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Everyone knows Thomas Edison and the invention of the light bulb and the creation of the company we know know as a household name, General Electric. We recognize light bulbs, appliances and their work with creating power generation technology and many other accomplishments. But have they ever been thought of as a content marketing powerhouse? 

GE's global manager of digital content, Katrina Craigwell, took Content Marketing World by storm as she discussed recent efforts that led to creative content campaigns that now reside over slightly unorthodox marketing channels. This led to GE becoming the first B2B company on Instagram. 

As the phrase goes, knowledge is power, and our go-to source for that knowledge is through captivating content

But where does that content come from? 

People hold the power to create content. Captivating content stems directly from great storytellers; those that are able to paint images in the minds of readers. 

Katrina laid out 6 great strategies that led to her success: 

1. Efficiency of visual content

Craigwell's team decided to experiment with Instagram by inviting six Instagram influencers and six GE super fans to come up with the images that were being displayed for the campaign, #GEInstaWalk, which received 3.5 million impressions, including 200,000 engagements in the first 48 hours. Once the campaign was over, the user-created content still continue to influence the GE brand. 

2. Localize content 

It is extremely important to provide content that has the ability to connect with users in every location. She mentions some companies and their ability to have marketers in different countries, that work in different languages. There is honesty in user behavior. 

3. Creator content yields higher engagement 

Develop a few experts in each vertical, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Vine, etc. and use them is an effective way to promote your brand in real-time. Photography is instantaneous. One example of her use of experts is GE's work on Youtube with The Slow Mo Guys with a video series that showed GE technology up-close and in slow motion. She decided to use Youtube to compose videos for entertainment and noticed the same pattern over and over: Creator content yields higher engagement.

4. Leverage content marketing as a competitive recruiting tool

GE's work on Tumblr with the #SpringBreakIt campaign featured images, GIFs, and videos of GE scientists smashing, crushing, and blasting different objects. With 1.4 million views and 120 media impressions, the campaign became an extremely helpful way to recruit new talent seeing extreme traffic from college students, who became increasingly interested in jobs with GE. 

5. Measuring effectiveness

Tools like Marketo, come in handy when measuring effectiveness of your brand and its campaigns.

6. Keep content fresh

Katrina references the media library, Percolate, a big partner of GE's for a number of years that allows its users to manage the content pipelines.

With these strategies and others, Katrina and her brand team are aiming to evolve GE's traditional standards by taking marketing in a whole new direction.

For more on Katrina's session, visit: http://www.contentmarketingworld.com/katrina-craigwell-how-ge-determines-what-channels-make-the-most-impact-cmworld-recap/

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