5 Questions to ask Before Choosing a Post-Production House

Post Haste Digital Owner/President Allan Falk and Larson Studios CEO/President Rick Larson talk finding post houses for your production

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Larson Studios and Post Haste Digital have recently joined forces to extend audio and video post services in West L.A. Here, they share two perspectives on selecting a post-production audio/video company: the questions that you as a client should ask a company before final selection, and as a company, how you should be responding to those questions.


Post Haste Digital Owner and President Allan Falk (Left) and Larson Studios CEO and President Rick Larson (Right)

PH: Why was this alliance formed? How will it benefit both companies?

Rick Larson: Larson Studios had an eye on the Westside as a possible location for expansion for years. After the closing of Todd AO last year, we recognized that there was a void in that part of town that could be successfully filled by our company’s presence – not just in scripted television, but over time, also in non-scripted, another key component of our business mix.

Allan and his team have a beautiful stage in Culver City that’s perfect for our Westside clients; we’re already tapping it for an upcoming “Project Greenlight” film, "The Leisure Class” for HBO and FOX’s revival of “The X-Files.”

Allan Falk: Post Haste has specialized in mastering and re-mastering for major studios for over a decade, and in our expansion to our La Cienega location we added great stages, but lacked the staff and customer base needed for audio post packages for new content. Larson has a great reputation, and by forming an alliance with them, we’re able to secure more high-profile projects, the kind of projects our stages were built for.

PH: What qualifications does a company have to meet in order for you to consider working together?

Larson: First and foremost, we need to have a similar business philosophy and ethic. The company must also be technically compatible with our core operation, and the resulting product must make it easy to move between operations. While this is an alliance or an affiliation and not a merger or partnership, we’re all very impressed with how well our teams have blended.

Falk: Integrity; without it, nothing will sustain. The moment I met Rick and his team, I knew that it would be the right fit. They have the same philosophy as Post Haste regarding client relations and quality, and Rick’s team is very talented and sincere. Thus far, we’re all pleased with the new alliance.

PH: What are 5 questions someone should ask before selecting a post-production audio/video company?

Falk and Larson

  • Are you familiar with the type of program we’re creating?
  • Do you have talent who is familiar working with this type of program?
  • Does your facility have the technical ability and know-how to accomplish what I need?
  • Do you have experience working for my client (i.e. Network, Studio, Producers)?
  • What other shows have you worked on that are similar to mine?

PH: And, how do you answer those questions? 

Falk and Larson: We discuss the various projects that have passed through our facility, highlighting those that are most similar.
This question gives us the opportunity to talk about our team’s credits, and familiarize the client with the programs we’ve worked on.

We provide a detailed overview of our current mix of equipment, which is all state-of-the-art and/or industry-standard.  
For this inquiry, we typically cover all of the networks and studios we’ve delivered to and note relationships with those who accept delivery from us; we also review our Quality Control record with each. In addition to discussing the projects we’ve worked on, we offer to put them in touch with Associate Producers, Line Producers and Network & Studios Execs as references. 

PH: What are the most common types of jobs you produce for your clients? 

Larson: Larson Studios provides complete sound packages for independent features, 1-hour dramas, single and multi-camera comedies, entertainment, variety & game shows, non-scripted and reality TV programs for all outlets including the broadcast and cable networks (Basic and Premium) and now, streaming services.

Falk: As a full-service video and audio post-production facility, we handle all aspects of mastering and re-mastering for our clients including encoding, localization, video and audio migration, restoration, commentary recording, compression and authoring.

PH: Anything else you'd like to add? 

Larson: We’re very excited about the new Larson Studios/Post Haste relationship and look forward to the benefits of its success.

Falk: The entire team at Larson is top-notch, and we're pleased to be working with them to provide our clients with new options for services in our Westside facility. 

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