5 Reasons You Should Hire A Video Production Agency For Your Brand Videos

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If you’re looking for a great way to get your brand noticed when you’ve decided that you want to create videos either for use on social media channels or to run a commercial lot on television, you are going to want your videos to look good. 

You may not know how to begin the process of creating a video but the idea of hiring someone may give you pause. Your cell phone videos are pretty good, aren’t they? Why should you hire a team to make your video for you? 

If you are hemming and hawing over whether hiring a company to produce your videos is a good idea take a look at these five reasons why a professional video production  team is the best possible choice for you. 

1. You Don’t Have to Do It

When you take the step to outsourcing the production of a video you essentially free up a lot of your time. Professional companies went into the business of making videos because they enjoy it, and so long as you’ve found a reputable company, they’re probably good at their job.  

There is a lot of work that goes into making videos that you’ve probably not even considered. Before anyone goes to hit record there is a lot of prep work involved. Not only does a script need to be written but also every shot, or image, needs to be figured out ahead of time to ensure that the footage is going to accomplish the task at hand. 

If you decided to take on the work yourself imagine how much time you would spend getting ready for the video shoot. (Not to mention the editing process which is time-consuming all on its own.) Unless making videos is a hobby of yours you may become frustrated during the process when you begin to see how much time you’re taking away from your business and brand. 

Hiring a company to do the video work for you frees you up to continue to run your business the way you want to so that the commercial will only enhance your business and won’t distract from the important aspects that you could be working on instead. Save yourself the time and hire professionals. 

2. Access to High-Quality Equipment

You probably already know that the videos you can take on your cell phone aren’t as good as professional equipment can capture. Even if your phone camera has a high-quality lens professional cameras are going to have the capacity to store more footage and have a steadier shot in the first place. 

If you are going to make an effort to create a video for your small business don’t waste your time and money on a project that you will be embarrassed by in the end. Hiring a company that can bring their experience to your video is the solution. Home videos are great for capturing school concerts and children opening gifts. 

Not only is the film quality better with professional cameras but the tripods, camera stands or equipment needed to get the shots you require will be better without worrying about a camera shaking or dropping. Professional equipment is just all around going to give the best results in standards of video quality, you cannot compete with it with everyday cameras. 

3. Knowledge of Good Lighting 

Perhaps you don’t know that one of the key technical aspects of getting great film footage is having excellent lighting. Cameras don’t react to lighting the same way our human eyes do, so in order to capture similar lighting qualities on film, you have to add artificial lighting to achieve the right look. 

Since lighting can set the mood or even just make your product look better you will want to hire someone with expert knowledge of good lighting and will have the necessary equipment to make it happen. Business interviews will need different lighting setups than product shots. Even outdoor shots need to be artificially lit in order to look good on camera. 

Having great lighting helps the camera draw focus on the important things in the shot whatever that may be. Unless you already have lighting equipment to use already, getting the equipment could be an expense you hadn’t planned for. While you may be able to rent what you need, you may also have to purchase lights and that may not be an item you’ve budgeted for. 

A professional video production agency already has the knowledge of how to light different setups to have each situation look great on camera and they already have the equipment needed to achieve these well-lit shots. 

4. Great Sound

Have you ever watched a movie or clip without any sound? Sound elements add a more complex emotional quality to video imagery and being able to capture the best quality sound is important to reducing background noise and getting your message across. 

You may have experience listening to music through a speaker that sounds “tinny” compared to a speaker that has a higher quality sound. The better the speaker the more pure sound will come through. The same will hold true with recording the sound in the first place, the better the equipment, the better the sound. (And the easier editing will be as well.) 

Professional video companies understand how to get the best sound and have everything they need to do so at their disposal. Making a video production agency the best solution for your brand’s video. They can also help you add great background music to your video if you so choose.

5. Post-Production Speed

After all the video has been captured, your shoot has been cleaned up and packed away you’ll be excited to get your video out there for the world to see. But the bulk of the work is just beginning since your video footage needs to be edited in order for your optimal narrative to be told. 

If you aren’t well versed in video editing you may be underestimating the time it takes to properly edit the raw footage into the stunning final product. What you consider a “simple three-minute video” could translate to hours of editing time to get it just right. And that is for professionals who are trained on specific editing software and understand the footage that was taken. 

Editing can be complicated because you need to be sure the images match up with the audio seamlessly. Adding in cuts, taking out those “ums” and “likes” out of conversations can be difficult without the knowledge of how to best go about editing. 

Amateurs editing with some software they aren’t familiar with can take even more time to get the video editing. Because professionals are trained and experienced they can often edit faster than someone with limited prior exposure to editing. 


Between having all the equipment and software needed to get great video footage, to having the editing experience that makes them stand out, a professional video service is the easiest solution to creating a video for your brand. 

Don’t get caught up wasting your time working hard on something you don’t enjoy when a hired professional can complete the task easily with very little hassle. Work smarter, not harder and go with the professional agency! 

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