7 Tips for Choosing the Best Location for Your Corporate Film

Shooting Location is a Critical Aspect of the TV & Film industry

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By Gursimran Jassal, Director, Skittles Productions

Hunting for the right shooting location is a critical aspect of the TV and Film industry. Finding the best filming location is an altogether separate job which is taken care of by experts dedicated for “Location Scout” jobs. If you are making a corporate film, you need to be a location scout and search for a perfect shooting location. But, this is easier said than done. There's a lot to conquer to spot that perfect location that enhances the video quality and brings it to life. But how? This is what many companies ask. In this article, we will answer the query and help people discover the best spots for any video need.

  1. Find the Location That Befriends with The Camera:

Camera friendly locations

Camera friendly locations are what you need to search for a high-quality video. The background, surroundings, clutter all around or the walls, put a significant effect on your video. You might not get a lively video if you are using an all dull or plain backdrop in place of some vibrant setting. Professional corporate filmmakers can help you find and secure the best filming locations.

  1. Pick the Right Size:

choose perfect size location for corporate shooting

While choosing the shooting location for your corporate film, be specific about the size. A small room with cramped space might not give you the right effect. The backdrop will always be somewhere in the camera even if you are shooting an interview with a focus on the face. I recommend choosing a large office area that can be used in a number of ways to take different shots.

  1. Quiet and Composed:

Quiet and Composed for shooting location

Having a sound and professional location is the first and foremost requirement for a professional corporate film. So, how do you analyze the quietness and calmness of a room? A simple trick is to stand in the middle of the room with your eye closed and feel the room. It's important to avoid any disturbing sounds in the video such as air vents, air conditioners, horns blowing nearby and more.

  1. Handle the Echo:

echolocation for shootings

When you choose an entirely empty room, you will face a major problem of echo. This can be a reason you may end up recording poor sound for your corporate video.

  1. Lighting:

lighting for shooting location

The lighting plays a critical role in making the video look and feel the best. While you may have an excellent team dealing with all sorts of lighting arrangements, they also need to have control over the naturally existing lighting - they must be able to switch it on and off so as to create their own lighting. While you find a room, make sure the lighting arrangements are under your control. Professional corporate filmmakers can deal with any kind of lighting right from dim to bright and natural lighting.

  1. Step Outside:

outdoor shooting Location

You may have to shoot a corporate video film outdoors, which is altogether a critical task. Here again, you need to check everything you checked for indoor shooting including the sound, background, echo and more.

  1. Safety and security:

equipments to shoot the film and also a place

You will need gear and equipment to shoot the film as well as a place where you can safely stock all these items. Finding a location that is safe to store or pull out the items with ease is recommended. There are several pieces of equipment that aren’t used all the times and thus require a safe storage - the shooting location with all safety measures covered is where you can keep your items safe.

These are just some tips that you need to keep in mind while choosing the best shooting location for a corporate video. Remember, the shooting location can either make or destroy the entire video. Be vigilant and focused while hunting for a corporate video film shooting site and enjoy the high-quality results.

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