5 Reasons Why You Should Be Looking at Wireless At-Home Production

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What if you could produce more live videos without incurring the expense and hassle associated with sending entire production crews and trucks to every venue? And what if you could do that without sacrificing video quality or reliability? The wireless at-home production model allows you to do just that. At-home production is changing the way you can execute live events. Here’s how:

#1 Reduce Your Costs

One of the most compelling arguments for at-home production is the significant cost savings you will enjoy by keeping your production trucks and crews off the road. Truly wireless at-home production means you can simplify logistics, reduce travel and onsite personnel requirements, and eliminate the onsite costs (the need for on-site production vehicles, dedicated broadband access at each venue, or satellite uplink fees). The costs associated with deploying this type of remote production can add up quickly. Average per-stream cost reduction is up to 75% for wireless at-home production versus traditional onsite remote productions.

Also, you can leverage your existing infrastructure across more events by producing everything from your existing studio. Your onsite camera crews can move more quickly from one spot to another – all while capturing the action on multiple cameras and streaming back to your studio with minimal latency to add graphics, replays, other videos clips and more with ease and precision.

#2 Produce Reliable, Broadcast-Quality Streams

Satellite has a proven track record of reliability. The fear of the unknown can be a hard thing for some people to overcome. Especially when worried about syncing multiple cameras and latency. But the truth is that most major broadcasters have been relying on cellular bonding technology for over 10 years now. The experience is seamless – whether satellite or cellular bonding and is the same quality for broadcast. The reality is that delays are the same, if not better with cellular bonding. And now this technology is affordable and widely available for any type of live production to take advantage of.

“LiveU has made cellular bonding a viable alternative to traditional live sports productions. We spent roughly a quarter of what we’d normally budget for a SAT truck, satellite time, and production expenses.”

Joseph Maar, Vice President of Programming & Production, NESN

#3 Go Completely Wireless

Not all at-home solutions are created equal. Some can take advantage of sending multiple camera feeds to a central location on-site, but then still rely on a LAN connection at the venue to uplink back to the home studio. Truly wireless solutions mean you don’t need to rely on a venue’s connectivity. Customers who could only afford to stream events in locations using existing infrastructure with high-speed LAN connections can now go beyond the stadium or venue to capture live video anywhere. And you can literally cover more ground (and water!) using a wireless solution. From golf courses to outdoor concert halls to water sports – you can now stream from locations where it would have been previously impossible to run enough cables (or run cables at all!). And don’t forget the horror stories about facilities charging tens of thousands of dollars for just a few days’ use of significant reliable bandwidth. Truly wireless at-home production removes this cost and complexity from the equation.

#4 Expand Your Market

At-home production allows you to expand your reach and work with customers of all sizes and budgets. You can do more events for customers that normally couldn’t afford an on-site production truck and satellite uplink time. These include smaller sports teams, colleges and even high schools that want to provide live video to their fans, but do not have the infrastructure or budget to do so.

“A lot of people think they can’t afford the technology. They are intimidated by the costs. In reality, it’s one of the more affordable tools that we use." 

Brandon Meier, Broadcast Operations Director, The University of Oklahoma

#5 Do More, Share More, Make More Money!

Wireless at-home production enables more content to be shared with more destinations in real-time. You can now cover more events with the same remote crew. And you can produce more frequent live streams at the same time. Customers can also share content easier with multiple destinations. You can stream to an online channel, social media, and even share with local and regional broadcast networks simultaneously from your home studio location. Customers won’t typically send a production crew to cover certain events, but now with this model, you can offer them new distribution options for their content!

“We can produce several events in one day from one studio using the same crew – allowing us to manage high-volume, ESPN-style productions for customers that don’t have ESPN-style budgets.”

Scott Rehling, President, L2 Productions

Wireless at-home production opens up the possibilities of events, locations, customers you can serve. And it’s a win-win for you and your customers. Produce more events with a streamlined workflow and pass the savings along to customers of all sizes and budgets without sacrificing quality.

Learn more about how your organization can benefit from wireless at-home production.

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