7 Ways To Successfully Promote Your Short Film

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There are endless ways that aspiring writers and film directors can get noticed. Among them is producing a high-quality short film and then getting it in front of an audience to garner attention. Though fun and rewarding, creating the short film itself is challenging, but getting it out there and seen by someone who can make a difference in your career is another struggle altogether. Still, while it’s not easy, other aspiring filmmakers have started their careers with short films, and you can too. 

Today, we present seven ways to successfully promote your short film and make a solid attempt to get to the next rung of your career. 

1. Make A Website

One step to take to make your short film a success is to make a film website as soon as it goes into production.  you should make a website. Make it flashy and include the cast, the story of your movie, behind-the-scenes photos and videos, and more. You can also add a page about the release date and where and how people can see the flick when it’s complete. Then, you can make posts on social media or include the link to your website on business cards. It’s a good way to entice people from all walks of life to check the film and share it with their friends. 

Once the short film comes out, invite people who’ve seen it to leave reviews on your website. If the reviews are good, they could draw the attention of both audiences and Hollywood types.

2. Make A Trailer Or Behind The Scenes Video

While you’re already shooting footage, use this time to assemble a trailer for your short film and other video marketing materials to promote your film. Create a trailer that shows some of the highlights of your movie and some of your snappy dialogue. Just be sure not to give away too much of the plot or the ending. Then, share it everywhere you can online. Even if the film isn’t finished, you might consider putting some behind-the-scenes footage together to show how your cast was like a family. Doing so could build an emotional connection with your audience. Get a few people more excited, and you could quickly build a large following.

3. Utilize Social Media

We mention using social media to advertise your short film, where you can take your promotion to the next level. The most crucial step is to choose a social media channel that will make your film shine, and each platform has its own charms. For instance, Instagram is great for sharing behind-the-scenes images and production shots, so if your short film has striking shots that you’d like to share, that may be the way to go.  

While deciding, look at the programs available on many of these social media channels that can help you showcase your short film. A popular one is the Facebook Watch feature, which allows users to show their own videos. To qualify, your clips must be bite-sized, so you may have to cut your short film down into smaller parts. There’s also the Short of The Week on Youtube, which you could enter for some visibility.  

Whether you post on these platforms or elsewhere, one of the keys to successfully marketing on social media is consistently posting authentic content. Be sure to post before your film is officially released and keep it up after your film is in the world.  While you should do the standard posts that show off your trailer, highlight the film stars, and give updates on the release, you should also try new tactics to see what sticks. For instance, you could pose unique questions to your followers that correspond to a character’s decisions in your film. Or maybe share a recipe for a certain drink that a character makes.  

Switch it up and make things interesting, and you could pique the interest of folks you never expected.

4. Use Your Printer And Get Creative

When the digital realm isn’t drawing your audience's attention, consider creating and giving away stickers or temporary tattoos to people you meet. An easy way to do this is to use an image or memorable quote from your film and put it on your giveaway items. Then, you can distribute these promotional materials to your crew to hand out or give them as gifts when you attend film festivals and other events. 

If you do attend a film festival and you’ve got a list of people who might be there, then another form of physical media that can draw attention is custom badges that have their names on them. You can put the badge in a lanyard or use a magnetic backing that will stick without harming their clothes. Of course, you should also add the poster from your short film to the badge so you turn those folks wearing them into walking billboards that will create more attention.

5. Work With Influencers

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There’s also the opportunity to work with influencers who can spread the word about your short film on social media and YouTube. Many influencers have millions of followers. If you can get them to talk about your flick, you could capture a large audience. Sometimes, you may need to pay an influencer for their efforts. Some influencers may give you a deal. Maybe you could ask them to promote your film, and in return, you mention their name in the credits, mention them during the film, or something of that nature. Before hiring an influencer, check the type of content they typically create, so you know your product will be shown in the best light.

6. Send To Film Festivals

When your short film is completed, start sending it out to film festivals that fit your genre. Carefully plan which festivals you hope to attend and look at your budget to see if you can afford the costs. Festivals can be expensive and start at $50 or more just to enter. It is important to read the guidelines to see what you could get out of the festival and what materials you may need to submit besides your short film.

You will need to make your film festival submission stand out, which you can do by finely polishing your film with great sound and cinematography. You can also give your short film a unique title that people will remember. When in doubt, try calling the festival programmers to ask for advice or pick their brains about what they like to see at their event.

7. Spotlight Your Profile  

As a creator, you’re intimately connected to the short film you’re promoting. That’s why it’s important to put your profile where the right people can see it. Doing so enables industry pros to not only view your credentials but to get the skinny on your project. Once insiders are able to see the brilliance of your short film, this exposure may open doors to wide distribution and big audiences.

Furthermore, you’re likely to land roles in bigger productions, which could include director positions. Creating a standout profile online with your short film attached gives studios, producers, and writers a direct view of your capabilities. What better way to rise up in the film industry?      

There are numerous ways that you can successfully promote your short film and stand out when it matters most. Consider these tips and put maximum effort into your movie, and the influential people of Hollywood could notice you. 

There are numerous ways that you can successfully promote your short film and stand out when it matters most. Consider these tips and put maximum effort into your movie, and the influential people of Hollywood could notice you.

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