweet work environment… trendy entertainment giant PopSugar is looking to fill Production Manager, Live Show Director, Editor and Editor/Shooter. If you can pull yourself away from the juicy gossip for a minute, apply ASAP. 

No need to play the hiring field when this New England Sports News Network is looking for a professional like you to join their team! Apply for Graphics Operator or Director of Production/Sr. Coordinating Producer today. 

The Christian Broadcasting Network
Have you been job seeking for a while? Have a little faith and try applying to CBN’s Videographer position.

Talk Fusion
From the company who perfected the idea of putting video into email,Talk Fusion now brings a Motion Graphics Editor career opportunity.

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Don’t wait around for him them to call if you don’t bother uploading your reel and credits / clients. Just like a first date, they want to know a little about you before wasting their time.

Best of luck and let us know if you end up having that special connection or if you end up being ‘the one.’

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